Monday, June 18, 2012

The Harvest-The Foursome

Keyno raised an eyebrow at me and grinned.  

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I knowI’d better be more worried about you having mercy,” I said. 

“I was thinking more along the lines of the three of us.” Keyno winked, then nibbled on my ear.  

“Oh… my… God.” 

Keyno laughed at the wide-eyed look I gave him and placed me on my feet. Facing me, his hands went to my pants and unbuttoned them, allowing my hard dick to spring free.  

“Ah my chosen, you’re hard and leaking,” Keyno purred, the scent of cloves filling the room. 

As Keyno’s hands moved over my body another set of handsdarkly tanned handsjoined Keyno’s and briefly stroked my hard-on.  

“Can’t wait to have that buried down my throat, chokin’ on it.”  

“Oh fuck, Colt,” I whispered. 

“Yah, can’t wait for that, either.” 

Standing behind me Colt helped Keyno pull my shirt off, both sets of hands tweaking my hard nipples. I rested my head against Colt’s shoulder as they undressed me, lingering over each patch of skin they uncovered.

Occasionally I would cover one of their hands with mine while they caressed a nipple or teased my aching dick. After removing my clothes, Keyno and Colt again let their hands wander over my trembling body, fondling me and driving my need higher.  

“Please….” I whimpered. 

Keyno moved over, and Ti stood in front of me. He gently kissed me, distracting me while Keyno and Colt removed my sandals, leaving me completely nude. Ti raised his head long enough to let me breathe. I noticed immediately that I was the only one naked.   

“Jesus, why am I the only one 

“Shhh Precioso, just relax and enjoy. For now.” Colt kissed my cheek. 

I had to admit, it was kind of kinky being the only one not dressed. I heard the click of a bottle of lube opening. Ti grasped my dick and stroked me, the lube cool on my hot, throbbing dick. Colt was still behind me, running his hand over my ass. 

“You have the sweetest little ass,” Colt whispered in my ear. 

“And your dick fits perfectly in my hand,” Ti said.  

I watched him slide his hand up and down my cock. The head would peak through for a second, then disappear in his large hand. 

“Damn, I’m not going to last long if you guys keep 

Whatever I was going to say was lost in a strangled moan when Colt parted my cheeks while nibbling on my shoulders. One slick finger rubbed against my hole until I was clutching frantically at Ti’s shoulder. 

“Oh-oh-oh… I’m too close… again… it’s too much.” Moaning, body shaking, I twisted in their grasp. 

“Make him come, then he’ll settle down,” Keyno said, moving in close, too.  

He captured my mouth as Ti stroked my cock quicker, his slick hand moving up and down my swollen dick. Colt, with another quick nip to my shoulder, spread the lube around my twitching hole before sliding a finger inside.  

“So hot, so fuckin’ tight,” Colt whispered in my ear. “I’m gonna stretch this tight ass so good.” 

“Mmm… oh yes,” I cried out when Keyno released my lips. Colt rubbed my hot spot causing me to squirm between the three of them. Soft little moans escaped me as Colt added another finger. The word ‘please’ was deliriously repeated as Ti rubbed his finger across the top of my cock, teasing the slit.  

“Ah, ah… Keyno… need 

“I know what you need, love.” Keyno pinched my nipples. I wrapped one arm around Keyno’s neck and the other arm around Ti’s neck. Suddenly Keyno lifted one of my legs up. His other hand still pinched and rolled a nipple. Ti lifted my other leg up while still stroking my cock.  

“Oh God… oh my God,” I gasped. 

My feet were off the floor, legs spread wide, my body balanced by Ti and Keyno, and totally helpless. 

“Mmm yah, spread that ass open for me,” Colt said adding another finger. 

Strung between the three of them I submitted to what was being done to my body, trusting them to take care of me, of my needs. Rocking my hips, trying to thrust into Ti’s hand and back against Colt’s fingers buried in my ass, my body tightened as my orgasm roared out of nowhere.  

With a hoarse scream I came undone. My body bucked between the three of them as my seed flowed into Ti’s hand. Ti milked me until there was nothing left as I twisted in their arms. Colt rubbed hard on my hot spot causing me to shout in their arms one last time before he removed his fingers.  

I groaned as Ti and Keyno lowered my feet to the ground. “That was… that was absolutely… fucking hot.” 

Keyno held me up as Ti licked his come-covered fingers, his red eyes trained on me with blatant desire. I shivered under the weight of his stare. Colt leaned over my shoulder, and Ti rubbed his fingers on Colt’s lips then pushed inside his mouth, sharing my seed with him. Ti turned and offered his fingers to Keyno.  

Keyno wrapped his hand around Ti’s, bringing his hand to his mouth, and licked Ti’s fingers. Then Keyno slowly eased one finger in and sucked it. Ti hissed and Keyno meowed sharply, his tail swishing on the floor. I watched as the three of them shared my very essence, turned on beyond belief. 

“Okay, I was wrongthat was fucking hot.”  

“Mmm, you taste good.” Colt licked his lips.  

“Now you are in the three of us as we will be in you before our time is done,” Ti said. 

“Holy hell.” My legs sagged. Keyno laughed and picked me up. Off in another corner was a huge bed, and Keyno carried me over to it. “Please, I need you guys to undress.” 

Keyno laid me on the cool sheets. “We are, love.” 

Keyno and Ti quickly stripped, then trapped Colt between them, slowly undressing him. Neither was as gentle with Colt as they were with me, I noticed. Ti twisted Colt’s nipples hard until he moaned while Keyno roughly pulled his pants off. I lay on the bed watching as Ti bent Colt over the end of the bed and thrust two lubed fingers inside Colt’s ass. 

“Suck him, Dale, while I open this ass up.” Ti slapped Colt on the ass hard enough that he lunged forward on the bed. “But don’t make him come yet. Hear that Colt? If you don’t tell Dale when you’re getting close and you do come I’ll string you up. I’ll whip you until you scream which will upset Dale, which then means I’ll punish you harder. So you had better not come.” 

“Yah papi, I hear ya. I’ll tell him when I’m close.” 

I sat in front of Colt, worry written all over my face. Colt didn’t sound like he meant it. 

“Colt.” I worried my bottom lip with my teeth. 

Colt, still bent over the bed, looked up. He shook his long hair out of his eyes. “I promise, Dale. I won’t do nothin’ to ruin this.”  

For a second Cielo, not Colt, stared at me.  

“Okay,” I said. “Okay.”


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