Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday and Tatoos

At one time I debated getting a tat. But with the job I had, and my fear of needles, I chickened out, lol. I wanted to get something small on like my ankle. Problem was when the weather warmed up, and I started wearing shorter pants to work, I'd had to cover it with a band-aid. School policy and all that.

But I've always found tat's sexy and enjoy looking at them. Especially on men. LOL, what can I say? I like'em. ;)

So, on to today's men with sexy tat's...

Hope everyone enjoyed them! Have to say that last one is sweet. Check out what's in the background! Y'all see it? It looks like.... Well, I'll let y'all tell me what that looks like.

*Plot bunny bounces at my feet*

Dammit, if I only had the time!!!

See you guys tomorrow for another chapter of Shadows. Things are heating up with my boys. ;)



  1. #2 is smokin' (they didn't make 'em like that when I was young) LOL

    That last one would make a great story!!
    Thx for the gorgeousness!!!

  2. It looks... like a bag of CASH! o_O

  3. Why isn't that money on the bed? :P c'mon! LOL Very hot pics!

    As for your tattoo, unless you don't wear socks often, you should have gotten it anyway. I have a rampant lion on the outside of my ankle, and in nursing I had to cover it as well. The short ankle crew socks just covered it perfectly. The pain isn't bad; just annoying until you relax into it.

    1. LOL, you must not have hear about my Yellow Box fetish. ;)


  4. I didn't even see the money in the background until I added that pic to be posted on my blog. Imagine my surprise when I previewed and there it was, LOL!!

    All sorts of things popped to mind, lol.


  5. Morning MA,

    You got me "UP" again !!!

    Thanx & Hugzz....