Monday, July 30, 2012

The Harvest-The Foursome

“I programmed it to our size but it can go much larger, too. Isn’t that right, Colt?”

“Yah, yah, much bigger,” Colt replied breathlessly.

Another tentacle snaked up both our chests and then split into two parts. Both my nipples were covered. Then, whatever this thing was, it started sucking, nibbling and rolling, my nipples. My cock jumped and Colt hissed. The ones on his chest were doing the same. Finally another tentacle broke off from the main part and crept up toward my mouth. It shaped itself into the formed of a penis shape and bumped my lips.

“Open up, Dale.” Keyno patted my ass. “It won’t choke you.”

Still unsure, but trusting my mate, I opened up and it slipped inside. It filled my mouth but stopped short of gagging me. Colt moaned, drawing my attention back to him. His mouth was full too. He smirked at me as I suck on the thing.

“We’ll be right here, you’re safe.” Keyno kissed my shoulder, then looked at Ti. “He’s ready.”

Ti hit a button and the damn thing started to vibrate— everywhere. Sensations washed through me from my nipples, ass and dick. I jerked, then screeched. None of the toys Keyno and I used vibrated that fast.

“I didn’t turn it as high as I usually do for Colt. You’re not used to the level he is,” Ti said.

I wanted to point out I wasn’t used to this level.

“You okay?” Keyno asked.

I nodded my head yes I was fine, if somewhat overwhelmed. Then that damn gangbanger thrust against me, rubbing that long dick of his against mine. My eyes rolled back in my head. The tightness of our dicks pressed together—trapped together, actually—the closeness, him sliding up and down against me, the vibrations ever enough to overload my system and have me squirming.

Ti ran his hands over Colt’s ass watching the muscles flex under his hands. His forked tongue slipped out and tickled the shell of Colt’s ear, dragging a harsh moan from Colt. His chest rose and fell quickly as Ti held something up in his hand. Colt’s eyes widened slightly as he looked at what Ti held. The wicked promise in Ti’s eyes, along with the small stubs on the paddle, made Colt whimper slightly in need.

Colt grunted harshly as Ti rained the first few blows down on his ass with a small paddle. I heard the sound of something cutting through the air a second before Keyno paddled my right ass cheek. I jumped, which made our dicks rubbed together and moaned as Colt thrust harder against me in return. Pain, along with pleasure, ran through my body. Even then I knew Ti spanked Colt much harder than Keyno spanked me.

A bead of sweat ran down Colt’s face. Memorized, I watched as it tracked down his cheek. The vibrations around our dicks, his thrusting against me, the thing buried up my ass, the pressure on my nipples… I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. Then Keyno started on my left cheek. Five quick hits followed by his hand soothing the burning skin.

Keyno leaned in and nibbled up my neck. Panting, I turned my head and exposed the sensitive skin to him. He rubbed his cheek along my neck, his scent flooding me.

“Watch.” Keyno turned my head toward Ti. He paddled Colt with a viciousness that would have had me screaming in pain. Colt, damn his eyes, was grunting, staining toward Ti as if to ask for more—the cords in his neck standing out.

“You want Dale in that swing, mate?” Ti asked as he rained more blows on Colt’s ass. “You want to fuck him first?”

Colt grunted and nodded his head frantically, his dark eyes trained on me.

“Then don’t come until after he does. I’m going to release the tension on both your balls. You better hold out if you want his ass, mate. Or I’ll really paddle you.”

Colt growled deep in his chest as the tension on us was released. He stared at me, thrusting his dick against mine as Ti continued to hit him. The determination on his face was scary. Lost in his dark eyes I nearly screamed when Keyno leaned in and bit my neck—his teeth barely broke the skin, but that was all it took. I came, covering Colt and myself.

“Good job, Colt. You get your wish.” Ti hit Colt several more times, then stopped.

I yelled around the thing in my mouth as come flowed from the head of my cock. Suddenly the Sinpurmax released its hold on both Colt and me. The tentacles recoiled, slipping out of my ass and mouth. Keyno wrapped his arms around my body, holding me up since my knees had collapsed.

“Easy there, love. You need a break before the next part?”

No-no, I’m fine.” I panted hard as my body shook from my orgasm, gasping for air as Keyno undid the spreader bars. “Holy hell, that was... freaky.”

Keyno frowned at me. “Too freaky?”

“No, just freaky. I’m not saying I want to stop.”

“Excellent. The best is yet to… come.”

I rolled my eyes. Keyno and the English language... well, that was a dangerous thing.

Keyno helped me over to the swing and lifted me up into it. I laid back and was surprised how supported I felt. Keyno lifted my legs and tied the cuffs to them. My knees were supported comfortably and spread open. Keyno stood between my legs and watched me gently stroke my soft dick, then he stepped back.

“Mmm, perfect view of your hole. Now let’s get those hands tied and off that cock.”

Keyno tied my hands by my sides while Ti unlocked Colt from the spreader bars. Colt turned around. As soon as he saw my legs tied apart and my hole so open and vulnerable he grabbed Ti around the shoulders.

“Oh—fuck…” Colt moaned as he looked at me. Ti grabbed Colt by the hair and jerked his head back until they were staring into each other’s eyes.

“Are you going to come as soon as you enter him?” Ti demanded.

Colt pants reached even me from where he was standing. “Possibly. Damn Ti, look at him.”

“Maybe you should wait. If you come on the third stoke it spoils the fun for you both. This isn’t punishment, but more of a chance to get yourself together, mate.” Ti held up his hand, cutting off Colt’s objections. “Get control first, then fuck him.”

“Suck him back to hardness, Colt, while Ti fucks him and he sucks me,” Keyno said. “Trust me, he’s not going anywhere.”

“Oh Jesus,” I moaned as Keyno stood behind my head. I closed my eyes.

Ti knelt between my legs as Keyno unhooked the strap supporting my head. My head dropped back, giving me an upside down view of my mate. Holding his dick he teased the head across my lips. My tongue chased after him. Just as the thick head slipped in, Ti eased two fingers in me. Both he and Colt were between my spread legs. I moaned around the tip of Keyno’s cock.

“Nice, he’s still loose from the Sinpurmax,” Ti said as Colt kissed the inside of my thighs, “good and hot inside here.”

“Yah, papi work another finger into that hungry hole. Look at it twitch.” Colt hissed as another finger entered me. “He’s gettin’ hard for ya.”

Of course I was; Ti was rubbing my hot spot.

“You okay?” I opened my eyes and stared at the upside-down view I had of Keyno.

I winked at my mate. He laughed softly as I sucked harder on his dick. He slipped a few more inches inside my mouth and I hummed as precum flooded my throat, then arched as Ti’s forked tongue snaked up my ass. Frantic moans poured out from around Keyno’s dick.

“What’s going on down there? Something sure has Dale sucking hard,” Keyno gasped.

Colt stepped around my leg and grasped my throbbing dick. “Ti has that fuckin’ forked tongue of his buried up Dale’s ass. That thing is wicked.”



  1. M- I think you need to take a break from writing and patent some new sex toys....You'd make a fortune! :) Great chapter!

  2. Lol forgot how damn hot this was until I started reading it this morning before work! Ended up having to leave it till I got home ;)

    Mo x