Monday, August 6, 2012

The Harvest-The Foursome

Oh my God, Ti’s tongue reached much farther than what I was used to, and the damn thing was forked. Forked. It tickled my channel and teased my prostate. I twisted in the swing and Ti wrapped his arms around my legs, keeping me still as he ate me out. 

My hips bucked as Colt held my dick in his strong hands. God, I was perfectly aware what he could do with those hands, but he was gentle with me. He lowered his head and sucked my length into the warmth of his mouth. The swing rocked gently with me while his tongue probed my slit, pushing at it trying to encourage more precum. 

Keyno was purring hard, and I was fast closing in on another orgasm.

Finally Ti’s tongue slipped out of my ass, and his thick cock slid inone smooth glide up my channel. My walls flexed around him, dragging him deeper. Ti moved in and out of my ass, his strokes speeding up, then slowing down according to my whimpers. He continued to tease me until I moaned loudly. Catching the hint, he threw caution to the wind and hammered me. The swing rocked wildly back and forth. As I drew close to the edge again, my balls pulled up tight to my body.

Colt stopped sucking me and raised his head. He grasped my balls, rolling them in his hand.

“He’s about to come.” 

“Time to switch.” 

Ti eased out of me and moved to stand at my head. He ran his cock over my lips. “Suck me, Dale,” Ti hissed as I opened my mouth. “I’m going to come down your throat, but I won’t let the barbs engage.”

Colt stepped between my legs and ran his hands down the inside of my thighs as I licked the head of Ti’s dick.

Keyno crouched down next to me and swallowed my dick. This was what I wantedwhat I saw in my mind when I was pregnant and had that vision… or whatever it was. Keyno’s scratchy tongue rubbed the underside of my dick and sent all rational thought out the window. My hands jerked against the ties that held me still. Keyno hollowed his lips as he pulled back up my cock, and I grunted around the thickness in my mouth. The scent of cloves drifted to me as Keyno deep-throated me.

Ti held my head as he thrust in and out of my mouth. I eased Ti’s cock back toward my throat, determined to deep throat him. Upside down I shouldn’t have any problem doing that. He entered my throat just as Colt slammed into my ass. 

I was loose and well lubed. Colt, the damn gangbanger, didn’t waste time. He plowed my ass, holding onto the ropes that held my legs up for extra traction. He pushed in as far as possible and his nicely trimmed bush tickled my ass each time he bottomed out in me.

Ti grunted, and his dick swelled in my mouth. I knew he was about to come. He was so far back I knew I wouldn’t be able to taste his come. With a low hiss he shot straight down my throat. 

Colt yelled as he buried his dick as far up my ass as he could and exploded. The heat of his release flooding me triggered mine orgasm.

Keyno swallowed quickly, but my seed still ran down his chin. Once he milked me dry he stood up and leaned over me, stroking his shaft frantically.  

Ti dropped to his knees and pushed Keyno’s hand away from his dick. He wrapped his huge hand around Keyno’s shaft and stroked him… quickly and hard.

Colt stepped behind Keyno and grasped the base of his tail. I lay tied to the swing and watched as Ti and Colt drove my mate to come. With a strangled meow Keyno threw his head back and exploded, covering me in his come. Ti worked him until there was nothing left. Colt kissed Keyno on the shoulder as Ti stood up. Ti stared into Keyno’s eyes then kissed him hard on the lips. Keyno wrapped his arm around Ti’s neck as they kissed. 

Colt bent down next to me. “Nothin’ hotter than two tops goin’ at it, huh?”

“Jesus,” I whispered. 

Colt kissed me gently as Keyno and Ti untied my legs. Colt undid my hands and Keyno helped me out of the swing. I staggered to the bed and dropped down across it. Colt lay down facing me and patted me on the back. 

“Know how sometimes sex can rev you up or knock you on your ass?” I asked as my eyes drifted shut.

“Let me guess, you’re wiped out,” Colt grinned.

The bed dipped as both Keyno and Ti joined us. Keyno gently pulled my legs apart and used a warm cloth to clean me. 

“Yeah,” I mumbled into the bedding. Ti lay down behind Colt and Keyno eased in behind me. “One complaint though. Next time pull out a bit so I can taste you, Ti. I couldn’t this time.”

“You want to taste me? Why?” Ti reached over Colt to smooth the hair out of my face.

“You taste like a margarita. I happen to like margaritas.”  

I drifted off the sleep with Keyno laughing as Colt explaining to Ti about margaritas, salt rime, and the fine Mexican tradition of Tequila.

* * * * * 

The next morning I woke alone. I eased out of bed, stiff. And certain body parts were a little sore. I brushed my teeth and dressed. After I cleaned up, I went in search of my mate. The smell of food cooking drew me to the kitchen. Colt and Keyno were peeling a strange looking fruit while Ti mixed a blue liquid.

I walked to my mate and kissed him, the kiss a full of tongue. “Good morning.” 

“Mmm, morning, my chosen.” 

I kissed Ti and Colt on the cheek, then sat down, gingerly.

Of course Colt smirked at me. “Sore?”

I blushed. “Shut up, dude. All this activity has gotten to me.” 

“Activity, huh?” Colt grinned as I wiggled on the chair.

“And I repeat, shut up, dude.” 

Colt laughed, then winked at me. 

Ti looked up. “Breakfast won’t be ready for a while yet. Why don’t you take Dale to the pond by Colt’s garden? The water has a mineral that’s good for soreness. There are towels by the door.”

“Sounds good.” Keyno picked me up out of the chair. “Com me when we’re ready for First meal.” 

I rolled my eyes as Keyno carried me outside. “For crying out loud, my legs aren’t broke.”

“What was it you told Colt? Oh yes… shut up, dude.” Keyno lowered me to my feet at the pond’s edge and undressed me.

“I swear, I just got dressed.”

“And now you’re undressed. In you go, love.” Keyno stripped as I eased into the water.  

I barely got in a position that was comfortable when the water heated, then bubbled around me. It reminded me of a hot tub. I leaned my head back and moaned.

“Feel good?” Keyno sat next to me.

“Oh God, yes.”

We sat there for a moment, the water swishing around us.  

“We need to leave after breakfast. We still have to pick up the twins, and Takeo.”

“Okay.” We planned to bring Takeo back with us so Ti and Colt wouldn’t have as far to travel. 

“Have you enjoyed this?” Keyno suddenly asked.

“Absolutely. Have you?” I lifted my head. “I did notice I was pretty much the only one topped. You okay with that? With seeing Ti and Colt fuck me?” 

“I told you I had no problem with it. I loved watching you give over to them.” Keyno bit his lip.


“No buts.” Keyno kissed me. “Tell me though, what’s it like having Ti’s barbs inside you?”

That certainly got my attention. “Why? You thinking about letting him top you?”

“Maybe. And only if he returned the favor. Would you have a problem with that?”

“Fuck no! Damn, I think it’d be hot.” I shifted in the water. “But I don’t think he’d be as gentle with you as he was with me.”

“Of that I have no doubt.”

“And you’re okay with that? Knowing what his tasted are, I mean?”

“If I bottomed for him, we would have to agree he wouldn’t be as violent as he is with Colt. I’m not into bleeding. And I’d get to do whatever he did to me, to him.”

“Ah, gotcha.” I leaned my head back again. “You gonna let Colt top you?”


And that was the end of that. We were dressing when Ti commed Keyno to tell him breakfast was ready. We ate, and helped them clean up the kitchen. Not long after, we were packed and were ready to leave. 

“Glad you visited us, little one. It was a glorious experience.” Ti hugged me. “We’ll see you both tonight.”

“I had fun, Ti. And I can’t wait to do this again.”

“Good. I share your feelings too.”

“Take care, bro.” And just like that Colt was gone, and Cielo was in his place. He threw his arms around me. “See ya tonight.”

“I look forward to it.” I hugged Cielo.  

Keyno and I walked to the shuttle. I waved madly as we took off. Moments later I lifted Keyno’s hand and brought it to my lips as we rose through the planet’s atmosphere.  

“I had fun, but it’s you I love. Always, my mate.”

“And I had fun too. But, you are my chosen, my only. I love you too, Dale.”

Content, I leaned back as Keyno flew us to the palace to pick up our young and Takeo. I was ready to see my little males, and ready for life to return to normal. 

For now.
The end.
Next Monday I'll start Szin's story. :) I'm not done with it, so be warned... if I get hit with lots of edits I'll have to put the story on hold. Hopefully Szin and Takeo will start back talking to me lol.


  1. I liked the little addition :) and yay finally the young!!! My excitement is overwhelming. I'm sure every word will be worth the wait :)

  2. I'm looking forward to Szin's story as well. I do hope these four play again, I'd love to see the interaction between Keyno and Ti, especially since Colt as said so eloquently, “Nothin’ hotter than two tops goin’ at it, huh?”

  3. Loved the part added at the end and would love to see the encounter between Ti and Keyno. Hot! I really look forward to Szin and Takeo's story (and hearing more about the adults, as well.)

  4. Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Szin's story! Yay!

  5. This was soooo nice M!!
    Looking forward to more Harvest, in any form!

  6. I love the morning after added at the end, it seems to complete the story :)
    I'm so looking forward to Szin's story :D

    Mo x

  7. Hey guys! Yeah, I agree, the bit at the end kinda wrapped things up. That was something I left hanging the last time. We'll see what comes with Ti and Keyno. ;)

    I'm excited about next Monday, too. It's been a while since I've talked with Szin and Takeo lol. Takeo is such an interesting mix of his parents lol. And not just in looks either. ;)


  8. I dont know if I wanna see Ti and keyno go at each other, and thats because yes he offered to let Dale top him but he didnt really want to. Why would he have a problem alloweing his own mate but not Ti?

    Yes I do however agree that it would be hot! Even if I dont like how easy it would be for him to let Ti top him instead of Dale. (Yes I know Dale dosent want to top Keyno)

    I love the new version however, and you know I cant wait for Szin and Takeo story.

  9. I completely agree with Tat. It kinda seems wrong for Keyno to willingly let Ti top when he didn't even want his own mate to do it. He said he had never bottomed before so why would he now for Ti and not Dale?

    I can't wait for Szin and Takeo's story.

  10. Thank you so much for posting this, I LOVE the Harvest, I can't even remember how many times I read it while it was on lit, however I do have to agree with Tat and Sara, I'm not super excited about Keyno letting Ti top him, just because it seems like something he should share with his mate, but that's just my opinion

    Anyways you can't imagine how happy I am that you'll start posting Szin and Takeo's story, I seriously cannot wait!

    And...sorry for making this comment too long but I have to ask you, would you ever consider (obviously not now, I know you have a bunch of stuff going on) writing like a short story on Ti and Cielo? Just them, I've always been so intrigued about their relationship, it would be great to have a little glimpse of it.

  11. Oh please don't leave it at that!! I love love love the idea of Kenyo and Ti topping each other!! Like Colt said there is nothing hotter than 2 tops going at it!!

  12. I'm so omg! From this! I love the tanarian series and I'm wondering. Are you going to write Kenyo and Ti topping each other?