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Tuesday Teaser

It's time for Tuesday Teaser, and time for more Harvest Young. I think I'm going with Bound by Love for Hamza's book, mainly because the last book with be called Bound by War. You know... love and war theme? It seems like this book would fit the war title, but Laken's book is last and his mate really fits that whole idea.



rest of Chapter Two

Neo pulled his hands out of the young male’s chest, stepped back, and yanked off his gloves, dumping them on the floor. He didn’t even have time to find a fresh lab coat before the guard flipped open his communicator.
They transported into hell.
Ash, and what appeared to be shredded scraps of paper, rained down. Black smoke billowed skyward from the section of the palace that had been destroyed. It looked as if a giant hand had dug into it and scooped out part of the structure.
Twisted metal and broken concrete lay smoldering on top of nearby flyers, which were burning, adding to the smoke. The scent of burnt plastic, metals, and plasma rose into the sky. From where Neo stood, he could see into the twisted support beams of the upper floor. Mangled wires, blowing in the breeze, hung from ceilings.
The heat was stifling. Males sat on the ground, staring sightlessly. Some wept. Others screamed. Guards rushed about, calling out orders. Palace doctors sought to treat the survivors. The palace’s red alert blared, adding to the chaos.
“Good. Gods.” Neo honestly couldn’t understand what he was seeing. It just… didn’t compute. Taking a step, he stumbled over something. Grabbing the guard’s arm to steady himself, he glanced down. “Oh. Oh… fuck.”
A hand. A fucking hand had tripped him. There wasn’t a body attached to it, either. It was an ash covered, mutilated hand with what looked like red meat and a bone sticking out.
The guard next to him heaved.
In every direction he looked there was blood splatter, body parts, pieces of clothing… and the gods only knew what he was standing in. And ash. There was a lot of ash. It continued to fall from the sky, covering every damn surface. This… this couldn’t be happening. The palace was the most fortified structure on the whole damn planet, so why was part of it in shambles? What of all the people inside it? What about….
Neo spun toward the guard and grasped him by his shirt. “My family! My mate! You tell me right fucking now, dammit. Are they okay?”
“There’s been no word from the Planetary Defense building, remember, my prince? Transporters work, but communication is spotty. The last transmission said to get you here quickly and that it was urgent. That’s all I know.”
“Hey!” Another royal guard yelled, waving his arms. “Here. Over here. I’m to escort Prince Neo!”
A groan caught his attention, and Neo turned. Nearby someone lay. His instinct to aid the wounded kicked in, and he ran to them, dropping to his knees next to a badly broken and bleeding body.
The guard yanked Neo right back to his feet. “No! There isn’t time. We must go. I can’t stress how urgent that is.”
There wasn’t time to help someone? How could he leave the male there? Gods, he couldn’t even tell if he recognized the person since half of his face was melted off. It was just gone. And limbs were blown off. How was he even alive? As he watched, the male’s eyes opened, and he gasped. His mangled body arched off the floor… then fell back, collapsing.
Neo watched him die. “Gods. Gods damn it!
It was that moment—surround by unimaginable horror—Neo wanted to cry. To yell. Instead, he had to keep moving, keep going onward toward the next horror. He glanced down, seeing the blood bright against the gray ash on his clothes. Then he took a deep breath, because he knew it didn’t matter. There was going to be more death. More pain. And whatever awaited him was bound to upset him more than this.
Neo tried to shut out the screams of pain as he was dragged along. “But….” Neo tried to stop but his guard tightened his grip on Neo’s arm. “Just a damn minute! I thought I was needed at the Royal Physician’s office.”
The male huffed as they came to a stop by the one waiting. “I said the Royal Physician needed you, not that we were going to the Royal Physician’s office, Prince Neo.”
“Parts of the palace aren’t safe. Medical and the Royal Physician’s office sustained extensive damage. They are… not functionable. The royal family and their friends have been moved to an underground bunker. The Royal Physician has set up a temporary site there for now. Szin and Dayo are there, along with your dad and dabba. I will escort you.”
Sustained massive damage? But Szin and Dayo were there, giving birth. How is this even happening? “Why didn’t we transport in?”
“We’ve managed to get that area shielded, just in case.”
They followed the Royal guard for several blocks. The Darkkit palace was a spiraling complex, thank the gods. Not all of it had sustained damage. They entered the back of the palace and passed through several security checkpoints as they descended farther underground. Fear lingered in the guards faces as Neo passed them.
An uncomfortable feeling settled in the pit of his stomach as they hurried onward. The royal guard led them to a room, which also had numerous males on duty. Grief and anger sat heavy on the air. He could practically taste it.
As they drew nearer, a pain-filled wail reached their ears. Neo broke into a run, his instinct going into overdrive. It’s bad. It’s really, really bad. Fuck. The guards lowered their head as he rushed into a rather drab room. He skidded to a halt, the incredibly bright lights hurting his eyes. Blinking frantically, he swiped at his face, which made matters worse. A hand holding a scrap of cloth appeared in front of him.
“Here, Prince Neo.”
Taking the cloth, he wiped his face. He folded it once he was done, but the soot on it surprised him. Was he covered in ash? Since there wasn’t anything he could do about it, he stuck the cloth in his lab coat pocket. The stench of burned flesh slapped him in the face. Dread washed through him. He knew that scent… he smelled it too often in the last unit hour.
On a medibed in the middle of the room sprawled King Duran, and Neo hurried to his side. His eyes were open, but they stared sightlessly at the ceiling. A cloudy film already covered them. A dried trail of blood marred the king’s mouth. His body was still, no movement at all. No wonder, since King Duran’s chest was torn apart, the ribs protecting his heart shattered. Even the heart muscle was a mangled mess. But the massive wound was cauterized, and only laser pistols would leave behind this kind of damage. There was nothing Neo could do.
He glanced around the room. Jolak knelt next to the bed, holding the king’s limp hand. Keyno was there. So was Neo’s dabba, Doc. Where was Dale, Chad, Gibor and his dad, John? Were they with Szin and Dayo? Were they all being kept somewhere else?
Neo blinked, trying to get his brain to function as that damn wailing raked across his nerves. That unholy sound came from Jolak, and Neo’s head ache from the high-pitched crying. His eyes stung, and his nose suddenly burned. He had seen death, especially in the last unit hour, but this? His heart refused to accept what his mind already knew. King Duran was dead.
He started toward Jolak, unsure what he could do, but the grief pouring out of Jolak demanded Neo do something.
Keyno stepped forward and placed his hand on Neo’s arm. He shook his head. “I know you want to comfort him but wait,” Keyno said softly. “This is how his people guide a loved one’s spirit to its home in the afterlife.” Keyno jerked his head toward Hamza instead. “You mate, on the other hand, is close to losing control.”
Concerned, Neo turned toward Hamza. Hamza stood on the other side on the medibed, staring down at his dabba with clenched fists. He faced Neo, his lips pulled back, exposing the tips of his fangs. Neo’s stomach dropped, even as relief flooded him. Hamza was okay. He was in one piece, at least physically. But mentally? The devastation and wild anger on Hamza’s face terrified Neo. He’d never seen such unadulterated hatred. Hamza looked back down at King Duran.
“Hamza?” Neo whispered. He hurried around the medibed to Hamza’s side. But once he was there, he didn’t know what to do. The vibe surrounding Neo screamed not to touch. His body was bulked up in a dominance display too. Behind Hamza, his tail whipped angrily.
Gently Neo rested his hand on Hamza’s back, and Hamza flinched. A menacing hiss escaped Hamza, but Neo didn’t move away. Hamza would never hurt him. He knew that, but Keyno was right. Hamza was on the edge of losing control.
He wasn’t sure Hamza even knew where he was or who was with him right then.

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Pucker Up Monday

Welcome to Pucker Up Monday. It's not what you think, lol. Since Mondays do tend to suck, I though I'd try to start the week off right for y'all.

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Finicky Friday Halloween Style - Brownie Bat Truffles


LINK: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/recipes/a43946/brownie-bat-truffles-recipe/


1 13"-x-9" pan fudgy brownies, baked and cooled
1/2 c. Chocolate frosting
7 Oreo cookies, halved and stuffing removed
11 oz. semisweet chocolate chips
2 c. Black sanding sugar
28 royal icing eyes or red M&Ms minis


Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. In a large bowl, roughly crumble brownie by hand. Mix in chocolate frosting and gently knead mixture until evenly moistened.

Using a cookie scoop, portion out 1 tablespoon brownie frosting mixture and roll into small balls. Insert two halved Oreo cookies on either side to create wings. Place brownie balls on the prepared baking sheet and freeze until firm, 2 hours.

Remove balls from freezer and let come to room temperature, 15 minutes.

Melt chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl in 5-second intervals. Dip bat brownie truffles in chocolate and dust with black sanding sugar. Decorate with royal icing eyes or M&Ms.

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Tuesday Teaser

It's time for Tuesday Teaser, and time for more Harvest Young. I think I'm going with Bound by Love for Hamza's book, mainly because the last book with be called Bound by War. You know... love and war theme? It seems like this book would fit the war title, but Laken's book is last and his mate really fits that whole idea.


TRAUMA FROM A BOMBING/SOME GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION OF WOUNDED. (It's not as bad as the 2nd part of this chapter, and when I do post that it *will* def be graphic.)

 Chapter Two 
“Stupid, war-mongering, batshit crazy females.” Neo darted around hospital personnel, his white lab coat flapping behind him.
Three of his royal guards kept pace. When he arrived at the ER, a multitude of males rushed about, getting ready for the worst of the wounded from Castron, Lowbrett, and Kiton. Being a hospital located in the palatial city had its perks. One being they were the biggest and most advanced. Only the worst of cases were transported to them. Of course, the flip side of that was… well, they got the worst cases. Like now.
He snagged a fellow doctor by the arm. “Status?”
“Transporting to start in two unit minutes, Dr. Kere, over there.” The other doctor pointed at a large empty area.
“Thank you.” Neo moved away from the designated transporter site. His guards moved to the rear of the room. He spared them a glance and then promptly forgot them. Usually he only had one shadowing him, but not today. Not with what was currently going on.
He had a few unit minutes to calm himself and focus his mind. And prepare for the worst. His dad, who’d been a medical doctor on Earth during the last harvest, had taught him how important this was when Neo finally earned his medical degree. 
His dabba, who had served as Chief Medical Officer under Captain Shou, had agreed. Was it any wonder then, with both his dad and his dabba in the medical field, Neo became a doctor too? Medicine was his life, and in his opinion, he was a damn fine physician.
Neo took a deep breath, held it, then gradually released it. The nerves dancing through his body had nothing to do with the horrors coming his way. He’d learned how to appear stoic. Professionally distant even.
He could don a professional mask of indifference at a moment’s notice. Such tricks were necessary for him to do his job. He was, after all, not only Tah’Narian, but also a doctor. And he was prince consort since he was mated to Prince Hamza Duran, the only young birthed to the Tah’Narian king, King Duran.
He found himself taking deep breaths, often.
Sure, there were occasions he fell apart because of tragic events. Even as technologically advanced as they were, awful things happened. Death still came calling, and it wasn’t always the old it claimed. In Hamza’s arms Neo could let go and shed his tears.
No, what had his nerves jangling was what Hamza told him right before he left. Their planet was under attack, thus the reason he had three guards instead of the customary one. War had come to Tah’Nar once more. It didn’t help that he hadn’t heard from Hamza since they parted. He also worried about Dayo and Szin, who were giving birth.
A slight buzz lifted the hair on the back of his neck as a series of vertical lines appeared. “Here we go.”
Numerous medibed appeared. Doctors rushed forward, medical staff following. The silence was eerie, thanks to the sedation the patients were under. Neo ran to a patient and seized the small tablet at the end of the bed. Quickly he read over it. “Adult hybrid male with human DNA. Age mid-thirties.” Blood streaked the male’s facial features. “Traumatic amputation of left arm—limb not found. Multiple fractures with spinal cord injury. Eye penetration. Abdominal hemorrhage and perforation. Airway epithelial damage. Plasma burns over 90 percent of body. Gods.” He grabbed an attending. “Straight into surgery with him.”
“Yes, doctor!”
Neo sprinted from patient to patient, evaluating the worst of them and sending them on. He paused by a teen. It was a marvel he was still alive. As Neo watched, the young drew a last breath. Pain ripped through Neo. He was so young. Too young for his life to be brutally ended.
Fucking females. He sincerely hoped Hamza blew them out of the skies.
Time lost meaning as Neo and the other doctors moved from patient to patient. The ones who weren’t as critical, he did what he could to help while waiting for a surgeon. The cloying scent of blood stuck to the back of his throat.
Another wave of patients transported in, and Neo started the process all over again. He was assessing another male, and treating the injuries, when one of his guards stepped to his side. “My prince?”
Surprised, it took a moment for Neo to respond. At his request, they didn’t often address him by his title. It made him uncomfortable. He was only a prince by mating, not by birth like Hamza. “Yes?”
The guard lowered his voice. “Three more battleships have dropped out of orbit. I’ve been told that—”
The scream of a plasma torpedo streaking past shook the hospital. The ground under Neo’s feet shifted. He clutched the medibed to keep from falling over. “What the…!” Too close. That was entirely too fucking close. The hospital’s lights flickered.
The guard grabbed Neo’s elbow. “Darkkit palace is being attack.”
Neo jerked his head up. “What?
“The Ne Reynains have attacked the palace.” The guard hesitated. “And the Planetary Defense building.”
Outside, sirens blared a warning. He heard the high whine of more plasma torpedoes. Voices in the room raised. “Any word? At all?” Neo demanded. What about Dayo? Szin? Oh gods, both his dad and his dabba were there for the births. All the families were. Hamza. Was Hamza okay? Were any of his loved ones okay?
The guard shook his head.
Questions were asked, then shouted. Someone screamed, pointing. Glancing out a window, he saw a flash of light shoot across the sky and into a tall office building. His mouth dropped as the upper floors exploded outward. Debris fountained out from the destruction in a volatile arch. The hospital rocked again. The raised voices turned to frantic yells.
“By the gods,” Neo whispered, unable to believe what he witnessed. There were people in that building.
“Access the patients we have here, get them moved to the second floor to make room, and set up triage. I require every available doctor who isn’t already in surgery to get ready. We’re going to have wounded coming in soon!” A senior doctor snarled.
Neo thanked the guard, then leaped into action. Moments later, they saw smoke and heard the first cries. Males of all ages staggered in, covered in gore. Limbs were missing. Objects were sticking from their bodies. There were plasma burns. And coughing. And choking despair. Ambulatory services arrived, carrying more wounded. Screams of pain filled the air. Blood, suffering, and horror were his companions as he and the others worked frantically.
“Doctor Kere!”
Neo glanced up, his hand buried in the chest of another young male.
“The Royal Physician has requested your presence,” a guard shouted over the cries, moving toward him. “It’s urgent.”
Oh gods. No. Please. “Why? What was…?”
“Now, my prince.”
“Okay! Fine, let me….” Frantically Neo glanced around for someone to take his place.
Another doctor ran toward him. “Go. I got this. Go, Neo!”

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Pucker Up Monday

Welcome to Pucker Up Monday. It's not what you think, lol. Since Mondays do tend to suck, I though I'd try to start the week off right for y'all.

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Rerelease of Wrapped in Leather (and a new cover!)


To celebrate his decision to take the next step with his boyfriend Ian, Toshi Baylor plans a romantic evening at their favorite steak house. Toshi starts the special weekend with a bang by surprising Ian at home with lunch. There’s a bang all right, but it’s between Ian and another guy.
Jase Taylor’s auto repair shop and the BDSM club, Wrapped Up, keep him busy while he waits for Mr. Right, instead of Mr. Right Now. He’s a Dom, but playing with the club’s submissives isn’t providing the usual stress release. After a day from hell, he deserves a good meal at his favorite steak house.
Toshi and Jase find a mix-up with their reservations: a table for Baylor, not Taylor. When Toshi invites Jase to dine with him, they discover a mutual affection for leather and a shared belief that trust must be earned.
Before they can explore their common interests, Toshi suffers a series of attacks by vandals. Jase’s protective instincts kick in, but both wonder if it can lead to anything permanent.

The paperback of this will be coming soon too.

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Finicky Friday Halloween Style - Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup butter or margarine softened
1 egg
1 1/2 cups Flour
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
Extra granulated sugar

Cookie Toppings
72 chocolate whopper balls
72 candy eyes
Melting chocolate

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

In large bowl, beat 1/2 cup granulated sugar, the brown sugar, peanut butter, butter and egg with electric mixer on medium speed, or mix with spoon, until well blended. Stir in flour, baking soda and baking powder until dough forms.

Roll dough into 1 inch balls then into the additional sugar. Put them 2 inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet.

Bake 8-10 minutes until the edges are brown. Use a small spoon and indent the middle. Let cool on a cooling rack.

Once fully cooled. Pipe some chocolate dots in the middle of the cookie then stick the milk duds in. Use some for the candy eyes then draw legs coming out of the body.

Let harden and cool. Enjoy!

Link: https://www.craftymorning.com/peanut-butter-spider-cookies/?fbclid=IwAR1jicsnnn_hvs-4pgw-UMdehheeIY8OokMLlsJ7bWGcWmnhgpPDzHkemlk