Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter and a Giveaway!

Easter falls in the spring, the yearly time of renewal, when the earth renews itself after a long, cold winter. The word Easter comes to us from the Norsemen's Eostur, Eastar, Ostara, and Ostar, and the pagan goddess Eostre, all of which involve the season of the growing sun and new birth. 

The Easter Bunny arose originally as a symbol of fertility, due to the rapid reproduction habits of the hare and rabbit. Many of the families even tell their children that the Easter Hare or Bunny has hidden chocolate eggs and they race to find them round the house or garden. Children in other countries decorate hard-boiled eggs at Easter time by painting or dyeing them.

In some countries such as the United States egg rolling is a popular Easter game. This is usually done with colored eggs. One of the most well known events is held in America on the White House lawn. Children and parents push the eggs along through the grass with wooden spoons.

Where did the colored eggs, cute little bunnies, baby chicks, leg of lamb dinners, and lilies come from? They are all symbols of rebirth and the lamb was a traditional religious sacrifice.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, lol. That's all well and good! Now for the fun part. I'm doing a giveaway. One person will get to choose from one of the following ebooks:

~The Harvest;Taken
In the year 2050, humanity finds out they are indeed not alone.

Massive space ships appear without warning above the capital cities of all major nations. The planet Tah'Nar is dying. Chemical warfare has reduced the once-intersexed warrior race to sterility. They need fresh DNA in order to reproduce and have an idea for a harvesting program... and so they turn to Earth.

Earth governments negotiate a lottery, and Dale Michael assumes he's safe since he's under the Harvest age limit. How wrong he is. He's illegally harvested and claimed by Tah'Narian starship captain Keyno Shou. From the moment Keyno sees Dale, he knows he must claim the spirited human male for his own. What he doesn’t expect is a spitfire with a mind of his own—and a deadly disease that will require a risky procedure to cure.

                                                                                                         ~Shadows in the Night
When Chip Riley's beloved granny passes away, she leaves him all her money, her land, and a house that needs some tender love and care. She never mentioned the legacy comes with a Native American shifter who intends to claim Chip as his mate.

Jason Sky has lived since buffalo roamed the land. When his totem spirit, a black cougar, saves a little girl, he doesn’t realize that generations later, her grandson will become his mate, leaving him to take on a modern man with modern ideas. But that’s the least of his problems.

Garon, another shifter with a long-held hatred for Jason, plots to kidnap Chip and lure Jason to his death. Soon Chip finds himself in an untenable position between a rock and a hard place. A leap of faith may be the only way to save himself and the man he’s learned to love.

~Wrapped in Leather

To celebrate his decision to take the next step with his boyfriend Ian, Toshi Baylor plans a romantic evening at their favorite steak house. Toshi starts the special weekend with a bang by surprising Ian at home with lunch. There’s a bang all right, but it’s between Ian and another guy.

Jase Taylor’s auto repair shop and the BDSM club, Wrapped Up, keep him busy while he waits for Mr. Right, instead of Mr. Right Now. He’s a Dom, but playing with the club’s submissives isn’t providing the usual stress release. After a day from hell, he deserves a good meal at his favorite steak house.

Toshi and Jase find a mix-up with their reservations: a table for Baylor, not Taylor. When Toshi invites Jase to dine with him, they discover a mutual affection for leather and a shared belief that trust must be earned.

Before they can explore their common interests, Toshi suffers a series of attacks by vandals. Jase’s protective instincts kick in, but both wonder if it can lead to anything permanent.

Contest ends Friday. Please make sure to leave an email addy for me. Since this is an ebooks, it's open to everyone!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tease Me Thursday Week #6 - Lust and Ice

Welcome to week 6 of Tease Me Thursday! When it's not quite Friday, and you're feeling like some fun from your favorite authors and authors you haven't met yet. Come on in, have a seat, and most of all... have fun! For this hop you post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words. It can be from a WIP or something published.
For this week, I thought I’d do something from Lust and Ice. Two more novella’s spin off the Bad Boys Club. Be warned. This is a Dark Desires story. There is a happy ending… of a sort. In Lust and Ice you'll meet Kain’s friends—Hugh, Jordan, and Allen—and they're as bad as Kain. Jordan and Allen's book will be next in the series. 

By the way, that is the pic that inspired Asmodeus. -->

Lust and Ice
Asmodeus toyed with his straw as he glanced over the crowd on the dance floor. There were a few that caught his eye, but nothing that got his blood pumping. His appearance not only fit in at Night Moves, but called certain types to him, preferably men. For the last hundred years he had taken to seducing the males of the human race.
“Mmm, there’s something about taking a strong man and bending him to my will, having him first beg not to be fucked…” He ran a hand down his chest, drawing several pairs of eyes, and shivered. “Then later beg to be fucked.”
Frowning, he glanced over the dance floor again; he damn sure wasn’t going to get lucky sitting on his ass up here. He smoothed his hair behind his ear and a brilliant, sizable ruby stub flashed, as did the ruby in his signet ring on his left hand. He looked down at the tribal tattoo that started on his right wrist and extended up his arm. Thanks to the shirt, no one could see the tattoo snake over his shoulder and unto his neck. It also meandered down from his shoulder and covered the right side of his chest, then continued to his groin.
His dick was thick, but not overly long, and covered in small knots. There the tattoo crossed over his body and continued down his left ankle. Those that saw the tattoo in its full glory were already doomed, although they didn’t know it. Once his prey submitted to him, the end was never far behind. The fear in their eyes and the frightened begging that came from the lips of his prey as he drained them always excited him, made his orgasm much more intense.
The problem was that once he finished feeding the pleasure was gone, and loneliness bombarded him.
Now the mindless pleasure, the thrill of the hunt and his prey’s fear were no longer enough. He wanted -- Satan help him -- he wanted a mate. Someone who would belong to him ‘til the end of time. He’d made his wishes known to his lord and was granted the right to take a human, if he found one that fit his needs. So far no such human had been found, and he had looked -- extensively.
A perfectly shaped eyebrow raised above wickedly sinful eyes. Several men and women had played the game and fallen for his dark looks -- they regretted it eternally. He was no man to be played with… because he was no man.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Briefs - Trouble Comes in Threes - Chapter Six

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefs flash group (click to go to the site). The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. If interested in joining us, drop me a line and I'll tell you how. :)

Prompts this week are:

“Come on, look at me." 
“What about the…?”
“Do you know what you’re doing?”
“Just call me your wing man.”
“Oh, this should be good.”
“Be good or be good at it.”
“Please tell me you didn’t spend much on that thing.”
“We have to make up time somehow.”
or use a swimming pool in some way
or use: hammer, grass, tile
or plant flowers in a flower bed
or use have a character paint a room
or use: books, water hose, coal
or use: shoes, cereal, wine
or: resurrection
or have a gay Easter celebration
or "He died for our sins, you know. Doesn't mean you gotta keep sinning."
or "Moses parted the Red Sea a lot better than you part your hair, dude..."
or "Keep that up and all you'll have in your basket will be a rabbit turd!"
or: "One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small..."

Trouble Comes in Threes - Chapter Six

What the fuck are you?”
"Tal, would you go in the other room and change back, please?” Dolf glanced at Kirk. “Kirk, please stay calm. Tal and I can shift into what humans call domesticated cats whenever we want. Feline shifters can be domestic cats, tigers, lions, leopards, lynxes… any type of feline that exist.”
“So you’re not aliens from outer space?”
Dolf touched Kirk’s arm. “Not any more than you. We’re… more than you, yes, but we’re still human. We think, feel, love, hate, cry, and laugh just like you. Actually, we were both born not thirty minutes from your house. Our clowder is here.”
“Wait, wait. A… what?”
“A clowder,” Tal said as he reentered the room.
“Right. A clowder. What the hell is a clowder?”
“It’s a group of cats that live together. We have an alpha. An alpha is the most dominant, powerful, and assertive man in a particular group—the leader.”
Kirk picked at the sheet. “So when you shift, you’re still sentient? You know who you are? Who I am? You’re not… dangerous?”
Tal glanced at Dolf. “We are rational. We’re not slavering beasts”—Tal sniffed—“even if some of us act like it when we shift. I know who he is, who my alpha is, and I know who you are. I know right from wrong.”
“Okay, okay. You’re shifters. Got it. Now the million dollar question: What the hell do you want with me?”
Dolf moved closer to Kirk, his hand resting on Kirk’s shoulder. “You are my mate.”
Nothing. Time might have even stopped as the three men stared at each other. Kirk cleared his throat. Smooth the sheet over his lap. Narrowed his eyes. “Say what?”
“You’re my mate.”
“Let me repeat: Say what?”
Dolf sat down on the bed next to Kirk. “Here’s the fast explanation. Come on, look at me. Our goddess gives cat shifters a mate. We know who that mate is by scent. Remember back at the end of November you made a trip to the next town over to Lowe’s?”
“Yeah, we don’t have one here, and I had to drive to the next town over. I needed some stuff for one of the toilets.”
“Right. Tal and I were there. Right in the same aisle as you. You were mumbling over what you needed to stop your toilet from running.”
“I remember that. I had to replace the guts of the thing, it was so old. I-I don’t remember seeing either of you.”
“I smelled you, and I knew, so we kept out of sight. That scent was the best thing I’d ever smelled… outside of one other. We stopped what we were doing and followed you home. We had to obtain permission to claim you, which we got, then came here. I decided to approach you in our shifted form.”
“Wait, what? You… You’re saying you stalked me? Um, does that not strike you guys as a little… oh, I don’t know… maybe stalkerish?”

Tal cocked his head sideways. “How else were we going to find out you who you were?”