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My Sexy Saturday - To Touch the Sky

Welcome to the 85th week of My Sexy Saturday.
This week’s theme is Their Sexy Talk and it’s all about how lovers talk to each other. We know you’ve noticed it. Whenever you get into a room of people, where there are other couples, notice how they talk to each other. Sometimes you can tell when there’s tension, other times you wonder just what makes them so happy and there are others still when their happiness is practically contagious.
For this hop you post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words. It can be from a WIP or something published. This week I thought I’d do something from my upcoming Dreamspinner release, To Touch the Sky, releasing April 3rd.

Two hours later he was back up, pacing the floor, beyond annoyed. Why was he doing this now? He knew who his mate was supposed to be, and he wanted no part of it. He was responsible for himself only, and he liked it that way. Too bad the spirit that shared his body didn’t agree.

Really? What about all those people at the bar who depend on you?

“It’s not the same thing, and you know it.” A quick glance out his bedroom window confirmed dawn was about to break.

Freaking A, arguing with you is like arguing with a signpost. Why don’t you go stretch your wings, old man? We’ll chill on the breeze. Shift and we’ll find a nice juicy pigeon or rabbit for breakfast. That sounds dee-lish.

Hawk rolled his neck. His totem spirit’s mentality was that of a fifteen-year-old hopped up on sugar and running on three hours of sleep. The spirit was very old, but damned if it acted its age.

Whatever, dude. Just do something, will ya?

The crazy thing enjoyed talking him into “doing” things, things Hawk wouldn’t normally do, just to have “fun.” Like skydiving. As a bird shifter, one would assume he’d enjoy the activity. They would be wrong. There was nothing fun about falling from a plane miles above the planet in human form. Hawk had been sure they were either going to die as they raced toward Mother Earth, or he’d have to shift and risk exposing all their kind. His totem spirit, on the other hand, had screamed with excitement the whole time.

Friday, March 27, 2015

In Enemy Hands - Chapter Six

Chapter Six
Adlar lay in bed, listening to Varo move around the house. How odd not to hear the usual silence that greeted him. It was a change he thought he’d grow to like. That too was a surprise. He enjoyed the breaks he took from training others and the palace.

Those interludes he spent in peace. He wasn’t one who needed others to entertain him, and frankly, dealing with the court at the palace was tiring and often left him fighting the urge to knife someone. Unfortunately his brother discouraged random killing of his court.

Being alone never bothered him. Lying on his back, he stared up at the ceiling, the white sheet draped over his hips. Now that had changed. Everything had from the moment he’d found Varo’s red sash buried in the dirt at the crash site.

And he was fine with that.

He’d stripped after Varo had left and went to bed. He didn’t believe Varo would try anything, which was why he’d left his weapons in the bath. While he never fully relaxed his guard, he was more comfortable around Varo now.

Was that wise? He was unsure. But when he needed help, Varo hadn’t turned his back on him. He was actually surprised Varo hadn’t. Dare he hope Varo had developed some feeling for him? And if so, could he trust Varo?

Oh, Varo wasn’t foolish. He knew there was no way off this planet, but still. Good judgment often fell to the side when desperation kicked in. Varo could have shot Adler with his own weapon before he’d had a chance to activate the collar.

Varo hadn’t.   

For that matter he could have just stood there and let nature play its course. The creature could have killed him. Instead Varo had helped him. They were small steps, but they were steps.

Privately he hoped they were leading somewhere. He stroked his cock leisurely and yawned. And if that did happen, he wasn’t sure how his brother would feel. Having Varo as a prisoner and a sex slave was one thing—having him as something much more significant was another matter.

Taking a mate was serious. And he couldn’t believe he was thinking along those lines. But the urge was there, lurking under the surface. He could probably ignore the urge, if he chose to. But he didn’t want to.

His hips thrust as he continued stroking. Maybe the antibiotic medicine he’d injected earlier was messing with his head. Or the pain medicine. Either way, the idea of taking Varo as a mate was problematic but that didn’t bother him.

He was a Yesri prince, and his people hated the other race. His brother wasn’t too fond of Varo’s father also. Adlar rolled to his side, his eyes heavy. Surprisingly the thought of Varo as his mate wasn’t panic inducing.

He snorted softly and then yawned again until his eyes watered. He was also willing to bet an unlimited supply of Black Phospolrock Varo wouldn’t feel the same. Well, the stubborn male would just have to get over it. He wasn’t going anywhere. Ever. Releasing his dick, Adlar rolled to his side. There was no way he could stay awake a moment longer.

Satisfied with that line of reasoning, he drifted off to sleep. His dreams murky mess of attacks on him and desperation connected to Varo. Pleasure and pain folded over each other until he couldn’t tell one from the other.

Two unit hours later he woke to someone shaking him. Training kicked in and his eyes flipped open. He lunged up, wrapped his hand around the intruder’s throat, and jerked the other person off his feet.

Rolling, he had the other person under him in seconds. His sleep-addled brain heard a terrified squawk as his fingers tightened on soft skin. His gaze was hazy, and his mouth was desert dry. He shook his head, trying to focus. What was wrong with him?

Then he noticed the hard body under him. Male, his brain said. Scared too. An alluring scent rose from the body under his. Still holding the other male trapped, he leaned closer and inhaled deeply.

Mmm, that scent. It cut through the fog in his head and demanded he pay attention and…. What was it about that scent? His mouth watered, and he ground his cock against the body under him. He wanted to bury his fangs into whoever it was he held.

And speaking of which, the body against his felt so good. There was a hard cock pressed against him. He wanted… he wanted to bury his cock deep and feed while he—

“Adlar? Oh gods, please don’t hurt me.”

Reality snapped back into focus.

“Frack!” Horrified, Adlar released Varo’s throat. “Varo? What… what are you…? How did you get here?”

“Y-y-you pulled me down! I-I-I was just trying to wake you up like you said, and then you… then you… gods!” Panting, Varo lay frozen under Adlar. “I-I thought you were going t-t-to….”

Adlar dropped his head, his forehead resting on Varo’s. “I am so sorry, Varo. I would never hurt you, please believe me. The pain medicine must have affected me more so than I expected. Then you shook me—”

“Y-you can better believe I won’t make that mistake again! Now let me up.”

“No.” Adlar refused to move. He needed to calm Varo down. And while Varo might have been scared—and the slight scent of fear in the air said he truly was—he was also hard. Interesting. “Just, let me…. Stay here, please. Don’t go.”

Sighing, Varo settled back into the bed, Adlar still sprawled on top and there was still a hard cock—besides his own—begging for attention.

“I didn’t mean to do that or to scare you,” Adlar said. “Interesting thing is, I wasn’t concerned with trying to kill you, even if I did have your throat in my hands.”

Varo glared up at Adlar. “Really? Sure could have fooled me.”

“I was… controlling you, not strangling you. Your scent called to me, and having your body against mine…. Trust me, killing you wasn’t in my mind.”

“I’m not sure that makes me feel any better.”

“Well, you’d enjoy one more than the other. How’s that?”

“Well, gods!”

Adlar laughed softly. “Until I get used to having you in my bed and next me, it may be a good idea not to touch me while I’m sleeping. Usually when I wake I’m much more coherent, but still, it’s hard to bury instinct.”

Varo goggled at Adlar. “I’m supposed to sleep now after that?”

“You’ll be fine.” Adlar kissed the tip of Varo’s nose. “I think the pain medicine was the cause. Like I said, killing you wasn’t what was on my mind.”

Varo squinted at Adlar. “I could sleep in another room, you know.”

Adlar leaned back and stared down at Varo, who was still hard and pressing against him. “No. I told you. You sleep with me.”

“Okay, fine. I sleep with you. You didn’t mean to scare me to pieces. I won’t be shaking you any more while you are asleep. Lesson learned. So now can you let me up?”

“I don’t believe so.” Adlar moved closer. “Instead, why don’t you tell me what’s got you so hard?”

Varo squeaked. “I-I-I…”

Adlar enjoyed the blush that tented those tanned cheeks. He rubbed against Varo like an overly large feline. “Don’t try to deny it. You can’t.”

“But, but, I don’t know why,” Varo wailed.

Adlar quickly replayed what happened earlier. Suddenly he smiled, and Varo gasped. Yes, he was sure the smile was wicked. Varo’s reaction had to do with the hand around his throat, he was sure of it. He let his weight rest fully on Varo. Hmm, there’s was one way to find out if he was correct. He reached up and grabbed Varo by the throat.

Varo shuddered, and not from fear. No, that was arousal he smelled in the air—Varo’s arousal. Interesting. Had he found a kink Varo didn’t even know he had?

“W-what are you…?”

Varo was all but quivering with need. Mind made up, Adlar stared into Varo’s startled blue eyes. “I want to fuck you, Varo. But I also told you I wouldn’t force you. So, if you don’t want this, you better get up. Otherwise….”

Varo didn’t move.

Adar wasn’t sure he even breathed for a few unit seconds. Okay, Varo was still laying there staring at him, so he was taking that was acceptance. But just in case….

“Last chance, Varo.”

Varo blinked.

Adlar wanted to yell in triumph. Never had he felt such excitement when fucking someone.

“So be it. Don’t say later I forced you.” Adlar waited, giving Varo one last chance. When Varo still didn’t speak, Adlar took that as consent.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” Adlar said. “In a moment, you won’t have the right to speak unless you’re saying ‘yes’, ‘more’, or ‘please’. You say anything other than that and I punish you.”

“P-punish? With the collar? But—”

“No, not the collar. You’ll be spanked with the flat of my hand on your naked ass.”

“Spanked?” Varo tried to wiggle out from under Adlar. “Spanked? Like a child?”

Adlar rocked against Varo again. “Oh, trust me, there won’t be anything child-like with this spanking. In fact, I’m willing to bet you like it.”

Varo bit his lip. “Y-you’re not going to injure me, right?”

“Of course not. I have no interest in harming you. This… this is erotic pain, Varo. Something totally different.”

“I… I… I’ll like it?”

“I think you will,” Adlar said.

“But what if I don’t?”

“If you so soft while being spanked, I’ll stop.”

Varo paused then finally spoke, “O-okay.”

“Excellent. I’m very proud of you. Let’s get you undressed.”

“What? Right now? But I thought…. Wait! What are you… Stars!”

They spent the next five unit minutes wrestling Varo out of his clothes. It started off intensely, but Adlar found himself soon struggling not to laugh as they rolled around on the bed. After some interesting move from Adlar, Varo’s shirt sailed across the room.

His pants required at little more work, but soon Adlar tossed them across the room too. Even Varo was giggling as they ended up where they started—Adlar on top of Varo. Except this time there was nothing between them. The lighthearted moment passed as they lay there staring at each other.

Varo opened his mouth to speak.

Adlar quickly rested his finger on Varo’s lips. “No. Remember, there’s only three words I want to hear from you, unless you’re ready to see if you like being spanked.”

Varo quickly shook his head.

Grinning, Adlar kissed Varo’s neck, his lips gliding over Varo’s flesh. Varo shivered. Adlar saw goose bumps breaking out over where his lips lingered. Please, Adlar let his warm breath caressed Varo’s skin. Varo’s response wasn’t immediate, but he finally tilted his head back, giving Adlar more access to his neck. 

“Like that?” Adlar breathed in his ear. 

“Yes.” Varo shivered as Adlar nipped his neck. 


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Pride Promotions presents Driven by Fire by Draven St. James

Author Name:  Draven St. James

Book Name: Driven by Fire

Series: Firehouse Six                      Book Number: Four

Release Date: March 24, 2015

Taber Delane is lucky to be alive, but his career as a firefighter ended the day a beam snapped, resulting in a crushing spinal injury. Most of his friends are willing to give him space, everyone except paramedic, Deacon Hall.

Deacon hasn't met a challenge he couldn't tackle and he knows Taber needs someone in his corner who isn't afraid to stand up to the big bad fireman. The longer he’s around Taber, the more the sexy vulnerability of the man comes through. Deacon finds he doesn’t just want to be Taber’s live-in caregiver, he wants a chance at the passionate man beneath the stubborn shell.

A shell that is cracking, no matter how Taber tries to hold it together. Deacon being in his home starts to open him up—and open his eyes to the man Deacon hides from the rest of the world. Without seeing it coming, Taber soon craves more. A lot more.

Now if only Deacon can get Taber to see that it isn't so bad having him there to assist. Even if and maybe especially when Taber is naked, dripping wet, and angry as hell.

Pages or Words: 43,556 words

Categories: Contemporary, Erotica, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance

“You’re not giving me a sponge bath,” Taber snapped and glowered at Deacon as he wheeled himself into the locker bay. The sweat ran down his temples, his shirt soaked through with it. He took in his motionless legs and grimaced before shooting Deacon another irritated look.

        Deacon sat with his feet on one of the peeling dark blue benches, his back reclined against a bank of gray lockers along the far wall in the physical therapy building. A book was balanced on his knees, and black-rimmed glasses perched on his nose. His shaggy auburn hair fell to curl around his ears in disarray.

        Deacon peered at him with pale green eyes. “There go my dreams of rubbing you down and tweeting the pics.”

About the author:

Draven St. James is a born and raised Oregonian. She has traveled extensively in search of mischief and mayhem to fill her books. Her ventures have been quite successful in inspiring a wealth of stories. Of course at the end of the day, coffee within reach, laptop at the ready is where she finds her peace.

Where to find the author:

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Publisher: Loose ID

Cover Artist: Dar Albert

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