Friday, July 6, 2012

TGI Friday

Hey guys! Well, we got through another work week, and it's time for the weekend. Yay! I used this picture because the water looks so damn refreshing lol. God knows this heat is getting to all of us. I'm used to this 100+ but jeez, not this early on in summer. *Shudder* I hate to think what August will bring.

As some of y'all know the kiddo's b-day is today. My littlest one is nearly all grown up and ready to start driving on her own. *Sigh* Scares the hell out of me, you know? I don't think I was this stresses about our boy driving. Who knows why lol. Maybe because she's the baby.

*Looks around to see if she heard that*

Okay, whew... all clear! She'd yell if she knew I call her my baby lol. Teenagers. *Eye Roll* I can do those really great now, by the way. Probably from all I've seen the past few years lol.

Anywho, lol. Today I'm guest blogging with Wednesday Briefer L.M. Brown about the Reluctant Romance - Guys and Guys anthology.

Hope y'all stop by and say hi to Zane and Neil from my story Changing His Mind. We plan to do a Halloween antho and my boys are back for that one too! What can I say? I really like these two!

Have a good weekend, guys! Hopefully I won't have to fight one of these teenagers later for a piece of cake. LOL. That could get ugly. :)