Friday, March 1, 2013

It's March???

Okay, who snuck the month of March in on me??? I mean, really, it was just January! Holy crap, where has the time gone?

Tomorrow I'll be at LRC for a chat... me and several others. Don't know what time yet, but hope you guys can stop by and talk for a few minutes, ask questions, and stuff. Never done this before lol.

Soon Spring Break will be here, then Easter comes in this month too. Before I turn around twice, Prom will be breathing down my neck, lol. Good news is we do have a prom dress. The theme this year is Masquerade so I have still have to find a mask for the kiddo. And, of course, new shoes. I mean, we have to have new shoes, right? Even though she won't keep them on any longer than it takes to do pictures. And she'll have to have her hair done... of course.

We'll just not mention that whole tax season deal, right?

Then graduation will be here... caps and gowns and all that stuff. Summer will fly by, then college will start. Some of you may know she got a full music scholarship. She plans to stay on campus too. Hell, wasn't it just yesterday I walked her in to meet her K teacher??? Oh, and speaking of college... did I mention what she got as a graduation/treat for getting a full ride to college?

The hubby got the child a jeep, lol. I went and signed the papers yesterday. And yes, the top comes off. After having ridden in that thing... I've come to the conclusion I am OLD. *grin* Give me a smooth riding car any day of the week lol. Dear God that thing is bumpy.

Got the first round of edits back on the co-authored book Be My Alien. Sent those back today. Can't wait to see the cover for that. Also got the cover spec sheets for Pure and Shadows in the Night earlier in the week. I've got three books coming this summer, along with the hope several of us can get into GRL in October.... then Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here.


LOL. Or maybe slow down just a bit so I can breath. *yells yellow* ;)



  1. I can totally understand the whole prom and graduation time, but from the perspective of the student, since I graduated two years ago. The Masquerade theme is a lot of fun especially if you get the right mask. Lots of shopping to be done and so little time, but it is always worth it in the end. :)
    I can't wait to get my hands on your new books. They provide a useful distraction from midterms and the like. hahha ;)
    Just keep your head a tinge above the water of life and everything will be fine. After all, you have your fabulous readers to help you along. :D

  2. I know what you mean, my life is measured off in quarterly blocks because of the 3 monthly injection I get and the year just flies past!!!

    Sounds as though life's hectic and I can't wait to read the new books :D

    Mo x

  3. God, I'm tired now! LOL How do you manage to keep up with everything?