Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ti and Colt's deleted scene from The Harvest: Taken

Okay, so some of ya have told me you miss the original BDSM scene between Ti and Colt. It's the one where Ti punished Colt for throwing that match. The one Colt threw on purpose. 
I went into my doc's and found the scene. I don't think it's the one that was posted on Literotica, but it may be close. It's been too long ago and I've gone over this too many times to remember lol.
WARNING: <<< See the big letters? The scene was changed in the book for a reason. It was considered too graphic and too close to rape. It is brutal. So, be warned. It is S&M and it may be hard to handle. This was the one scene in Harvest that really worried me when it posted. And turned out to be too much for publication. 
* * * * 

Suddenly another door opened and Ti dragged a blindfolded Colt into the room. His hands were tied in front of him and all he had on was a pair of loose black shorts. Ti pushed him into the middle of the room where a chain hung from the ceiling. Grabbing his tied hands, he fastened them to a heavy S-hook on the end of the chain and pulled it up until Colt’s hands were above his head. Colt’s feet were still on the floor, but the tension from the chain was such that every muscle in Colt’s body was delineated. I knew it had to hurt, but… there was no denying he looked beautiful displayed that way. Ti didn’t stop to admire his mate, though. He stepped up to him and grabbed his chin, forcing his face around in our direction. I saw that Ti still had the control for the chain in his other hand.
“You want to know if they are here, don’t you, mate?” Ti asked.
“Si,” Colt said, that gravelly voice full of something that sounded suspiciously like pride.
“They are. They’re here to watch as I punish you for throwing that fight. You did throw that fight, didn’t you?”
“Yes, I did.” There was no remorse in his answer.
“Why?” Ti asked, still holding Colt’s chin.
“To make you give me what I want, so Dale will understand I need this.” Colt’s voice rasped across my nerves and I squirmed on Keyno’s lap.
“You forget your place, mate. You forget our bargain. I should release you now and abandon you to whoever would have you. Which would be… who, mate? Who else would do for you what I do? Who else could do for you what I do?”
Colt said nothing, but I saw a very fine tremor run through his body. Ti’s thumb stabbed the button on the control for the chain and it retracted another fraction of an inch. Colt was balanced on the balls of his feet now.
“Answer me.” Ti’s voice held that soft, sibilant hiss I’d heard earlier during Colt’s match.
“Nobody else could do for me what you do.” Colt tone wasn’t submissive. It was mocking, and a half-smile played at the corner of his mouth.
“You embarrassed yourself today.” Ti stated calmly. The chain retracted another notch. “You embarrassed me today, and I don’t particularly care what your reasons were.” The chain retracted again, and Colt was now precariously balanced on the very tips of his toes.
Ti dropped the control for the chain and stood next to Colt so that he’d be able to feel the heat from Ti’s body, but he didn’t touch him. Ti threaded his fingers through Colt’s silky black hair and violently jerked his head back, putting his entire body off balance.
“How dare you. How dare you try to take control… my control,” Ti said quietly and that made me more nervous than if he had shouted.
Ti stepped away from Colt and walked over to a table that was in the room. He picked up a whip that reminded me of a bullwhip, only it was much shorter in length, and walked back to Colt. He again grabbed Colt’s chin and held the whip up to his lips.
“Kiss it,” Ti demanded.
“Very well, then.” Ti very calmly yanked Colt’s shorts off, leaving him gloriously nude.
Colt was as well endowed as my mate, just as long and thick as Keyno, and already half hard, which made me raise an eyebrow. Ti stepped back and uncoiled the whip. I grabbed the handles of the chair, knowing what was coming, determined to watch it no matter what. There was no easing into it; Ti let the whip fly with all the force he had in those strong muscular arms of his. The sound of the whip screamed through the air and landed on Colt’s back with frightening accuracy.
Colt flinched, but never made a sound. His cock jumped, though, and fully hardened. Ti whipped him for what seemed like forever, taking his time to choose where the next blow would land. Colt was breathing hard and sweating, but he never cried out. I, on the other hand, jumped in sympathy every time that whip landed. Red streaks decorated his back, and in some places blood freely dripped down to his rounded ass.
Keyno wrapped his arms around me to hold me still, and I noticed there was quite a bulge under me. Again, Ti held the whip to Colt’s lips, and again Colt refused to kiss it. Ti went to the table and traded the small bullwhip for a cat o’ nine tails that looked like it had metal spikes on several of its ends. Ti stepped behind him and rained blows from his upper back to his ass until finally Colt cried out. Ti again grabbed him by the hair and jerked his head back.
“Kiss it,” Ti hissed.
Very gently, Colt ran his lips across the whip, tasting his blood and sweat on it.
“Good,” Ti said softly. The menace in him was absolutely clear and made me shiver.
Quickly, Ti lowered the chain and Colt dropped to one knee before catching himself. Ti grabbed him by the hair and dragged him over to a full-body harness suspended from the ceiling near where Keyno and I were sitting. He took the blindfold off and for a second Colt looked into my eyes, that small, satisfied grin of his playing across his lips. Ti strapped Colt into the swing. Colt’s arms were tied down by his waist, and his legs were tied open. Finally he gagged Colt. Straps supported his back and neck—he wasn’t getting out of that thing until Ti let him out.
“Do you see?” Keyno asked softly behind me. “He likes this. He hasn’t lost his erection.”
“Dear God,” I whispered back as Ti stalked around Colt. “What’s next?”
Ti grabbed Colt’s cock and held it straight up, slipping a cock ring on him. This one was a little different from any cock ring I’d ever seen. It had tiny little nubs on the inside, and it was thicker than any cock ring I had ever seen. Colt’s body bucked as Ti pushed it down his cock. About that time I noticed the bulge under me was growing. I couldn’t believe that Keyno was turned on by this. His hand crept around and palmed my cock through my pants. I was soft, but quickly hardened under his talented hand.
“What the hell are you doing?”
“Enjoying the show,” Keyno answered. “This isn’t anything I haven’t seen before, love.”
“Holy mother of God,” I groaned as he teased me through my pants. “Well, it’s fucking new to me.”
Ti opened a jar and greased his hand. Colt whimpered through his gag.
“Wait until you see what’s coming next.”
“That’s right, my mate, I'm going to stuff you full. You will scream for me before I fuck you.” 
Only muffled sounds came from Colt, but the self-satisfaction and mockery were finally gone from his eyes. And it was too late.
“Throw a fight, will you? One that I know you were more than capable of winning,” Ti hissed loudly while Colt tried to twist in the harness. “Attempt to wrest control from me? When we have an understanding about how things work in this house. I’m disappointed in you, and I intend to punish you until you please me or pass out.” Ti turned his diamond eyes to his mate, their red pupils flashing frighteningly. “And Colt, if you pass out we’ll do this every day until you please me.”
His threat delivered, Ti started to peel Colt open with two fingers, working them in as Colt grunted from the sudden penetration. His body swung gently as Ti twisted and turned his fingers, working them into Colt’s ass. He took his fingers out, added more lube, and rammed four fingers into Colt who again groaned as Ti worked his fingers in and out. Then Ti added his thumb and pushed steadily as Colt’s legs began to tremble and moans flowed continuously.
“Shit… He’s gonna fist him, isn’t he?” I asked, then moaned myself as Keyno thrust his hand into my pants and grabbed my cock. “They can’t see…? Keyno!”
“They’re not worried about us, love. And I don’t care if they can.” Keyno growled in my ear. He removed his hand and eased my pants down, freeing my cock.
Colt groaned harshly as Ti continued pushing his hand up Colt’s ass. By now he had his wrist inside and sounds came from Colt made the hair on my neck stand up. And that wasn’t the only thing standing up, either. My cock was as hard and leaking as badly as Colt’s, and I was freaked out that this was turning me on. Sill Ti kept pushing, his arm steadily traveling up Colt’s channel. Keyno was jacking me quickly, using my precome as lube.
Keyno wrapped his arm around my chest, holding me still. I arched and growled loudly when Keyno ran his thumb over my cockhead. Colt turned his head, stared straight at me for a second, and then winked. I couldn’t believe it—the fucker winked at me. And then I had my answer—no matter what happened in that room, Colt wanted it.
Colt bucked, shook, and fought the penetration. His sounds turned from moans to grunts as it slid farther into him, then eased out only to travel even deeper the next time. Colt’s cock was nearly purple by this point.
“Yeah, the more you fight, the better it will be when you give in, mate,” Ti snarled. “And you will submit to me, won’t you?”
Ti shoved hard, and Colt finally screamed through the gag. Ti held his hand still for a moment. My eyes bugged out when I saw Ti was up to his elbow in Colt’s ass. Once Colt’s body relaxed, Ti went back to pushing in and pulling out, going faster and faster, fucking Colt hard. Suddenly my attention was drawn back into the room where I was. Keyno lifted me off his lap, quickly pulled his pants down to his ankles, and jerked mine down too. He opened a drawer in the table and pulled out a bottle of lube. I shot a surprised look over my shoulder at Keyno, who grinned at me and motioned with his head at the window.
Almost afraid to look, I glanced through the window as Keyno lubed up his cock. Ti had stopped for a second to watch us, and when I looked at him… he grinned and exposed those fangs of his. I shuddered as Keyno pulled me back against him and slowly entered me. Ti kept working his fist in and out of Colt’s well-stretched ass. Colt’s screams were almost non-stop. Keyno held my hips and slid me up and down his cock while Ti fucked Colt with his fist.
I threw my head back and rode Keyno for all I was worth, watching through the window while Ti pulled the cock ring from Colt, jacking him off as he fucked him. I came just as Colt did, and the screams echoing around me nearly made my hair curl. Keyno shot off inside me, his barb biting into my tender flesh making me scream too. My vision was slightly hazy with pleasure when I saw Ti remove his hand, unbutton his pants and shove his cock in Colt’s ass.
My mouth hit the ground. Keyno had a barb at the base of his cock, but from the brief glance I got of Ti, it looked like his cock was covered in barbs. I shuddered at that thought. Colt was shrieking and screaming, writhing and twisting in the harness, tears streaming from his eyes as Ti savagely fucked him. Just as Ti stiffened up, his fangs released and he bit down near Colt’s knee. Blood poured freely from Ti’s mouth as he marked Colt. Colt wailed and screamed. Then Colt came again, and dear God, he came, and came, and came.
Ti lifted his head and smiled as Colt finally stopped screaming through the gag. Blood was smeared all over his mouth. For a second their eyes met, and Ti smiled at Colt—and damn if the smile wasn’t tender and loving. Ti whispered something I couldn’t hear to Colt and Colt nodded his head slightly, then his eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out.
It was every bit as bad as I feared.
“Fuck.” I watched Ti now taking care of Colt. His movements were gentle and caring. He removed Colt for the swing and laid him on a table. He retrieved the same liquid unguent Doc used to anesthetize and treat cuts and methodically applied it to every cut on Colt’s skin, starting with his fang marks. I turned my head when Ti knelt to treat Colt’s more private places.
“There is love there, Dale.” Keyno rested his head against my back.
 “I know, I see that. Don’t get it, but I see that.”
“Are you satisfied now?”

“Yes, and God, I wanna go home,” I answered. “I hope my legs will hold me up.”