Monday, April 28, 2014

Manic Monday Review - Fear (The Copper Horse #1) by K.A. Merikan

Rating: 5 stars

Hey everyone, and welcome to Manic Mondays on my blog! This is going to be a day dedicated to authors. I may post book reviews on some Mondays, it might be author interviews on others. It could be new releases, or just my thoughts in general. I'm hoping it'll be lots of fun, whatever or whoever shows up for Monday lol.

Now, a quick note on the book reviews. If I post it on here, then just know I liked the book. I will not be posting a review that's not at least a 3 rating. I'm not going to bash what are basically others who are in my peer group. No nasty reviews happening here. :) And the reviews I'm posting are already on my GR shelf too.

So, let's get this Manic Monday started lol!


K.A. Merikan is a joint project of Kat and Agnes Merikan who jokingly claim to share one mind. They finish each other's sentences and simultaneously come up with the same ideas.
In 2006, a mutual friend invited them over to a party and, after a whole night of chatting and watching movies, the idea of writing a novel together came up. It marked the beginning of both a professional collaboration and lasting friendship for Kat and Agnes.
The beginning was a serialized online novel (in Polish), but after that, more and more ideas kept coming, and in a few years of writing, the project was taken to a new level—to writing in English and self-publishing.
In May 2012, they decided to share their work and have since then self-published two novellas, Scavengers: July and Scavengers: August.
Kat Merikan is a freelance illustrator and fashion enthusiast whose favorite things include chili chips, stiletto shoes, and cats.
Agnes Merikan aspires to become a sexologist. She loves chocolate, dogs, and all things kitch.
It is easiest to find them in galleries, good restaurants, and historical sites, always with a computer or notebook, because for Kat and Agnes, every day is writing day. Future plans include lots of travel and a villa on the coast of Italy or a flat in Paris where they could retire after yet another crazy venture, only to write more hot M/M romance.
Kat and Agnes enjoy writing various kinds of stories, from light-hearted romances to thrillers. They love creating characters that are not easy to classify as good or evil and firmly believe that even villains deserve their happy endings.



Discontented with his state of existence and with his own secret and self-destructive attraction to men, Reuben, the son of a baker, is convinced to engage in an act of rebellion against his father. But when his compatriot betrays him, Reuben awakens to shackles, a filthy dungeon, and the knowledge that he is going to be forced to battle captive zombies for the entertainment of the Bylondon underworld.

When he's claimed, instead, by a powerful and stunning member of Bylondon's ruling family, Reuben is willing to serve in whatever way ensures that he'll see another day, even if that means training to become the perfect human horse. Erik is a kind master, and one that Reuben thinks he could grow to love... but the power of his shame and his self-hate rise up inside him, threatening to tear him away from the love—and the lifestyle—that he could never have brought himself to openly desire.

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The Manic Monday REVIEW:
Okay, first off: the warnings. This is slavery/dub-con/ponyplay. If this isn’t your cup of tea, then this isn’t for you.
Ohhhh, but if it is… Hot damn, you hit the jackpot.
The story takes place in London, early 1900s. The zombie apocalypse has happened. Zombies are part of the story, but not the main thing. No, the ponyplay is the main element here. Erik Dal is the rich gentleman from a crime family. He saves Reuben from fighting for his life in a pit against the zombies. Of course, Erik has his reasons.
Reuben finds himself at the tender mercies of a crime lord who loves all things equestrian. The first thing Reuben loses is his name. Now he’s known as Copper. Next comes the stall where he lives, fresh hay and all. Then the tail plugs are introduced, which mortifies him even as they turn him on. The halter, harnesses, and bit gag freak Cooper out. When he complains about being naked, he’s told horses don’t wear clothes. Finally, his long, red hair is cut to resemble a horse mane.
It doesn’t take long for Reuben to figure out yielding is his best advantage. And now, he has a way to enjoy sex with men and not be ashamed. Erik shows that as long as Cooper behaves, he's pampered. Considering he's one step away from living on the streets, being pampered is serious business to Copper. Rebelling earns punishments that are harsh. The heads mounted on Erik’s wall testify to that. Death or submission are Copper’s choices. If he submits, and he’s a good horse, he’s treated like a prince.

Right off the bat, Erik blew my mind. I had to wonder if something wasn’t up with him. When Erik is pushed, he reacts... and sometimes, he reacts in anger. One minute he was loving, then Copper would rebel, and Erik turned cold. Mean. Frightening, even. One punishment near the end of the book totally freaked me out.
It’s almost as if Erik flips a switch and shuts off. The punishment scenes were ruthless, but not over the top. Not the cruelest I’ve read, by any means. But be prepared, this is dark. There is slavery. There is non-con. The ponyplay is real. Cooper will live his life as a horse, or he will for as long as he is with Erik.
But... there is affection. Tenderness. Love. Moments of sweet pleasure and desire. And that's what makes this book so great. That struggle between the darkness of Cooper's life and the shiny, bright feelings taking root in him.

The novel is around 90K, I think. Well worth the money. The story comes to a natural conclusion, but there are some things not covered. The next book should answer those questions, and I hope it's coming soon lol. I can’t wait! You better believe I’ll buy the next book and would totally recommend this.
I also wanted to say something about that cover… That is the coolest thing ever. Seriously. It needs an award attacked to it.