Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tease Me Thursday Week #12 - The Yellow Rope

Welcome to week 12 of Tease Me Thursday! When it's not quite Friday, and you're feeling like some fun from your favorite authors and authors you haven't met yet. Come on in, have a seat, and most of all... have fun! For this hop you post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words. It can be from a WIP or something published.
For this week, I thought I’d do something from The Yellow Rope.

Gage returned, both hands behind his back. “Here we go.”
“Hold on, you’ll love this.” Gage walked closer, a fiendish smile on his face.
“Oh, Jesus, now what?” If it would help he’d beg, but he knew it wouldn’t. At least his orgasm had backed off.
Gage held up a can of whipped cream and Luke’s toes curled. “What’s that…Oh, my God, Gage!” Luke shouted as Gage sprayed the whipped cream straight on one of his nipples. “Cold—that’s damn cold!”
Luke grunted as Gage’s warm mouth covered his creamed-covered nipple, sucking and nibbling. He was still babbling when Gage raised his head and tapped his mouth.
“Suck them, or I gag you.” Gage set the can of spray cream down.