Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sail Away with the Wednesday Briefers! Chat and Giveaways at Beth Wylde

Beth Wylde group

Many of the members will be taking part. There will be giveaways! You do have to be part of the group to take part, but signup is free and easy. Just click on the above link. :)

We will be posting flashing that all revolve around a cruise in the group. These flashes will be part of an anthology we have planned. So make sure to stop by and chat with us!

Now on to my flash!

Say Yes

Sun, sea, surf. Were there better words in the human language?
Clay stood at the ship’s rail, enjoying the salty ocean breeze on his face. As he watched, the Queen Bee pulled out of port. It had taken hours, but they were finally underway. The farther out they sailed, the more stress fell from his shoulders. This was the first vacation he’d had in over a year. A good friend had told him about the Queen Bee gay cruise package. Clay had been intrigued and booked the two-week round-trip from his home town of San Francisco to Hawaii. He sighed. A trip to paradise. Was there anything greater?
Yeah, two weeks surrounded by nothing but hot men on the prowl. He absolutely planned to live it up on this cruise and get laid. Thanks to his job at Hosh Blank Inc, an American-based multinational information technology corporation, Clay couldn’t remember the last time he got some.
He stayed at the rail, people watching. Damn good thing this ship was ginormous. There were more gay men milling around than you could shake a stick at. The cruise included a mass wedding, so there were couples, but many more singles. There were men in every color, shape, age… it was a smorgasbord of male flesh.
Several guys caught his eye and eye-fucked him in return. Not quite ready to hook up without taking a good look about, Clay moved around the ship. He found the pool and made plans to swim as soon as he finished his little scouting trip.  Even in shorts and a white T-shirt, he was sweating. Clay found another area he could just kick back and watch. So far, no one had tripped his switch.
Then the crowd parted, and fuck him yes, his switch officially tripped. Holy Mother of God, the man was sex on two legs. Clay guesstimated Dream Guy was around six feet tall, with dark, rich brown hair cut short. Mirrored shades hid his eyes. As he moved closer, Clay noticed the dark hair had a hint of gray at the temples. Dark stubble covered a strong jaw. A playful breeze ruffled his dark hair, leaving that gorgeous mane in an untidy mess. Clay thought it was much sexier that way. Dream Guy looked like he just rolled out of bed, a look Clay heartily approved.
His pricey yellow knit shirt and khaki dress shorts couldn’t hide the darkly tanned forearms that caught Clay’s attention. Someone worked out from the looks of it, and the muscular legs encased in those khakis agreed with Clay’s assessment. Tall, dark, and sexy fit this man. But even from here, Clay could feel the power radiating off him. Whoever Dream Guy was, Clay was willing to bet he was either a company owner or held an important job. There was just too much authority and command coming off the guy. Clay’s mouth watered. He had a thing for power suits.
Which was funny, since he was one too.
But unlike most of his conservative, intelligent, driven co-workers, Clay was a wild child at heart. If it wasn’t for his high IQ and lawyer parents, he’d have been completely happy spending his days surfing and his nights tinkering with computers. What the people he worked with couldn’t see were the tattoos and piercings hidden under his clothes. And here, on a ship filled with hundreds of men, he wasn’t worried about running into anyone he knew.
Suddenly, Clay had a genius idea. There was supposed to be a charity bachelor auction that afternoon, starting at 3pm in the ballroom. He’d enter the guy and bid on him. Oh yeah, all sorts of kinky ideas rolled through his head for when he won. He rubbed his hands together. Now all he needed was a name and the hope Dream Guy would be game.
Clay glanced around the immediate area. He needed someone with enough authority to find out the guy’s name for him. Ah! There was a blonde- haired lady standing not far from him. Her nametag read Cruise Director Lisa Taylor. Perfect. Clay made his way to her. After a quick discussion of what he wanted, she left Clay and approached Dream Guy.  Clay returned to the ship’s rail.
Well, good grief, Clay’s heart actually sped up as she spoke to the man. A swift smile crossed his face, perfect white teeth gleaming against wonderfully tanned skin. Clay swallowed as Dream Guy nodded. The cruise director withdrew a card from a multitude of pockets and offered it to the man. He quickly wrote on it and handed it back.
A pleasant rush warmed Clay’s body as the guy nodded one more time in response to something the cruise director said then walked off. The director was delayed as a few more men stopped her with questions. Finally, she joined Clay, card in hand.
“Mr. Young? The gentleman’s name is Asa Moore, and he was very pleased someone volunteered him for the auction. I can drop his name in one of the many boxes placed through the ship, if you like.”
“That would be great, Lisa, but can I see the card for a minute? I just want…” Clay blushed. “I’d like to see his handwriting.”
“No problem.” She handed Clay the card.
Clay held it, staring at the writing. Just as he thought. Nice handwriting with strong, sure strokes. The name was beautifully written too. Asa was somewhat of an unusual name, but he found it intriguing. He certainly had no problem visualizing himself crying it out while being pounded through the mattress.
Clay handed the card back to the cruise director, a gigantic smile on his lips. “Thank you so much. I’m most definitely excited about the auction now.”
Lisa’s smile was just as big as Clay’s. “Remember, all proceeds go to The Trevor Project. Good luck!”

Clay smirked. His luck was always good.