Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sharing a blog post from Bailey Bradford

Please read!

This is a post done by Bailey Bradford on her blog on 4/21/15. I'm going to share it here and also add the link for the post on her blog at the end. I actually live near her friend and have spent time at St Jude's Children's Hospital with my oldest and his asthma. It's a great hospital that really focuses on children's needs. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cherri and Family

Today is a bad day, and my thoughts are all jumbled. I'll try to have an installment up late tonight if I can get my brain to calm down.

Y'all who have been following the blog for a while probably know of Cherri, my buddy. She's been my roomie, along with Jaymi, at the two GRL's I attended. She came out to visit this past November and we stayed at the beach. She's an awesome friend and I love her dearly. She has incredible kids, too. I've met them. I love them. I adore all of them.

Two days ago, Cherri and I were texting and she told me her son, Peyon (he's 10) was having trouble breathing. He has severe asthma and allergies, so this happens. She'd done his treatments and he was resting, but she was going to take him to the dr in the morning. She did. The doctor thought Peyton had a collapsed lung and sent her to a hospital yesterday. Then the doctors there thought it wasn't collapsed, just being squeezed by fluid.

This morning, they told Cherri Peyton has cancer, a mass on his lung that's spread to his back and is probably still spreading. He's been moved to St Jude's-- Cherri lives in MS but close to TN, so they'd gone to a hospital there already-- and doctors are going to do biopsies and more tests.

I just can't even grasp this. I can't imagine how Cherri and her family must feel, how scared Peyton is. My family knows them, loves them, and just...there are just no words.

I asked Amber to start a GoFundMe for Cherri and family. I'm going to post the link here and if you can, please donate, share, pray, all of the above, whichever one you can do, anything. I'd appreciate it and so would Cherrita.

Meanwhile, I have to get out of the house for a while. I can't be still today.

And I wish I could give y'all a huge, huge **huggz** in person, but I can't, so just know there's ***HUGGZ*** here.

Peyon's Medical GoFundMe