Friday, June 5, 2015

Feline Fridays

Whoot! It's the weekend! Yay!!! Here's some pictures of Kitty-Kitty. I have to admit he's the reason for this series. Some of the antics that went on with the cats in Trouble Comes in Threes came from some of the crazy stuff he does. Never a dull moment, trust me, lol.

 Yes, that's him... sitting on a pillow. Seriously, he's sitting on a PILLOW, the stinker. Think he may be just a bit spoilt? 

Here I'm trying to do Christmas cards and he just had to help lol. That. or he just liked the heat coming from the lamp. 

He's keeping an eye on what I'm writing... just in case I get it wrong. He is, after all, the authority on cats. I'm not going to comment on how hard it is to write with someone staring at you. o.0  *whispers* He's like right there!!!!

See the coaster at the edge of the end table? Yeah, he took a break from staring at me to paw that. I got onto him, so he moved on to the plant. *rolls eyes* Like that was okay to knock off either. He's looking out the den window there.  A birdie landed on the table outside and caught his attention. 

This was what prompted the beginning of Behind the Eight Ball. It started off with Heller in cat form messing around outside. A bird caught his attention, and he stalked it from some bushes. 

That's what Kitty's doing here. What you can't see is the bird feeders above the bushes... and me standing there taking his picture, lol. I messed up his stalk like Dolf did to Heller!!!

I swear, is that not the most uncomfortable position you've ever seen??? My hubby says Kitty is broke down lol.

* * * * 

I found this video and though it was just great, lol.

Humans aren't the brightest bulbs in the chandelier, but as feline training experts will tell you, if taught with...
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