Thursday, August 27, 2015

Nighttime Wishes pre-order link and other news

Hey all!

Thursdays is usually my day to post the blog story, but I have nothing ready lol. Kiddo's college started back this week, and she was here all day Monday. I also had a doctors appointment with the hematologist Tuesday, so I got nothing done that day lol. The good news is my iron levels were perfect. :)  I go back in three months for another appointment.

So, I'm not really sure what blog story I'm going to start next. I'm working on It Takes Two to Tango for DsP, and I have another story I'm working on for All Romance. The one for ARe I can't put up. :(

In other news LOL… Nighttime Wishes is up for preorder at ARe. Y'all may remember this was originally put out our Romance First a couple years ago. All Romance is re-releasing the book. The release date is September 1. Book 2, which is a combination of Nighttime Promises and Nighttime Dreams, will come out November 1.

Here's the link: Nighttime Wishes

NOTE: This is a previously published work.

When you wish upon a star... it comes true in ways you never expected.

Make A Wish, Book 1

Blurb: Ziang, a tentacled warrior from the planet Maz’Rar, has come to Earth to claim his most precious prize and start a new life. When an unforeseen accident results in a crash landing, his plan for a quick removal of the human Shawn lays in a twisted ruin at his feet, much like his shuttlecraft. If that isn’t enough, the FBI is sniffing around.

Confronted by the very same alien who observed him since he wished on a shooting star as a child, Shawn finds his initial inability to communicate with Ziang leads to misunderstanding and fear. Forced to hide until rescue arrives, tensions mount. Shawn learns of Ziang’s intentions of taking him as a mate. Ziang, on the other hand, is completely befuddled at Shawn’s less than stellar response to said taking.

As they wait, a spark ignites. Turns out humans and Maz’Rarians are very compatible - tentacles and all. Shawn falls for the big alien he jokingly calls E.T. Now he must decide if he’s willing to throw away all he knows to travel the stars with Ziang.

* * * * 

At the end of October, Behind the Eight Ball will be released from DsP. That's the next book in the Fur, Feline, and Fangs series.

Sometime in early December, A Tah'Narian Christmas will also be released. As some of you might remember, this story was the one that won me the Christmas contest at the Literotica several years ago. So that's what I have planned from now until the end of the year! :)