Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Behind the Eight Ball cover - Life is Better with a Cat

Whoot! Here we go! Paul Richmond did the cover for Heller and Lawson's story. Yes, the cat is supposed to look somewhat... exasperate, lol. This is Heller, after all. The male *could* be called a diva. He really does mean well, he just... doesn't always thinks. Or should I say stop to think. He's not mean, he really isn't. And as y'all find out, he has reason for how he acts. But he makes no excuses... this is how he is. He's lost, ya know? He just needs to be found.

Meet Lawson, lol. Now watch the fur fly! ;)

This is Heller in a tree at night.

Heller's truck. He loves this truck!

Heller's bedroom. I tried my best to describe it in the book.


Heller in his cat form.

Heller's living area.


The release date for Behind the Eight Ball is Oct 30th. It should be on the Coming Soon pg at Dreamspinner very soon. I'll have a buy link then. :) Keep an eye out for the upcoming tour and a couple of posts at the end of October on the DsP blog about our boys :) 

And remember...