Thursday, October 15, 2015

All Soul's Day Chapter 2

Chapter Two
“What the hell am I doing?” I stared at the mess on my bed. I had changed shirts five different times. Three pairs of jeans were thrown on the floor; and it looked like every single pair of shoes I owned was tossed all over my bedroom. My bedroom looked like a bomb went off in it.
I glared at my reflection in the full-length mirror. Somehow I had managed to put on a pair of plaid dress pants, and a stripped polo.
“Oh yeah, that’s just the look I was going for.” I groused at the reflection.
Nervous much? Whispered through my mind. Shut the hell up! I answered. I often argued with myself in my mind. Usually it only happened in the ER when I was debating which course of action was best.
My doorbell rang just as I finished getting dressed, for the sixth time. I ended up with a light blue polo and acid washed jeans, and boots. I left my hair loose. Grabbing my wool coat, I hurried to the door.
“Hey!” I answered the door. “You want to come in, or just go?”
Azrael eased me back from the door, letting himself in. He deliberately closed the door, and gradually moved me up against it.
“Think we need to take care of something first.” He answered.
Trapped between his warm heavy body and the door at my back, I watched as he slowly leaned down to kiss me. My eyes fluttered closed as his lips touched mine, coaxing me to open to him. Both of his arms came up to rest against the door near my head, imprisoning me in his embrace.
His tongue explored my mouth, teasing the roof as he leaned in closer to me. I moaned quietly as the blood rushed to my cock. My arms found their way around his waist as he sought to get closer to me.
I rubbed my leg up and down his thigh, panting into his mouth as he broke the kiss. One hand drifted down to cup my ass, squeezing lightly. My head fell back against the door as he nibbled on my throat.
“Mmm.” I shuddered as he sucked lightly at the base of my throat.
My hand drifted down to his groin. His shaft was restrained over to the left, and it was huge, just like the rest of him. I lightly traced a finger down the bulge that I could feel throbbing in his jeans.
“Bed or dinner... what do you want, Grey?” He growled against my throat.
“Jeez my body is screaming bed, but my mind says dinner.” I gasped. “I don’t want to rush this.”
“Dinner it is, babe.” He moved back from me and adjusted that huge cock. “I want you to feel safe with me, so no pressure.”
He was dressed like always. His ripped faded jeans hugged his ass, a dark corded sweater showed off his sexy chest, and black boots completed the look. His long blond hair was tied back, and he had his black leather jacket on.
He looked dark and dangerous, and well, I looked like a damn preppy. What the hell are we doing together? That one simple kiss turned my brain to mush, made my heart pound, and my body scream with desire.
I didn’t want to think about being in bed with him; I’d probably combust on the spot. The restaurant we went to was on the outskirts of town. It was a little Italian place that had candles at each table, and soft music playing in the background.
Again he surprised me; I figured we’d go to a rowdy sports bar or something. Don’t judge a book by its cover whispered my mind. You’re right. I answered. Dinner was soft, sweet, and romantic. I found that I really enjoyed his company, and we shared a lot in common.
During our conversation he told me more about the motorcycle repair shop that he owned. He also refurbishes antique motorcycles, a hobby of his. At the end of the night he walked me to my door, and gently kissed me goodnight.
He wouldn’t leave till he heard me lock the door. I leaned against the door, listening as his boots echoed down the stairs. I gently ran a finger across my tingling lips. Heaven help me, I could fall in love with this guy.
* * * *
A month had past and Halloween was coming up soon. Cindy was throwing a costume party at her house, and had invited nearly the whole damn hospital. I had invited Azrael to go with me. Our relationship was growing, but we still hadn’t made love.
We had fooled around on my couch some, but he always stopped right when things were getting good. I decided that tonight would be the perfect night to make love with him since Halloween was my favorite holiday.
“What are you going as?” I asked Azrael. “I can’t make up my mind what I want to be.”
“Not sure.” He replied. “I was kind of thinking about going as the Angel of Death.”
I couldn’t help it; I flinched slightly. But as I looked at him reclining on my couch, I had to admit that he’d make a perfect angel.
“Huh. Maybe I should go as a dead person, then.” I joked. “I could be your first victim.”
“Doesn’t work that way, babe. The Angel of Death only escorts souls to Judgment; he doesn’t pick and chose who dies.” Azrael frowned at me. “Someone higher up the ladder makes that decision.”
“I was kidding.” I seemed to have hit a nerve.
“Why not go as a doctor?” He reasoned. “That way, you’ll be life, and I’ll be death.”
“That’s not a bad idea!” I grinned. “I can be the light to your dark.”
Azrael looked at me strangely for a moment then smiled widely. There were times since we had been dating that he’d get a strange look in his eyes, like he was seeing something that I couldn’t. He never talked about his family, and I didn’t push.
At times, I sensed a loneliness in him, a void that seemed to live inside him. I often wondered what had happened in his life that made him so closed off. Halloween finally arrived, and I was off that night.
The ER would be a madhouse before the night was done, always was. Holidays seemed to bring out the worse in people, and always increased the traffic in an ER. Thank heaven I don’t have to work tonight.
Azrael arrived to pick me up and I got my first look at his costume. He wore his black boots, as always, but the black leather pants were new. He had a thick heavy chain around his waist that attached to a skull belt buckle.
A tight long sleeve black t-shirt emphasized that muscular chest of his. He had lined his eyes in black, and had black streaks in his blond hair. He still wore that thick chain necklace, but he had changed his earring to a silver cross that dangled down to his shoulder.
The hoop in his pierced eyebrow seemed larger, too. I could see the skull tattoo on his arm. His lips and fingernails were both painted black. But he real show stopper were the wings. Huge beautiful black wings that were slightly open rested on his back.
The shirt had slits so the base of the wings could be attached to his back. The feathers felt realistic, and must have cost him a fortune. “Oh damn, you look…” dark, sexy, dangerous, luscious… fucking hot!
I had an old lab coat that I had splattered with fake blood, and old scrubs on. My stethoscope hung around my neck, and I had on my beat up tennis shoes. My long hair was loose, but messy, like I had run my hands through it several times.
“Thank you. I like your costume, too.” He grinned at me, as I eyed him.
Hey babe, you ready to go?” He waved his hand in front of my face, making me blush.
I grabbed my coat, and we left for Cindy’s house. The first thing I noticed was the graveyard that she had put up in her front yard. One grave was open, and had a decayed body trying to dig its way out of the ground.
Battery operated red eyes peered at me from the trees and ghoulish jack-o-lanterns sat on hay bales on the other end of the porch. A two-headed dog snarled at me from the steps. Thick cobwebs decorated the front porch, and creepy moaning screams drifted across the yard from outdoor speakers.
A skeleton set on a bench by the door and it greeted people when they got to the front door. Big hairy spiders hopped around, and several ghosts flittered in the breeze. A fog machine blew a sinister smoke all over the yard. Dead leaves were scattered over the porch, and red lights blinked in the bushes.
“Jeez, she really went all out this year.” I couldn’t wait to see Cindy.
The theme carried on inside. The inside of Cindy’s house looked like the outside. Monsters were hiding in dark corners waiting to yell at you, cob webs covered everything, and the same music played inside, too. Little plates of snack food were placed all over.
There were bowls of trail mix that had eyes staring back at you, and finger sandwiches that looked like hacked off human fingers. Cindy greeted us in the kitchen, dressed as a witch doctor. She offered us a glass of blood red bubbling liquid to drink.
“I didn’t think you could outdo yourself, but somehow, you did!” I grinned at her.
Cindy picked up a fake headless chicken and shook it at us.
“What the hell are you doing?” I laughingly shrieked.
“Keeping bad spirits away, this is All Souls’ Day.” Cindy eyed us. “Like your costume, Azrael. It’s perfect.”
“Thank you.” Azrael laughed.
“Happy Halloween, Grey.” Cindy kissed me on the cheek as she went to meet new arrivals. “You boys have fun, and stay out of dark corners.”
There were many different people dressed as many different things. Some people had gone all out on their costumes, and others didn’t do all that much. Near the end of the evening, the winner of the costume contest was announced, and Azrael won.
“Way to go!” I exclaimed as he was offered a choice of Halloween gift bags. “Which one do you want for your prize?”
“You.” He pulled me against his hard body, turning away from the prizes. “You are the only prize I seek.”
And with those words he slid a hand in my hair, and kissed me. He kissed me like I was the most precious thing in the world to him, like I was something he would treasure always. I lost myself in his kiss, as pleasure wrapped around my heart. This is where I belong. Loud clapping brought me back to the here and now.
The party was a blast, and we left around two in the morning. Azrael had won me a black stuffed cat in one of the games, which I caught myself petting on the way home.
“Good thing you’re not superstitious.” He nodded at the stuffed black cat I held in my lap.
“Naw, not really.” I grinned. “I always wanted a black cat as a kid.”
We parked in the garage, and Azrael walked me to the door.
“Please, come in?” I whispered. “Stay with me tonight.”
He tilted my chin up, glazing into my eyes.
“You sure?” He asked quietly. “I was going to ask if I could stay.”
 “Oh yeah… I want you to make love to me.”
I had opened the door, and he swept me off my feet. Holding me tightly in his huge arms, he carried me back to my bedroom. Placing me gently on my feet, he leaned down to me and pressed his lips to mine.
Opening my mouth, I wrapped my arms around his neck, brushing those soft feathers on his back. His tongue explored my mouth, then retreated. Encouraged, I teased his lips with my tongue, finally entering his mouth.
I moaned softly as my cock throbbed in my scrubs, his taste was intoxicating. His hand threaded through my hair, holding my head still as he vanished my tongue back into my mouth. Conquered, I submitted as he deepened the kiss. Lifting his lips from mine, he stared in my eyes.
“I want you, want you spread out on the bed, hard and aching for me.” He panted, grasping my arms that were around his neck. “Undress for me.”
I lowered my arms to grab a hold of my lab coat, and removed it. Pulling my shirt over my head, I let it flutter to the ground. Kicking off my shoes, I untied the scrubs bottoms and eased them down my legs. I grasped the waistband of my boxers and slid them slowly off an inch at the time, teasing him with glimpses of my throbbing cock.
“Show me.” He whispered, as I dropped the scrubs to the floor.
I stood before him, my cock standing straight out. Fully hard I was seven inches, and cut. My shaft was slender, and had a small pelt of black fur at the base that I kept trimmed.
“Perfect.” He breathed deeply. “I want to taste you.”
He sat on the bed, pulling me inside those heavy thighs. Lowering his head, I watched as his tongue snuck out to lick the tip of my cock. Holding the base of my shaft, he licked the pre-come that dripped from the tiny opening, running his tongue through it. Closing his mouth over the dome, he sucked.
“Oh…so good.” I moaned as he worked me.
His other hand tapped my thigh, wanting me to open my legs wider. Bracing my hands on his shoulders, I widened my stance. His mouth descended down my length, as his other hand rolled the sensitive orbs in my sac. Up and down his head bobbed, wetting me, and driving me closer to orgasm. His hand left my sac, as I groaned at the loss.
“Why did you stop?” I trembled against him.
“Patience, babe.” Azrael whispered as he pulled off my shaft for a moment. “I’ve learned not to rush when things mean something to me.”
Again he took me back in his mouth. Slowly he brushed his hand up my chest, stopping to tease my small hard nipples, before moving to my lips. I sucked the finger in my mouth, curling my tongue around the thick digit, wetting it.
His finger went back between my legs, easing up to my puckered hole. Tapping it lightly, I felt myself tense, and then relax as his wet finger entered me. My balls twitched as I clutched his shoulders.
“Close… oh God, it’s too good. I’m going to come.” I gasped as my hips thrust into his mouth.
He hummed around my cock as both hands work my body.
“I’m coming, ah…” I moaned loudly as I exploded.
My head fell back as he tasted me, flooding his mouth with all I had to give.
“So long.” He mumbled as he drank the rest of my essence. “So very long since…”
I wondered what he meant, as my body shook. Slowly I sank down the floor, my legs unable to hold me up any longer. Breathing deeply, I decided that he had way too many clothes on. I started untying his boots as he stood up, and unzipped his leather pants.
I got his boots off just as he sat back down, and pulled his pants the rest of the way off. His hard cut cock stood proudly as I gazed at it, all eight inches. I rose up to my knees, and looked at him.
“I’m too close, and when I come it’s going to be inside you.” He panted, his stomach muscles bunching.
“Just let me taste you, please.” I whispered, lowering my head. I swallowed him whole, taking his straight back to the edge of my throat. I felt his pre-come flood my mouth. Quickly I bobbed up and down on him, knowing that he would stop me soon.
“Grey, stop! I’m too close.” He groaned.
With one last lick, I released him.

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