Monday, November 30, 2015

~Paperback/Yankee Candle giveaway for Trouble and Eight Ball~

Hey guys! Who's up for a contest lol? 
(open to US residents only, but read on... there will be ebooks offered later!!!)

Contest ends Dec 15th. Stuff will be mailed out on the 16th. Unless something crazy happens. And it's Christmas season to boot lol. 

Winner #1 - Paperback copy of Trouble Comes in Threes and Behind the Eight Ball along with a personalized candle Yankee Candle. The candle will have the cover of Trouble on it. (Well, part of the cover. It's a small candle lol.)

Winner #2 - Paperback copy of Trouble Comes in Threes and Behind the Eight Ball. This also will have a personalized candle from Yankee Candle with the cover of Eight Ball on it. (Well, part of the cover. It's a small candle lol.)

The only difference in the prize packs are the covers on the candles. They actually have the same scent, which happens to be my favorite. The scent is called Buttercream. I like it because it isn't very strong and doesn't set off my allergies. My son is asthmatic, and it didn't bother him either- which is actually how we found the candle, lol. He gave it to me as a Mother's Day gift years ago.

How to enter: I'm not going to make it hard. Just leave your name and email address. I'll contact you via email to get your home address so I can send the stuff to you. Just so we're clear, lol -- you *will* have to give me your home address. If you're uncomfortable doing that, don't enter *this contest.

This is only open to people who live in US. 

*Now, after this contest is over, I'm going to do another giveaway for the e-books of Trouble and Eight Ball. If you're uncomfortable giving me your home address, or you live out of the states, this is a contest you most definitely want to enter! January is my birth month, so I'll be doing plenty of things. :-)



  1. This is super awesome, thanks!


  2. January's mine, too. We need to meet up and cause some ... trouble! Lol!

  3. Thanks for the chance.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  4. Great giveaway. Thank you.

  5. Great giveaway. Thank you.

  6. Haha, yay! Awesome! Thank you so much!!

    Judi P

  7. Love free books and free candles so it's a win win for me! Yay! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  8. I'll have to check out that scent, since most candles make me sneeze. Love the books.

  9. Thanks so much! I love this series! :)

    debdeege (at) optonline (dot) net

  10. Thank you! I love this series (I've already read Behind the Eight Ball twice), and it would be awesome to have paperback copies, too.

    Jennifer Bowen

  11. Thanks for the giveaway.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  12. Thank you so much for the fantastic giveaway! ~Jen

    Can't wait for the third to come out. Very excited.

    Shawna W.

  14. Thank you!
    dandatins at yahoo dot com

  15. What a wonderful contest and give away��

    Thank you for the chance.
    Good luck everyone!