Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tuesday Teaser - Bound by Destiny

Sorry I'm late, y'all. Courtney is moving Aug 5th to Texas and things have been just nuts around here. It's really cut into my writing time and the stress hasn't help my mental frame of mind. But I hope to have this book out by early Sept. :)

Dayo. Dayo was missing, and he needed to…. Raiden took a deep breath, then another. It didn’t seem to help. The air was getting thinner, and a menacing growl began deep in his gut, working its way up. He tried to rise, but his body refused to move. Anger and fear quickly overtook rational thought.

“I have you in a force field. I promise I’ll deactivated it so you can sit up… just as soon as you show me you’re the Raiden we all know and love, not the beast who tried to destroyed the Bridge.”

Raiden stared at Savion on with deadly intent. He fought the force field, but no matter how hard he heaved and shoved, he couldn’t sit up. A quick glance told him he was in Medical. How had he gotten here? Why wasn’t he on the Bridge? “Let. Me. Up!”

“Ah, yeah, not happening, my friend,” Savion reached for the hydrosedative-spray one of the nurses held. “Not until you get control of yourself.”

Raiden snarled and thrashed, his body bulking up.

“Lieutenant Shou! As your commander and captain of the Unity, I order you to stop fighting. Do you understand? Lieutenant Shou? Dayo needs you, but you are absolutely no help to him in this condition. Show me that control you’re reputed to have. Now, Lieutenant Shou!”

Hearing his captain’s voice, and the warning so firmly embedded in his words, managed to penetrate the building terror. Hearing his rank repeated over and over helped too. “C-captain?”