Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday Teaser - Bound by Destiny

OMG, how did it get to August so damn fast? Okay, y'all, ready for your Tuesday Teaser lol? ;)

Dayo tugged Raiden to the dance floor as the band launched into a sweet Quai slow song. “Let’s dance.”

The lights went down, and the glass domed ceiling came alive with soft purple lights. The stars in the darkened sky added to the ambience. The floor under their feet also gleamed purple. Strings with white lights and more lanterns than Raiden could count added a soft glow.

He wrapped his arm around Dayo’s waist and held his other hand up, off to the side. Dayo pressed one of his palm against Raiden’s, and rested his other hand on Raiden’s shoulder. Slowly Raiden moved, gliding across the floor with Dayo in his arms. Other couples joined them on the dance floor. Raiden and Dayo were the only couple dancing in such a way.

“It’s so beautiful.”

“Romantic comes to mind.” Raiden pulled Dayo closer until there wasn’t an inch between the two of them. His body reacted, like it always did. The soft purple light gleamed on Dayo’s black hair. “Have I told you lately how gorgeous I think you are?”

“It’s been a day, at least.” Dayo rested his head against Raiden’s shoulder.

Raiden whispered against Dayo’s ear, “Then shame on me. I can’t wait to get back to our quarters so I can wrap myself in the black silk of your hair. Those stunning blue eyes of yours remind me of the thin rim of blue around Tah’Nar’s moon. And those sexy lips of yours… I never get tired of seeing them wrapped around my cock.”

Dayo tightened his hand that rested on Raiden’s shoulder and growled softly. “Dammit, you just had to go and make me hard.”

Raiden inhaled deeply. “I can smell your desire. Always so sweet. I love you, my mate.”

“Even though I could kill you right about now, I love you too.”