Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday Teaser - Bound by Fate

Time for a Tuesday Teaser!!! Dayo isn't in a good place, as y'all can tell from this snippet. The Blishue are a new race I invented for this series. They are NOT nice guys. *grin*  We'll be seeing a lot of them lol.

“We’re going to drop the force field. Make one wrong move, and I will beat you senseless.” The Blishue tightened his grip on the stunner. “I almost hope you do.”

“Captain says as long as he obeys, he’s not to be hurt,” said the other Blishue who held the tray.

“Obey, huh? Fine.” The Blishue motion at Dayo with his stunner. “Hear that? Better obey.”

Dayo refused to speak. What was there to say?

The one holding the stunner went to the guard station and tapped a few buttons. The force field dropped, the lights flickered, and then returned to their normal brightness. Odd, but Dayo had more important things to worry about than what might have been nothing more than a power surge.

The guard who held the stunner kept a trained eye on Dayo as the other one put the tray on the ground. He scooted it into Dayo’s cell and stepped back, but the force field didn’t reactivate. Instead, the one with the stunner left the guard station and walked toward Dayo’s cell.

“Torin, hold my stunner.”

Dayo took note of the name.

Torin frowned but took the weapon. “Why?”

“Because I said so.” Grinning, the other Blishue stepped into Dayo’s cell.