Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tuesday Teaser

This little teaser is from Fangs and Fur, the next book after Paws and Claws. Still gotta come up with a series name for this too lol.

If you read Paws and Claws, you might remember Alvin. He was the one who tried to kidnap Cade, Grady's mate. Alvin was blackmailed by Alpha Hogan. Remember the reason why? Yup, Hogan figured out Bert was Alvin's mate and beat Bert so Alvin would do what Hogan wanted... which was kidnap Cade.

Fangs and Fur starts out showing what Bert went through, and yeah, it's pretty graphic. This book will have a warning on it because of the violence. But I really think it's need so we understand exactly *why* Alvin betrayed his Alpha.

No, it isn't shown here, but y'all will get an idea of what Bert was dealing with.

* * * * 

Alpha Hogan glanced over to a scarred table set off to the side. “That thing still recording?”
“Yes, Alpha,” Dun answered as he approached Bert. “We have video of this.”
“What?” Horrified, Bert followed Alpha Hogan’s gaze. There on the table was an old tablet that had been propped up. They taped his beating?
“Should make for interesting viewing, don’t you think, Bert? Maybe this will convince Alvin,” Alpha Hogan said.
Panic flooded him at the implication. “Oh goddess, no! You can’t mean to show Alvin that video! You bastard! Do you know what that’ll do to him?”
“Get his attention, I’m hoping. I’m sure Delta Alvin will appreciate the seriousness of the situation after viewing it.” Alpha Hogan laughed with Dun, ignoring Bert’s agonized look. “But….” Then Alpha Hogan glanced at Bert and flashed a tight-lipped smiled. “Just in case he doesn’t fully grasp it, we’re going to give your mate all the—shall we say—motivation he needs.”
Heart pounding in terror, Bert fought viciously, but his body had nothing left to give. Wheaton jerked his arms behind him. Bert’s head spun from the pain. Dun wound the rope around his chest and through the open back of the chair until he was securely tied.

“Make sure he screams. Loudly too.” Indifferent, Alpha Hogan studied Bert. “Delta Alvin needs to understand exactly who he’s dealing with.”