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Pride Promotion Presents Death Gets a Boyfriend by Sophie Bonaste and a Giveaway!

Book Name: Death Gets a Boyfriend

Author Name: Sophie Bonaste

Author Bio:
Sophie Bonaste is a novelist who never set out to be a novelist. As a child, she wanted to a Broadway actress and spent her childhood in numerous productions. But when adulthood set in and reality took over, Sophie chose to give up the theatre for a steady paycheck and instead turned to writing as a creative outlet. She stumbled into the M/M genre through fanfiction and never looked back. Sophie is quite happy with her change in artistic expression and doesn’t plan to stop writing for a long time.
A self-proclaimed nerd, Sophie is an avid fan of all things Star Wars and Harry Potter. (Sophie is a member of the Slytherin house, for those who were wondering.) Sophie also spends many hours watching and re-watching nerdy television shows. When she is not obsessing over the latest and greatest in nerdy entertainment, Sophie can be found screaming at her television during American football games. (Go Pack Go!) Sophie currently lives in Pennsylvania, about twenty minutes from her childhood town of The Middle of Nowhere.

Author Contact:
Sophie loves to hear from readers! You can reach her by e-mail at, on Twitter at or on Facebook as Sophie Bonaste. You can also check out updates on Sophie’s writing and other musings on her website at

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Christy Caughie

Death is in a lonely business. Since the beginning of time he’s been reaping souls then returning home to his little condo in the sky. It’s not a bad job. There are perks. But Death would kill to meet his soul mate, no pun intended.

Tommy Neilson is the next human slated for death. But when he can see Death, Tommy turns his whole world upside down. Curious, Death seeks Tommy out. The chemistry between the two is immediate and soon an unlikely romance starts to form. While Death may not be lonely anymore, he isn’t allowed to interact with humans. Consequently, he must make a choice: billions of souls or the one that makes being immortal worth it. 

I am Death.
   Well, that’s one of my names anyway. I’m also known as the Grim Reaper, the Angel of Death, Azreal, and the list goes on. Some people have even called me Satan, but I would like to say right now, that’s a lie. I am not Satan. I know Satan. He’s not as bad of a guy as you would think. Sure he can get a little violent if you get out of hand, but as long as you stay on his good side, you’ll be fine.
    And there I go getting off track again. You’ll have to forgive me. I’m not very good at staying focused. I guess that comes from the fact that I can jump around the world at an alarmingly fast rate. Thankfully that’s not very hard. Well, at least not for me. I guess, in the human population, that’s a skill many people want for some reason. I don’t know why, though, considering how scattered it makes your brain. It really does. That’s why I try to avoid using that skill. Causes headaches.
    Anyway, this is a story about me. Don’t worry, though. It’s not too gruesome or anything like that. This is a story about how I fell in love. Yes, I know that’s kind of hard to believe. Death falling in love. Believe me, it shocked the hell out of me too. (No pun intended.) But it’s true. After thousands of years in existence, I finally found someone whom I wanted to spend my time with.

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9/17: Love Bytes
10/1: SA McAuley

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Death Gets a Boyfriend
Sophie Bonaste
5 stars

“You are nothing like what the Grim Reaper is supposed to be.”
~Thomas Neilson

I loved how this opened. It grabbed my interest right away.
How the author portrayed Death in this book was genius. He’s just a guy doing a job. He dresses like us, talks like us. No skeleton in a black robe here, lol. It’s not even a job he enjoys, truth be told. Killing people makes him uncomfortable. Maybe part of the reason he’s uncomfortable is because he doesn’t know why some people have to die. God makes up the list and Death carries it out. (Okay yes, how the author portrayed God cracked me up.)
Then Death is supposed to claim one Thomas (Tommy) Neilson. And, oh boy, this immortal’s world is turned upside down. Death can’t take this man’s life. Even when the time comes, Death can’t do it. He’s more than a little freaked. For the first time ever, he fails to carry out his purpose. But more than that? Tommy can see Death.
Concerned, disturbed, and completely confused, Death tries to carry on with his job while he waits for God to yell at him… but it never happens. Instead, Death finds himself at the hospital where the man he was supposed to kill is recovering. Unbelievably, a friendship starts.
*snicker* I have to say I had a blast watching Death figure out he had feelings for Tommy. The humor had me rolling in laughter, even if you stop to think about this being about Death. And that’s the kicker. This is Death we’re talking we’re about. Nothing is as clear-cut as it seems, and sometimes hard choices have to be made.
I laughed and I cried. What more can a reader ask for, lol! I’d have no trouble recommending this book.


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Welcome Chris T. Kat - Tidal Change

The recent popularity of mermen
Michelle, thank you very much for the opportunity to be a guest on your blog—again. What can I say? I like to be here. :)
Dreamspinner Press published my new release, Tidal Change, on September 17th. Tidal Change is a shape-shifter story but it also has fantasy/fairy tale elements because the main character, Marty, is a merman.
Call me naïve, but when I wrote Tidal Change, I thought mermen story weren't very popular. Even when I submitted my novella, I still didn't realize that mermen seem to be a rather popular topic at the moment. Dreamspinner Press accepted my manuscript in a little bit over three weeks, which surprised me (and made me stupidly happy) , even then, I didn't catch on that the topic must be cool.
A few months ago, I suddenly saw mermen books pop up everywhere. I haven't read any of those—yet. I'm curious about them, but I wanted to wait till my edits were done, so I wouldn't be influenced by the takes of other authors on merfolk myths. What is it that fascinates people so much? Is it the mythical component? Or the beautiful images of mermaids and mermen? Or is it the attraction to the ocean?
For me it's all of the above, plus water has always been my element, and since childhood I dreamed about writing a story that included merfolk. What's the attraction for you? 

 Buy link:

Something draws history teacher Rick Grady across the school hall to German teacher Marty Lindson. Maybe it’s their shared love of the ocean. Maybe it’s just that Marty is so hot, but maybe it’s something more—something mysterious. All Rick knows is that every time he gets close, Marty pulls away. After another cancelled date, Rick goes to Marty’s apartment to demand an explanation. And what Rick discovers blows his mind.
The ocean calls to Marty because he’s a merman. He’s been afraid to get close to Rick, not just to keep his world a secret, but because Rick is his mate. And to claim his mate would change everything about Marty. No matter how much he loves Rick, he doesn’t know if he’s ready to alter his entire life.

They explored the aquarium, petting the rough skin of the sharks and watching the displays of multicolored fishes. Once in a while, Rick gave Marty an uneasy glance. Was that a light humming sound emanating from him? Or maybe he was suffering from some sort of hallucinations? Hell, at one point he could have sworn Marty’s arm vibrated. But when he stared at him, Marty simply smiled and pulled him toward another exhibit, and the moment passed.
As they stood in front of the clownfish exhibit, Rick observed, “Flashy little things.”
Marty nodded but he didn’t comment on Rick’s remark. Surprised, Rick turned to his usually chatty companion and frowned. Marty’s gaze was fixed on the orange bodies striped with white as they flashed through the water, sometimes seeking shelter behind an anemone.
He nudged Marty. “Hey, what’s the wistful look for?”
Marty flinched and then tried to hide his reaction. Before Rick could address it, Marty said, “They’re pretty, aren’t they?”
“Yes, and interesting too. Did you know that all clownfish are born as males and that they’re able to change their gender to female?” Rick had been fascinated by the information he’d read on these unusual fish.
“Ah, yes, fascinating. How about getting something to eat? I’m starving.”
Rick’s stomach rumbled. He linked arms with Marty. “That’s fine. I need to sit down anyway.”
“Just no seafood,” Marty said as they made their way to the restaurant.
Rick shook his head. “Not even a bite of crab?”
Marty grimaced and pretended to retch. “Stop teasing me about it!”
“I’m not teasing you. I want to help you expand your culinary horizon.”
Marty shot him a smile. “I really appreciate your kindness, but my culinary horizon can’t take an expansion. It’s very narrow-minded and wants to stay that way.”
They had to wait to get past a crowd of people and Rick seized the moment to whisper, “How about expanding another horizon instead?”
Heat rose in Marty’s cheeks and his eyes gleamed silvery. All the sound around them receded into the background, and Rick became aware of the same odd humming he’d noted earlier. Rick bent his head, intent on kissing Marty, but Marty broke the moment with a jerk of his head.
“The restaurant is calling my name… and now there’s actually room for us to get there,” he said in a hoarse voice.
Rick sighed. He still allowed Marty to lead him through the aisles, even though his engorged cock pressed against his jeans, demanding attention. Why did Marty play hot and cold all the time? It always went like this, always. He hated that.

Chris T. Kat
Chris T. Kat lives in the middle of Europe, where she shares a house with her husband of many years and their two children. She stumbled upon the M/M genre by luck and was swiftly drawn into it. She divides her time between work, her family—which includes chasing after escaping horses and lugging around huge instruments such as a harp—and writing. She enjoys a variety of genres, such as mystery/suspense, paranormal, and romance. If there's any spare time, she happily reads for hours, listens to audiobooks or does cross stitch.


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Wednesday Briefs - To Touch the Sky #8

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefs flash group (click to go to the site). The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. If interested in joining us, drop me a line and I'll tell you how. :)

Prompts for this week:

“It’s already been a long day, and you want to…"

or "Could you possibly be jealous?"

or "The lights are on, but nobody’s home."

or "I always need more shoes."

or "Who does that?"

or "It’s all red and swollen."

or "It's the second best thing you can do by yourself."

or "Get a move on."

or "If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?"

or use: wallpaper, fish, wood

or use: stove, ladder, leaves

or use: pumpkin, wax, duck

or use: fax, lunch box, nail

or have tree fall in your story

or have a character dunking oreos in milk

or “I am no man’s bosom”

or “Color me confused”

or “You can’t win if you don’t play the game”

or use stop, drop, and roll

or “Halt or I’ll shoot!”

or “Taste what rainbow?”

Chapter Eight
He ignored his totem as Larry drove them to his home. He’d promised to help Larry’s oldest with the new bow. After that, he wanted nothing more than to be alone. He drove Larry home and spent the day with him and his family. He’d enjoyed it, but seeing how Larry and his wife interacted bothered him. The little touches, the familiarity, the closeness—it was maddening. Funny, it never had before. But now, it was like an irritating itch he couldn’t reach, and his temper was on a short lease. Again, that just wasn’t who he was.
Damn mate business.
Could you possibly be jealous?
That brought him to a standstill. Was he? He stood there and tried to analyze his… Great Spirit help him, he was going to try to explore his feelings.
The world didn’t end, now did it?
“Shut up,” he muttered. He wasn’t going there with his totem. He’d lose, he knew that. Plus, the damn spirit was right. He was jealous. He wanted what Larry had, and he couldn’t believe he just admitted that.
That, ladies and gentlemen, was an example of personal growth.
“Again, shut up.” He imagined flipping his totem the bird.
Really? You flipped a bird the bird. Nice.
“No comment.” Hawk rubbed a hand over his face.
Personal growth can be hard on a body, especially if said body isn’t used to it. Let’s soar, Chetan. You need to connect with nature.
“You’re right.” Hawk walked to the bedroom.
He needed to shed his human skin and all the worries. After opening the French doors in his bedroom, he stripped quickly. Chanting, he relaxed as the change took him. He shook out his feathers and stretched his neck. Oh, oh yes, that felt good. He crouched and flapped his wings, getting the air to move over and under them. With a thrust, he leaped, taking to the air. Up, up, up, the wind lifted him higher. Soaring, he scanned the area, looking for threats.
What he wouldn’t give to have his mate beside him, the both of them enjoying the warm air currents, hunting together. He’d teach Simon to hunt, how to swoop down through the skies and catch prey. He’d bet it wouldn’t take Simon long to learn how to use his talons and beak. But he’d still provide his mate with a juicy rabbit. They’d feed, then find a nice tree to hang out on and survey their territory.
Red-tailed hawks mated for life.
He stayed on his land, checking things out. Several mammals fled as he flew over. He wasn’t hungry, so they were safe, but it was still good to see the wildlife flourishing. Turning, he soared north, toward the pond on his property. There he saw the ducks and geese. He landed on a branch and watched them.
Granted, they weren’t happy he was there, but he wasn’t interested in them as prey. At least, not right now. It was nice to see them, though. The geese were hanging around, and the ducks were too. Nesting pairs led to babies. Babies were young and tender. The pond was healthy too, the fish abundant. Healthy pond equaled healthy ecosystem.
Satisfied with what he saw, he took to the air again, heading toward town. Being a hawk, people didn’t pay much attention to him, unless they were bird watchers. Now, if an eagle showed up, that would probably catch attention. He landed on a telephone pole. There was a gas station nearby with plenty of undeveloped wooded land.
Human and shifter scents drifted to him. He saw several shifters he knew and even more humans. A mockingbird flew past, squawking at him. Yeah, yeah, yeah, damn thing ought to be glad he wasn’t hungry. Normally, they didn’t attack him when he was around as they did with most raptors. Maybe the human scent mixed in with his hawk scent threw them off. Whatever it was, he didn’t have to deal with them dive-bombing him. A predator could only take so much temptation.
The honk of a horn caught his attention. A huge, black SUV damn near hit another driver in its rush to leave. Just as he was ready to leave also, a scent caught his attention. There was something on the air, a scent he couldn’t place. It was a shifter, but something was off. The smell of wrongness penetrated the air, but mixed in with that was a scent that teased his senses. One that he knew he should be familiar with, but he just couldn’t place it.
A feeling of unease coursed through him. His heart rate increased. He slapped his wings against his body and hissed. A loud Kee-eeeee-ar cut through the air. He couldn’t help himself. That scent was just… wrong.
Was whomever he smelled outside of the gas station or inside? He couldn’t tell. He watched the people come and go, but couldn’t pin down that scent to one person. So, he must have missed the shifter. Maybe it was someone passing through. They weren’t far off the Interstate. He wished he knew who that was he smelled.
The puzzle fled his mind when he took to the air once more.

Hours later he arrived home. After shifting, he took a shower. Puttering around in the kitchen, he made a quick call to the bar to check in. Being reassured that all was well, he decided not to go to the bar tonight. They probably couldn’t bankrupt him in a single evening.