Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Sexy Saturday - Be My Human

Happy Saturday and welcome to My Sexy Saturday! For this hop you post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words. It can be from a WIP or something published.

For this week, I thought I’d do something from my upcoming Dreamspinner release, Be My Human. It’s book 2 in the Moonlit Skies series.

“Mmm, babe, your stripes are showing,” Reed panted.
“That’s not all.” Taz’s grin was quick, a flash of joy that turned into a yelp of pleasure when Reed slammed him down hard. Taz’s tail whipped about them, fluttering madly, while soft purrs filled the space around them.
Suddenly Reed held Taz still, holding him tightly so he couldn’t move. Taz meowed pitifully, straining to be released.
“Hold on.” Reed pulled Taz against his chest, his hands leaving Taz’s ass.
“What—?” Taz let out a startled purr of happiness when Reed undid his braid, loosening his hair and spreading it out over his shoulders. Mollified, a grinning Taz shook his head, sending waves of multicolored hair everywhere.
Taz blinked when Reed reached up, his hand holding Taz’s chin so they could look into each other’s eyes. “You are so beautiful, Taz. Stripes, tail, all that sexy long hair…. You mean the world to me, my lovely little alien. You, and only you, complete me.”

“Oh, Reed.” Taz bit his lip to keep the tears back. “I feel the same.”

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday Briefs - In Enemy Hands #1.4

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefs flash group (click to go to the site). The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. If interested in joining us, drop me a line and I'll tell you how. :)
Prompts for this week:
or “I haven’t been bowling since the Nixon administration.”

or “That was no football game, that was a massacre.”

or “Well, give me some beans and I’ll grow you a beanstalk, if you like.”

or “Shit that's spooky, I just emailed you 0_o” (face is optional!)

or “Wake up and fetch my purse”

or “Give me a kiss”
or “You don’t really think I’m going to let you have all the fun, do you?”

or "Time and time again you…"

or "You want me to do… what?"

or "Now see, that’s a problem."

or "I never dreamed this would happen!"

or "You look like the cat who ate the canary.”

or "Kneel for me."

or "Touchdown!"

or "I got to second base."

or use: carpet, iron, mug

or use: clippers, needle, CD

or use: pen, tile, pavers

or have your character fly a kite

or have a rooster in your story

or have a character trying on clothes

or have a character plot a murder

or find a new use for honey

Chapter 1.4

Haus jerked his hand out of the way before Sarik’s boot landed on it. “Why in the Goddess’ name would we want to get to the surface? Once they get the SSN up again, we’ll be trapped there. They’ll hunt us down like animals. And I hate the dark too. It’s nothing but darkness there!”

“I know. They call it a Nightshade planet for a reason. I said it would get us to the surface. I didn’t say I wanted to land on the surface.” Varo stopped at the deck labeled Shuttle Bay and kicked out another side panel. “We’re there.”

Haus climbed out of the shaft after Varo. “Then what are you planning, sir? And why do you think they won’t just shoot us out of the sky?”

“Because, I’m hoping you can hotwire the shuttle so we can activate stealth mode.”

Haus’ eyes widened. “But, Captain, that’s more Darn’s job. She’s the engineer.”

“I’ve seen you hotwire more than one com panel, Haus.” Varo nodded to the shuttle.

Haus swiped a hand over his face. “Okay, so maybe I can, but what good will that do?” Haus walked to where Artan stood by the open shuttle door.

“The net is down, and that’s an opportunity I can’t pass up. If you can manually activate the shuttle’s stealth mode, we can go invisible and get past them. We set coordinates and aim for their capital city. With any luck, we can use the shuttle as a weapon and blow up their royal family.”

“Oh,” Haus breathed. “Suicide mission.”

Varo paused at the shuttle door. “I won’t order any of you to join me. If you can get the stealth mode working on the shuttle, you can stay here if you wish, Haus. Same goes for you, Sarik and Artan. Slavery or death is the only option we have now. I choose death. Hopefully, I can take a few of their royal family with me.”

“I’m in.” Sarik nodded. “But they live in places literally carved directly into cliff faces.”

“And can you imagine what a shuttle with a warp engine exploding on contact would do to that rock face? I promise you, that explosion would be seen from space,” Varo answered.

“What a morale booster that would be if we could pull it off.” Haus pursed his lips. “At least death would be quick.”

Artan crossed his arms over his chest. “You don’t really think I’m going to let you have all the fun, do you? Of course I’m in.”

“I’m in too, Captain.” Haus stepped onto the shuttle.

“Well then, let’s tinker with this beauty and get her set up.” Varo slapped Haus on the back. “Go work your magic. We need to leave like five unit minutes ago.”

Activity picked up around the shuttle. Haus lay flat on his back, with a panel off under the Helm, busy with the wires. Artan monitored the approaching Helkan fighters. Sarik sat in the pilot’s chair, checking the systems.

Varo leaned over Sarik’s shoulder. “How it’s coming?”

“I’ve…” Sarik tapped the screen a few more times. “Yes! Son of a dirty comet, he did it. We’re a go, Captain. Haus, you big sexy goof, you did it!”

“Oh goddess, would you stop that?” Haus wiggled out of the guts of the Helm and sat up. “You are such a perv.”

“You’re just now figuring that out?” Varo shook his head and sat in the co-pilot’s chair, thankful his officers had loosened up a bit. He was about to die, and he wanted to be around friends, not subordinates. “Okay, Sarik, you’re the best pilot we have on board, so let’s go stealth and get out of here.”

“Yes, sir. Everyone strap in.” Sarik tapped the Helm controls. “Closing shuttle doors and releasing Shuttle Bay dampeners. And here goes nothing…” Sarik engaged stealth mode. “Good. Our systems are limited, but we do have some operational, Captain.”

Varo activated his part of the Helm panel. “Requesting coordinates for the last known location of their royal family and…”  The screen jumped, static disrupting it. Varo smacked it with his fist. “There we go. We have a location.” Varo manually typed in the information. “Excellent. Course laid in, Sarik, and good news is it’s not on the other side of this stars-cursed planet. According to the flight path I’m reading, we’re right on target.”

“Let’s hope this is accurate.” Sarik tapped a button, and then tapped it again until it responded. Finally a hologram appeared in front of Sarik.

With a swipe of his hand, the shuttle bay doors opened. Another tap and the smaller ship lifted off the flight deck. Moving his hands in connection to the hologram screen in front of him, he gently eased them toward the open end of the bay and the blackness that was space.

“Even if it’s not, at least we can cause some damage.” Artan held his breath as the shuttle moved farther down the runway, then outside and away from their ship.

“And we are clear of the main ship and on course,” Sarik said.

“Fighters incoming.” Varo expanded his sonar screen to view their distance from the enemy.

“Noted. They don’t appear to know we’re here.” Sarik kept his eyes on the Helm. “They are scanning the main ship. Wonder what they’ll think when scans show no life forms?”

“If they aren’t stupid, they’ll scan the surrounding area for life forms that match ours.” Varo watched the Helm’s screen. “Let’s hope they think we abandoned ship. They should when the scan shows missing escape pods. Come on, come on,” he muttered to the little blips on the screen. “Nothing to see here. We’re all gone, so just go on about your business while we slip down to the planet and blow your asses up.”

Sarik snorted at Varo’s whispered mutterings. “They are indeed scanning the surrounding area.” Our scans show they aren’t powering weapons. Yet.”

“Good. Continue course to the planet.”

Silence reigned in the cockpit, no one uttering a word as enemy fighters circled the abandoned ship. As they watched, the warbird moved away from where autobot ships worked on the satellites that were part of the net surrounding the planet. The warbird dwarfed the ship they’d abandoned.

He growled softly when he saw a tractor beam attach to his ship. He really wished the main computer system had been operational so he could’ve set the ship’s autodestruct. It would have been a pleasure to watch the Helkan’s warbird blow up. Only thing better would have been blowing up and taking out the SSN.

They piloted on, slowly making their way to where the net’s satellites were down.

“Okay, here we go,” Sarik said. “If the SSN is nonfunctioning—and scans say it is—then we should slip through the hole in their defenses undetected.”


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Briefs - In Enemy Hands #1.3

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefs flash group (click to go to the site). The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. If interested in joining us, drop me a line and I'll tell you how. :)
Prompts for this week:
“That’s better than nothing.”

or "Give me a good reason not to…"

or "Your other left."

or "Are you watching that?"

or "You need a time out."

or "You’re awfully close to the ground.”

or "That’s better than nothing, I guess."

or "Walk away now."

or "How did he/she get up there?"

or use: board, snow, rack

or use: track, pilot, star

or use: box, light, ghost

or have your character step on a nail

or have a fire in your story

or have a character steal something

or have a race in your story 
or “That one almost got away…”
or “Necessity is the father of brilliant ideas”
or “You win some, you lose even more”
or “Of course I trust you, you’re my best friend”
or use a pig in a poke in your story

or “He’s the cock of the walk”

Chapter 1.3

“Everyone not Senior Staff evacuate the Bridge.” Artan yelled. “May our Goddess Ruim deliver you safely home.”

Varo watched his crew leave the Bridge. “Artan, can you monitor the pods to Yesrian space?”

Artan stabbed at a couple of buttons on one of the damaged Helm’s panel. “Sorry, Captain. That’s a negative. Certain parts of the panel aren’t functioning properly. I can tell you pods are vacating the ship, but I can’t track them to safety.”

“Understood.” Varo glanced at Artan. “Sarik, keep an eye on the pods for as long as possible.”

“Yes, Captain.” Sarik bent back over the panel.

“And Haus, are you able to track the enemy ships?” Varo asked.

“Yes, sir, but not visually. All I can access is a sonar map of the area.” 

“That’s better than nothing, I guess.” At this point anything was a gift.

Darn entered the Bridge. Her uniform was in disarray and a dark stain marred her cheek. The ponytail she usually kept her white-blond hair restrained in was a mess. “Reporting as ordered, Captain.”

“Good. Start checking nonfunctioning com panels. Maybe you can salvage some of the systems.”

“Yes, sir.” She hurried to the nearest panel.

Satisfied the other officers were busy, Varo motioned to Artan. Together they moved away from the other men. “Artan, am I correct in remembering there’s one extra pod?”


“Good.” Varo worked to keep his breathing level. “This is going to get nasty. I want Darn and Joff on that last pod. They have the least experience in warfare, and they’re the youngest. Thoughts?”

“I agree we should send them. Joff has a child on the way, and Darn has two mates at home. The rest of us aren’t mated and have no children.”

Varo nodded. The two were going to disagree, but he was Captain. His word was law. He knew what they were facing. If he could save the majority of his crew, then he would die happy. He’d heard too many vile rumors about the Helkans. He wasn’t going to become a slave if he could help it.

“Status?” Varo asked.

Sarik checked the Helm panel. “All but one pod gone.”

Haus frowned at his viewing screen. “The warbird is staying close to where the net went down. The fighters are approaching, but slowly. They are still quite a distance out.”

“Good.” Varo readied himself for the arguments coming his way. “Joff and Darn, I want you to take the final pod and go.”

“What? Sir!” Joff jerked around. “No, sir. I will not—”

Darn’s shout drowned out Joff’s. “Not going to happen, Captain. I refuse to leave the rest of you—”

Varo held up his hand and silence descended. “That’s an order.  I do appreciate the thought, but… You can go to the pods under your own steam, or I can have Artan stun your asses then put you in the pod. Either way, you will leave this ship.”

Both officers grumbled, loudly.

“Time’s running out. Go, or I’ll have you taken.” Varo nodded at Artan, who held his stunner. “I’m trying to save your fool lives, so get going.”

“Captain.” Joff’s lips trembled. “I would gladly stay, you know this.”

“We both would,” Darn added.

“I know, and I am honored by your willingness to give your lives. But…” Varo clutched both crewmembers by the shoulder. “I refuse, refuse, to allow those animals to take any more of us than necessary. I will not have one drop of your honorable blood shed by our enemy. Go back, and tell my father what you saw here. Tell him how the SSN collapsed. Maybe something good will come from this. Now, go.”

“May the Goddess Ruim keep you safe.” Joff clasped Varo’s hand.

“Sir.” Darn nodded. “We will tell your father how brave you were. Many voices will be raised in honor of your sacrifice.”

“I can’t ask for more.” Silently, he watched Darn and Joff leave the Bridge, with Artan closely behind them.

Sarik rested his hand on Varo’s arm. “They will live to fight another day, Captain. It was the right thing to do.”

“Too bad I couldn’t stuff you, Haus, and Artan on there too.”

Haus snorted. “Artan would have stunned you if you tried.”

“There is that.” Varo lowered his body into his captain’s chair. “Now we wait for the end, my friends.”

“It’s a good day to die,” Haus agreed.

“Be that as it may, don’t you hate just sitting here, waiting for them to decide our destiny. I wish… If I’m going to die, I’d rather it be on my terms.” Sarik waved his hand toward the blank screen. “We won’t even know if they plan to blow us up until… well, until they blow us up.”

Haus snickered. “Still so articulate I see, even in the end.”

Sarik narrowed his eyes at Haus. “Speaking of ends—”

Haus blanched, quickly glancing at Varo.

Varo rolled his eyes. “We’re about to be incinerated, and the both of you are worried if I’m aware you’re bouncing on each other? Not that it matters now, but officially I’m unaware. Unofficially? Neither of you are as stealthy as you think.”

Haus groaned.

Sarik just laughed. “Sorry about that, sir.”

“If I thought you were doing more than fucking, it might have been a problem. You know committed couples can’t serve on the same deck levels.” Varo shrugged. “But since it isn’t, I ignored it.”

“And glad we are you did.” Sarik slapped Haus on the back, a smile on his face. “Even if Haus is slightly embarrassed by you knowing.  I however, am not.”

Varo chuckled. “Sarik, you wouldn’t know embarrassment if it bit you on—”

“Captain?” Artan’s voice cut off Varo’s words.

Varo hurried to his captain’s chair and hit the in-ship com “Go ahead, Artan.”

“Darn and Joff are off.”


“Also, did you know Darn fixed the shuttle? She told me before they entered the escape pod.”

“I didn’t, no. When did she finish the repairs?”

“This morning, right before the cloud hit and everything went ass up.”

Excitement flooded Varo, and he glanced at Sarik. “Sarik, you may have just gotten your wish.” This was the break they needed. “Artan, stay there. We’re on our way to you.”

“Yes, sir. Artan out.”

Haus glanced at Varo. “What…?”

“Let’s go.” Turning, Varo ran to the elevator lifts, Sarik and Haus behind him. “We’ll have to take the shafts down to the shuttle bay since the cloud knocked out the lifts. Make it quick, gentleman, time is not our friend.”

Sarik jerked a panel off, exposing the shaft. One after the other, they descended the ladders in the narrow tubes that ran from deck to deck.

“Okay, what’s taking the shuttle going to do for us?” Haus huffed as he carefully positioned one hand after the other on the ladder. “The shuttle’s warp drive is probably messed up, as is weapons.”

“But it also runs on good old fashion fuel,” Varo volunteered.

“So?” Haus shook his long hair out of his face. “There’s not enough to get us home.”

“No, it won’t. But it will get us to the surface of the planet,” Varo said.