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Pride Promotions Presents Dissonance by Shira Anthony and a Giveaway!

Book Name: Dissonance
Author Name: Shira Anthony
Author Bio: In her last incarnation, Shira was a professional opera singer, performing roles in such operas as “Tosca,” “i Pagliacci,” and “La Traviata,” among others. She’s given up TV for evenings spent with her laptop, and she never goes anywhere without a pile of unread M/M romance on her Kindle.
Shira is married with two children and two insane dogs, and when she’s not writing she is usually in a courtroom trying to make the world safer for children. When she’s not working, she can be found aboard a 36’ catamaran at the Carolina coast with her favorite sexy captain at the wheel.
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Twitter: @WriterShira
Cover Artist: Catt Ford
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
British lord Cameron Sherrington has hit rock bottom. The love of his life, opera sensation Aiden Lind, is marrying another man, and Cam knows it’s his own fault for pushing Aiden away. Then someone tries to set him up and take away his family business. Facing arrest by US authorities on charges of money laundering and with no money to return to London, Cam decides to run. But with no money and no place to stay, it’s not exactly the Hollywood thriller he’d imagined.
When Cam hears Galen Rusk play in a lonely subway station, he’s intrigued. But his assumptions about Galen are all wrong, and their unusual relationship isn’t exactly what Cam bargained for. Add to that the nightmares that dog him nightly, and Cam’s world is shaken to its core. Cam figures he had it coming to him, that it’s all penance due on a life lived without honesty. He just never figured he might not be able to survive it.
Note: Blue Notes Series novels are standalone stories, and can be read in any order.

Cam climbed the stairs of the Spring Street station. The wind had picked up, causing one of his curls to tumble onto his forehead. He sighed as he pushed the hair from his eyes and cursed his mother for her genes. They were too much alike, and not just in appearance. They were both wanderers. Always seeking excitement. Prone to infidelity. But whereas she seemed to revel in her freedom, he’d always sought partners. Not that he’d had any success in keeping them.
He thought of the trumpet player in the subway station. For a moment he’d felt something. He played well. Surprisingly well, really. Had it been more than that? Something beyond the music?
Of course it was more than that. He was attractive. Cam laughed and shook his head to himself. What did it matter? There were plenty of men in New York, and the last thing he needed was a downtrodden fuck.

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Now for the interview:

Do you use a pen name? If so, how did you come up with it?
Many of you may know that I’m a former opera singer. So when I was trying to decide on a pen name, I chose the name “Shira,” which means “song” in Hebrew. It even sounds like that a bit (pronounced “Shee-rah”, with the accent on the first syllable, not like the princess!). My given name begins with an A, so I chose a last name that started with A, but that was a bit more common than the first name.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?
I think strong characters and clean writing are the two most important elements of good writing. You can have an amazing plot, but if your characters fall flat or your writing is plodding and overly dense, the plot will just get lost. I want to read books that ring true and that I don’t have to struggle to read. I want to read dialogue that sounds like real people talking to each other, and I want to believe in the characters and know what makes them tick.

How do you develop your plot and characters?
It depends on the book. In my Blue Notes Series, the story develops out of the characters. I’ll have an idea about what makes a character do what he does, and then I’ll think about how he might grow or change for the better. Then I layer that over a romance plot, with the romance being the driving force behind the need for the character to change. I’m a die-hard romantic, and I love the idea of love changing a person and helping them become stronger.

Do you write in multiple genres or just one? If just one, do you ever consider straying outside your genre?
I wrote one het erotic romance, but once I found MM romance, I never went back. I do write in various sub-genres within MM because it helps keep my muse happy (and that keeps me happy!). My Blue Notes Series books are contemporary romances. But I also write the Mermen of Ea Series, which is high fantasy set in the age of sail and features—you guessed it—mermen. My next release is the first in a series of vampire novels set in the present and in France in the late 1800s. I find that mixing it up keeps all of my stories fresh, and it keeps writing fun.

Do you listen to music while writing? If so what? 
A lot of people ask me if I do, and the answer usually surprises them: I don’t! Really, it’s more that I can’t than anything else. Maybe it’s my musician brain, but I can’t listen to music without hearing all the layers in it. I guess I spent too many hours analyzing music at the conservatories I attended, but I hear harmonic progressions, orchestration, rhythm, and everything else that goes into making a piece of music, and all of that is very distracting when I’m trying to write. Just because I don’t listen while I’m writing, though, doesn’t mean I don’t use music to inspire my writing. Nearly every book I write has a musical theme to it. Every Blue Notes Series book has a playlist, too.

What are your favorite TV shows? 
I don’t watch much TV these days, since I’m usually writing or editing in my “free” time (I write and work full-time). When I do, though, I love to stream Japanese anime on my computer. I’m not much of an artist, but I love the artwork, and I love the amazing stories and universes you can find in anime. And yaoi (gay) anime? My favorite!

What group did you hang out with in high school? 
Geeks, definitely. Music geeks. You know, the band and orchestra kids who’d watch original Trek in reruns and write angsty poetry in the library? Yep. That was me! There’s a chapter at the beginning of Encore, another Blue Notes Series book, that takes place in a high school band room in part. That was my childhood I used!

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite? 
Dissonance is my 13th book, and I think it’s my 10th novel. It’s probably also my favorite, because I fell in love with both of the MCs (I’m so fickle!!). Falling for Cameron Sherrington wasn’t so easy, either, since he was a bit of an “arse” (as he might say) in a previous series book.

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Welcome Ashley Ladd - Business or Pleasure

Guy Rogers is extremely attracted to his new realtor, Tom Beaudreaux. As a passionate vegetarian and animal activist, he’s ecstatic that Tom is a kindred soul. He could never be with a carnivore. Unfortunately, Tommy isn’t really a vegetarian or animal activist. He never said he was either, he just didn’t eat meat when he was with Guy. And maybe he emptied his house of all meat and dairy products before inviting Guy over. In fact, Tommy’s family owns the most popular barbecue restaurant in town and if his family has their way, he’ll manage the new location.

When Guy finds out that Tommy eats meat and his family owns a restaurant that is a monument to eating meat, he’s livid and doesn’t know if he wants anything else to do with Tommy.

But then Guy’s life gets crazy –his dad’s paranoia blossoms into violent dementia, he gets arrested for picketing a doggy mill, and then he winds up in even more legal trouble. When Tommy sticks by him through all his trouble and does everything he can to help him, Guy wonders if he’s been too militant and narrow-minded. Perhaps he can learn to live with people who have opposite views.

Guy finished his meal, wadded up his napkin and dropped it on his plate. “Do you think it will take long to find more houses for me to look at?”
“I’ll make you—it—my priority. Just give me a couple days.” Damn! A Freudian slip.
Guy reached over as if to put his hand on Tommy’s, but stopped in midair. His eyes softened and hope flickered. “I’d like it if you made me, not my business, your priority.”
Tommy’s throat went dry and his heart flipped over. “Do you mean what I think you mean?”
Guy lowered his hand and took Tommy’s in his. “I think so. I like you—a lot. You’re handsome and charming and I feel a connection. I know it’s quick, but I’m a forthright, fast kind of guy. Besides, if you find me a house as rapidly as I want, you’ll be out of my life before I can do anything about it. Do I have a chance with you?”
Tommy wanted to jump up from his seat and shout, “Hell yeah!” But his inner angel was quarreling with his inner devil about work ethics. It wasn’t as if real estate agents had long-term contracts or dealings with their clients. They found a home, closed the deal then moved on to the next client. He supposed it wouldn’t be the end of his career if he got together with one client. Feeling as if his heart had leapt into his throat, he turned his hand over and squeezed Guy’s fingers. “Yeah. I like you a lot too.”
Guy looked like he was about to let out a whoop of victory then remembered where he was. Instead, he lowered his voice to a husky whisper. “I’d invite you to my place, but my dad would be a buzz kill. Do you have your own apartment?”
Tommy swallowed a gulp. “I do in Davie. If you don’t mind the long drive.”
“You’re a funny, funny man, Tom Boudreaux. I’ll follow you to the ends of the Earth.”
Tommy licked his suddenly dry lips and his cock twitched. In mach three, blood was rushing into it. “So I did hear that?”
“Yeah, babe, you did.”
He liked being called ‘babe’, especially by Guy. He threw several dollar bills on the table, which included a generous tip, then he stood, hoping the evidence of his arousal wasn’t noticeable. From the amused glint in Guy’s eyes, it had been noted.

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 Ashley Ladd lives in South Florida with her husband, five children, and beloved pets. She loves the water, animals (especially cats), and playing on the computer.

She's been told she has a wicked sense of humor and often incorporates humor and adventure into her books. She also adores very spicy romance, which she weaves into her stories.

How you can contact Ashley:

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Tease Me Thursday - The Yellow Rope

Welcome to Tease Me Thursday! When it's not quite Friday, and you're feeling like some fun from your favorite authors and authors you haven't met yet. Come on in, have a seat, and most of all... have fun! For this hop you post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words. It can be from a WIP or something published.
For this week, I thought I’d do something from The Yellow Rope.


“Hey, babe, glad you’re home.” Gage turned in the arms that held him and returned the hug.

“So am I. It was a really, really long day.” Luke stepped back and loosened his tie. It’d been strangling him for the better part of the day. “Been in meetings for most of the morning, and oh joy, since this was a county wide in-service, we had to dress.”

“I know. I enjoyed listening to you bitch about that very thing this morning while I was trying to get dressed.” Gage tapped the end of Luke’s nose. “But you do look good in a suit. And I so enjoy taking it off you.”

Luke laughed, shaking his head. “You always say that, but I’d rather be in jeans. You like taking those off, too."

“You bet.”


“You know it.” Gage winked as he turned back to the stove to test the spaghetti sauce.