Friday, April 6, 2012

TGI Friday

Hey guys! First off I want to say sorry I've been MIA lately. The hubby's gramps passed away Monday after 97 years of a long and happy life. Things have been crazy for the past few daysmaking sure the kiddo's had something the wear for the funeral, making sure the hubby had something to wear, lol, calls from his family... and he took off from work, too. Most of ya know when he's home I don't work muchhe works crazy hours and that's our 'together' time. So yeah, been wild around here lately, lol.

So the funeral was yesterday, and out-of-state. We left early in the morning and got back really late last night. Kitty-Kitty was not happy with being left here alone all day. It dawned on me last night he's never been left here all day by himself since he showed up last October. When we shut the car off in the garage last night we could hear him crying... from inside the house! And we were still in the car! Did I mention he really was not happy, lol???

Now onto TGIF, lol! Since it's Good Friday, I thought we'd do something a little sweet for today. I have some pics I plan to post Easter Sunday, too. Hope everyone had a good work week, and a good Easter weekend. Now... lol, bring on the boys, lol...