Friday, May 25, 2012

TGI Friday

School is officially out—I survived all the end of school insanityand the kiddo is now on summer break for the next nine weeks. My God, the child will be a senior next year. *shudder* Where the hell did the time go?

So far I haven't heard the famous words 'I'm bored' but they're coming, thrust me. Just give it a couple of weeks! But hey, I'm ready. ;) I got all sorts of things she can do when she starts in about being bored, and none of them she'll like.


So yay, the weekend is here! Just let me be the first to say thank God, thank God. And a special weekend, too. Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! The weather is supposed to be nice down here, if a little on the warm side. :)

While looking for things to post on Monday for Memorial Day I ran across this picture. It really got to me and I wanted to share this. None of my remaining family is in the Armed Services... now. For those with family involved in the on-going war I wished you a speedy and safe return of your loved one. That message really sums it up, doesn't it?  


So lets not end this post on a sad note, okay. Here's a little taste of what I have planned for Monday. Guys, y'all have a great and safe weekend! I know several of you are heading out of town—my own son left this morning for a canoeing trip with some friends. So yes, lol, safety is on my mind! :) Take care.