Friday, December 14, 2012

Purrfectly Giftastic Christmas Blog Hop


Hello! Come on in and join me. J I’m M.A. Church (or Michelle, or just plain M, lol) and I write M/M romance that often has a scifi or nonhuman twist.
I’m going to keep this brief since you guys are hopping, and there's a lot of cool authors' to visit.  Here is the link to the main page of the Christmas Blog Hop.


1.  First place winner gets a $15.00 Amazon GC.

2.  Second place winner gets their choice of a book from my back list.

3. Third place winner gets their choice of book from my back list.


How to Enter:

~Tell me which you prefer: a live or fake Christmas tree. If you have time, tell me why!

~Please follow my blog.

~Then make sure to comment and leave me an email addy. When the contest is over on Monday, I’ll post on here who won. I’ll also email you to double check I have the correct email addy. Check your spam, just to be safe. Sometimes emails to winners end up there. I’ll give the winners 72 hours to respond, and if I haven’t heard back, then I’ll pick a new winner.


I prefer real Christmas trees. Because of my allergies, when I was a kid, we had a fake one. Don’t get me wrong, it was full and tall, and very nice. But I always wanted a real one, lol. Even after I left home, finished college, and got married I had a fake tree. One reason was the oldest kiddo has asthma.

Well, last year we had our first real tree. The older kiddo works at a farm here in town, and last Christmas he showed up after work with a real tree. And there you go, lol, our first real tree. This year he brought one home called Blue Sapphire. I kid you not, the thing smelled like oranges!

Kitty-Kitty (our cat) took one look at it, fuzzed up, and hissed. I took one deep breath, fuzzed up and hissed too… the old allergies went nuts from the strong scent, lol. It was better come morning, thank goodness.
Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year! Hard to believe 2013 is almost here.