Saturday, December 22, 2012

Silver Bells and Red Ribbon

A constant beep, beep, beep dragged Tanner away from the enjoyment of his sub’s tongue worshiping his cock. He desperately tried to hold on to the wispy trails of the retreating dream, with no luck. As the sexual haze cleared from his mind, the damn beeping demanded more of his attention. What is that damn noise?
Finally his eyes snapped open, glaring up at the darkened ceiling. Now that he was more awake, the beeping was louder and more distinct. That’s the damn cell phone alarm. That was annoying enough, but more so was the fact his sub wasn’t in bed with him.
He rolled over, the sheets cool where Rusty’s body should have been, and shut off the phone. “What the hell?”
Shoving his hair out of his eyes, he checked the time, his eyes widening at the early hour. Normally it took an act of Congress to get Rusty out of bed, so where was he? And more importantly, what was he up to?
Tanner sat up, his feet landing on the floor. Cool air wrapped around his bare legs, and he shivered slightly. It had snowed earlier in the evening, just a few inches, but it was enough to make it really feel like Christmas. They didn’t get much snow here, but when the white fluffy stuff did show up, life shut down.
Coming from up north, he found this highly amusing. A few inches and they rolled the sidewalks up down here, and fights were likely to break out over things like bread, milk, and toilet paper. Both he and Tanner were originally from the Chicago area, and had moved down south because of his job transfer. A few inches were nothing to them.
“Rusty?” Tanner waited, but no reply was forthcoming. “Babe?”
He lifted his pajama bottoms off the foot locker at the end of the bed, tugged them on then hunted up his slippers.
“Okay, damn, it’s cold in here.”
Rusty couldn’t sleep unless the room was chilly, and that worked for him. He couldn’t sleep unless they were both naked. Perfect excuse to snuggle. Not that he needed a reason to cuddle up to his boy, of course, but sharing body heat gave him justification to nestle his cock against Rusty’s ass through the night and drive his sub nuts with need. Some mornings he took care of that, but other times he made Rusty wait, letting desire build. His boy was magnificent when he needed.
And speaking of his boy…
Tanner made his way downstairs, the soft red lights from the Christmas tree drawing his attention. He knew he turned the tree lights off when they went upstairs, so…? Moving closer to the den, he noticed it was much warmer. He’d turned the heat down before they went to bed too, and now it was toasty warm. Tanner smiled, his lips tilting up wickedly. Hmm, looks like someone has a surprise for me.
Tanner entered the den, the warmth from the gas fireplace curling around his body, warming him. That wasn’t the only thing that sent a flash of heat spiraling up his spine.
“Oh, fuck…” Tanner’s heart thumped hard in his chest, the room blurring through a sheen of tears. “Rusty…” He had to clear his throat, his emotions choking him, and try again. “Rusty, my sweet boy.”
There, under the elegant tree was the best Christmas gift ever—his sub all wrapped up and waiting to be opened. Even from here Tanner could see the plug that filled Rusty’s ass. It was held in place by a red leather harness fitted around his sub’s body. The harness was a thing of beauty. And new. Oh my, yes, that’s new. The other ones he had were black. But this one made his mouth water, more so than usual. The deep red was incredible against his boy’s dark skin.
Tanner saw Rusty stiffen, awareness flowing through his body, but no sound came from his boy. With a grin, Tanner unstuck his feet from the floor and stalked closer to the tree and his gift. Bending down, he checked the buckle at the back of Rusty’s head. A soft whine drifted over Rusty’s shoulder to greet him. Now he saw why his sub didn’t speak. 
“Very nice, boy. I like the new harness, like it a lot. Red is your color.” He ran a finger down Rusty’s spine, watching the shivers that raced through the bound body. “Might have to warm that ass up to match.”
Another, louder whimper escaped, Rusty’s body straining.
“Hmm, something tells me there’s more going on here that just the butt plug from the way you’re acting.” Tanner tapped the base of the plug, causing his sub to jump. “Is it very big? Does it fill you up, stretching that ass for me? I can hear it, you know. You’ve got it on low, right?”
Rusty’s head nodded.
“Good. Don’t want you coming until I say. Let’s get you turned over. I want to see what else my present entails.” Tanner helped Rusty roll over to his back, and his breath caught. “You really went all out, didn’t you?”
Tanner flicked the silver bells attached to Rusty’s nipple rings, the nubs hardening. The sweet music from the bells delighted him, along with the ever-increasing moans from his boy. Tanner admired the red cuffs around Rusty’s wrists and ankles. He couldn’t wait to run chains through the D rings on the cuffs and restrain Rusty while he played with him.
His gaze traveled up Rusty’s trapped dick. The red cock ring was new too. Tanner reached down and rearranged his own hard cock that was currently trying to tear its way out of his night pants. But the red ribbon around Rusty’s neck… that hardened Tanner’s cock more than anything. His boy had such a romantic side to him.
Tanner looked at the ribbon again, an idea forming. “Beautiful,” he mumbled, touching the red band at Rusty’s throat as big chocolate brown eyes stared up at him, desire shining brightly. “Best Christmas gift, ever. Thank you, boy.”
Heavy eyes smiled up at him, and Tanner sighed, a feeling of contentment flooding him. Rusty’s eyes were gorgeous—the lashes alone made many of their women friends jealous. But what he liked best was that every feeling Rusty had showed in those expressive eyes.
Right now those lovely eyes were rolling back in Rusty’s head thanks to Tanner’s hand drifting down the hairless chest, over the flat stomach, and down to the hard cock begging to be touched. He trailed a finger over Rusty’s damp cockhead, spreading the moisture and teasing the pretty little slit, encouraging more precome to drip.
“Merry Christmas, love.” Tanner leaned over and kissed the side of Rusty’s mouth, his tongue tracing the lips held open by the ball gag while his hand fastened around Rusty’s weeping cock, stroking lightly. “Now, let’s get you set up correctly.”
Tanner released Rusty’s cock, a moan of displeasure following him as he grabbed the cuffs and pulled Rusty to a sitting position. He wondered how deep that sent the plug. “I imagine you couldn’t buckle your hands without help and I want those hands behind your back. Time to enjoy my gift. By the way, how did you get all this down here? Did you carry these things, or what?”
Rusty glanced over at the duffle he’d left out.
Tanner saw the direction Rusty was looking, and got up. “Duffle, huh?” Tanner looked inside and smirked at the roll of red ribbon. “Perfect.”
* * * *
Oh God, oh God, oh God. The words chanted inside Rusty’s head as Tanner helped him stand. He knew that look, knew it quite well. He couldn’t decide whether he wanted to scream in excitement or start begging for mercy now. It was a moot point, thanks to the ball gag. Not that the gag really mattered, he wouldn’t get relief until his dom was ready for him to… and if Tanner was feeling especially toppy tonight, it would be hours yet.
A bead of precome leaked from his cock at the idea. He loved being denied, nothing pushed him into subspace faster… but… he hated being denied, nothing was worse than blue balls. And it really didn’t matter what he wanted, his dom was the one to decided what he received. He looked down at his weeping cock—his flushed, swollen, and angry-red weeping cock.
“I’ll take care of that for you… later,” Tanner said as he fastened Rusty’s hands behind his back.
Rusty’s breath stuttered out as his hands were restrained to the harness behind him. God, yes. Damn, he loved that helpless feeling. He pulled at the buckles that held him, not to get free, but to feel that he couldn’t. He liked fighting and being unable to escape. The heat from Tanner’s body soaked into him. The soft kisses that peppered his neck were good, but the sudden nip of teeth was even better. Held tightly, he looked down at Tanner’s pale hands that caressed his body. What a picture they make.
Tanner was a tall blond with baby blue eyes, a peaches and cream complexion, and classic looks. He just looked friendly. He, on the other hand, was right the opposite: smaller, dark skinned, dark eyed but more muscular and covered in tattoos… the dark to Tanner’s light. There was a hard look to him, and more than one of Tanner’s friends had raised an eyebrow went they first got together long ago. He just looked mean.
And yeah, looks were deceiving. Tanner was a chemist at a large oil factory on the Mississippi River, and the man was deadly smart… and a hardcore dom. He, on the other hand, owned his own motorcycle shop… and was submissive down to the bone. Not many men took the time to figure that out—they, instead, went by his looks. Tanner hadn’t, though. No, the man took one look at him at a BDSM club and had known. It was like he could see inside me. No one before ever took the time to do that.
Suddenly his dick was squeezed, the grip right at the thin line of pain. “You with me, boy?”
Rusty gasped around the gag and nodded his head.
“Good. I want your focus right here,” Tanner whispered softly, “Is grass green, babe?”
Rusty nodded his head yes, shivering from the warm tongue that caressed his ear while Tanner asked the question.
Tanner pulled back. “Good. You faded on me for a second.”
That was their way of checking if all was well when he couldn’t speak. Green meant he was good to go. If he’d shaken his head no, Tanner would have removed the gag so Rusty could speak. Due to his past, they’d learned to take precautions just in case… So not going there.
“Then let’s continue.”
Rusty grunted with anticipation when Tanner brought the ribbon out, unrolled it, and threaded it through the cuffs on his wrists and ankles. From there, Tanner wrapped the ribbon around his limbs, working his way to the harness and, finally, tying the ribbon to various rings at his waist. The cool, silken ribbon kissed his skin, leaving little sparks of pleasure where it rubbed against his legs or arms.
It hadn’t taken Tanner long to figure out he had a thing for how the ribbon felt against him. There was something about the smooth slide of the silky material next to his skin that turned him into an even bigger submissive ball of goo. The first time they slept together on Tanner’s silken sheets had been a major clue. He’d been beguiled by the damn sheets. Now all they slept on was silk.
“Like that, don’t you?” Tanner asked, tapping the plug again.
Rusty whimpered when the vibration in his ass strengthened. Tanner hadn’t just tapped the plug; he’d turn it up to a higher setting.
“Yeah, you like that. Now, where to put you? Ah, yes, I think I know just the place.”
Rusty obediently followed Tanner to the couch, and went to his knees when Tanner gently pushed him down. God, what did his dom have planned now?
Hey guys! I'm going to *try* and get this out ASAP. It'll be a few days, with Christmas right around the corner and all, so we'll see. The next part should wrap it up. Maybe, lol.
Merry Christmas. :)