Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Briefs - Loving the God of Love

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. The prompts for this week are going to be geared toward Valentine's Day:

"Love makes the world go round"

or use hearts

or Cupid

or "If ever I would leave you..."

or "I give to you and you give to me.... true love..."

or anything having to do with Valentine's day and candy!



Loving the God of Love

Cupid, otherwise known as Cam, fired his last arrow of the evening. Today was Valentine’s Day and he’d been working non-stop for the last two weeks, making humans fall in love. Turning away from the last couple, he blew out a breath. Here he was, the one and only God of Erotic Love, and he’d forgotten to get his own mate a Valentine’s gift. What the hell was wrong with him?

“Stupid. Just plain stupid.”

Cupid hoisted his quiver over his shoulder, folded his pure white wings, and disappeared into the shadows. Closing his eyes, he allowed his human form to take shape. Gone was the innocent, curly-top youthful-looking boy. In his place stood a smoldering, sexy human with shoulder-length, streaky blond hair, turquoise eyes, and a body to die for.

“What the hell am I going to do?”

Cam stood on what was known as The Strip in downtown Las Vegas, looking around. The stores were picked clean, and trying to find anything that even resembled a flower at this point would take an act of the gods. He was totally screwed.

His mate, Jeff Mayfield, was going to kill him, and he didn’t blame Jeff one bit. Jeff owned The Palms in Las Vegas, so he could order up a special dinner, maybe check the shops at the casino to see what hadn’t been picked over. Cam grunted as he walked to his car, ashamed of himself. Yeah, he’d really gone out of his way, hadn’t he?

Even his friend Mo, better known as Morpheus, God of Dreams, had repeatedly warned him time was getting away, and he hadn’t listened. He and Jeff hadn’t been mated long, and Jeff deserved better. But, by Hades, what did you get someone who had more than enough money, was now immortal, and wielded power as easily as he brushed his teeth?

“Loser,” he mumbled, driving toward home. “You are such a loser.”

The infamous Cupid had really dropped the ball this time. He parked in Jeff’s personal garage and made his way to their private entrance. Fuck, he was so screwed.

* * * *

“He’s here, boss.” Zygi, Head of Security at The Palms, held his cell as he watched Cam walk toward the elevators on the video feed. “Just parked, as a matter of fact.”

“Thanks, Zygi. Take the rest of the night off and go have fun with Mo. How about the four of us meet up for breakfast at 24/7… say about ten am? That give you enough time in the morning?” Jeff stood and surveyed the room. Everything was… perfect.

“Sounds like a plan. And thanks for the night off. I got some new equipment I want to try out on my boy.”

Jeff laughed. “Just make sure Mo can sit at the table tomorrow.”

“Oh, he will, just not sure how comfortable he’ll be while doing it.” Zygi snorted. “Yours is on his way up, boss. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye.” Jeff disconnected and looked at the room. The lights were on low, soft music played, three dozen red roses waited at the table, his best china was sparkling in the candle light, with a meal waiting to be served. Now all he needed was his lover.

His God of Love needed some loving himself tonight. How often did someone take time to treat Cupid to a special date, offer him flowers and candy, or just take the time to care for the god himself? Making humans fall in love, especially on Valentine’s Day, was Cupid’s job, but had anyone ever treated Cupid to a special Valentine’s Day?

He damn sure planned to.

“Come on, babe, get that fine ass up here so we can start the night.” Jeff’s breath hitched when he heard the door to his penthouse open. Time to get the show on the road.

“Oh dear gods…” Cam stood, staring at the lovely set up.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Cupid.” Jeff moved closer, gently pushing Cam against the door. His lips teased across Cam’s mouth, a barely there kiss that left his dazed mate groaning for more. He actually managed to still that sharp tongue, no little feat. Many who knew Cam knew how cutting he could be when mad. Ask Zygi.

Cam covered his face with both hands. “I’m such an ass, Jeff. I don’t deserve all this. Gods, I didn’t even get you

Jeff cupped Cam’s face, his thumb tracing Cam’s cheekbone as he placed another gentle kiss on pretty red lips. “Hush. I know how hard you’ve been working, babe. And I had to wonder, has anyone ever done something for Cupid on his special day?

Cam shook his head, eyes wide as he looked around.

Jeff rubbed his erection against his lover, then grabbed Cam by the hand and pulled him toward the table. “Thought not. So, come on in and let me give Cupid his Valentine’s. I ordered all your favorites too. After dinner, we’ll take a dip in the hot tub, then move things on to the bedroom. I have plans for some of those roses.” He stopped and looked at Cam. “Love you, sweetheart.”

Cam eyed the roses on the table. “I believe I can think up a few things to do with those flowers… involving the petals and your cock. Great Zeus, Jeff, this is beautiful. I-I… thank you, babe. You have no idea how… how… moved I am by all this. No one has ever… I love you too. So much.”

“Yeah? Well then, later you can toss my ass on the bed and show me. But for right now, let me take care of you. Later, you can make me scream.” Jeff waved his hand toward the table. “Dinner is served, lover. I hope this is a Valentine’s Day you never forget, my god of Love.”

* * * *

Neither male heard the Hags of Fate giggle with happiness.

Don’t forget to visit the other briefers! Hope you guys enjoyed seeing Cam and Jeff again lol. Since Cam is Cupid, it just seemed to fit. 

For anyone new, the characters are from Perfect, book #2 in The Gods series. If interested, you can find Perfect at Dreamspinner Press:

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!