Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Derkelyng - chapter 5 & 6

Chapter Five

“Nice place.” But then again, anything beats dirt floors and cave walls. And Heaven help me, he has lights and running water. Oh man, there has to be hot water too. I bet the one thing I don’t find around here is something to eat.

I walked into the main room, which was decorated in black and white. Fuck, I’m afraid to touch anything. All that white is just asking to get messed up. There were metal lamps on glass tables and a fireplace at one end of the room. I saw an eating area off to the side. Huh, bet he can cook in there. Well, that is if he actually ate.

Through a partially open door, I saw what appeared to be a working bathroom. Which would be great, except the Derkelyng didn’t need bathrooms. They didn’t eat, didn’t sweat, didn’t… didn’t do anything that a living person did. I glanced in an oval mirror over a sink. It had been a long time since I’d seen my reflection. The wetness from the earlier rain had darkened my light blond hair. Tired brown eyes with dark circles under them stared back at me. For someone so young, I looked old and used-up.

I jumped when Lander hugged me from behind. There was that damn scent again, swirling inside my head, making me want.

“Let me show you the bedroom, sweet.”

I took a deep breath, trying to calm my pounding heart. Lander grabbed my hand and I stumbled along. My knees were shaking, and the bulge at the front of my pants was more than a little noticeable. Lander stopped in front of a door, glanced down at me and licked his lips. Well Jesus, I just thought I was hard. Fuck, I want to bite those lips.

With a grand display, Lander threw open a door and gestured to a large room dominated by a bed covered in white fur. All the furniture was black, even the floor looked black, but it gleamed. That was kind of cool. I knew there was stone that had that kind of shine, but I didn’t know the name of it. Wasn’t like there was much of it from where I came from. There were abstract pictures on the walls, done in black and white, and… I raised an eyebrow. One whole wall was glass. I stepped over to it and looked down. The night lights were spread out below.

I waved at the glass. “Um, that’s kinda dangerous, isn’t it?”

Lander glanced at the windows and shrugged. “The glass is nearly impossible to break and coated in a pitch-black tint. You just can’t tell that at night. Plus, as a backup, there are metal shutters that close before daybreak.”

“Still, I’d think you wouldn’t want glass within an inch of you.”

Lander smoothed my damp hair off my neck. “I like to live dangerously.”

A full body shiver racked me as cool lips touched the side of my neck. “You must.”

Lander’s hands reached around to undo the buttons that ran up my shirt. “I get the feeling I’m not alone in that, though.”

I didn’t answer. I was too busy watching my shirt being opened a button at a time. Lander’s slim, nimble fingers spread my shirt open, exposing my chest as his lips skimmed up my neck. Those pale hands eased my shirt off, letting it drop to the floor. I held my breath as those hands returned to touch, to stroke.

Lander’s fingers traced a scar on a rib, then continued the journey up my chest, heading closer and closer to… My breath rushed out as he ran a nail over my nipple. Both nubs beaded, standing up, wanting more attention. Lander rubbed his finger over the peak, teasing it until I thought I’d scream. I wanted… I wanted…

“How do you think it would feel if I played with both?”

“I-I-I…” That was a far as I got.

Lander grasped both nipples, pulling and tugging… and my brain short-circuited. Never had I felt anything like it. The sensations went straight from my nipples to my cock. I couldn’t think, all I wanted was more. The harder he tugged, the more I ached for more.

Shit, I’d had sex before, but it had been nothing more than getting off. We certainly didn’t touch each other, not for pleasure. It had been all about getting a cock up an ass, and that was all. There was no kissing, no playing with nipples. I certainly never had been into pain. But the harder he twisted, the more precome my cock wept. If he kept that up, I might just come. Shit, what had I been missing all this time?

“Fuck,” I whispered, both of my hands covering Lander’s.

“Are you trying to stop me, or trying to help?” Lander ground his dick against my ass. I wanted to feel that as soon as I could with no clothes between us.

“I…” A slightly hysterical giggle popped out of me. “I’m not sure.”

Lander trapped both nipples between his fingers, the tips aching and stiff above his fingers. “Rub your fingers across them. Feel what I feel when I touch you.”

“Jesus.” Okay, that was fucking hot. Then I ran the pads of my fingers across those trapped nubs and my knees damn near buckled from the shock. “Holy shit.”

“You are so responsive. I can’t wait to make love to you, show you all the things… You’ll lose your mind, trust me, at what I want to do.”

I licked my lips. “Like... like what?”

Lander pinched my nipples harder. “Mmm, I think I’d like to clamp these pretty nipples with clothespins, first off. Something nice and easy that won’t freak you out too much.”

I arched against Lander. “Clothespin? There? And that won’t freak me out?”

Lander’s hand drifted down to the bulge in my pants, the heel of his hand rubbing hard against my cock. Then that naughty hand pinched the inside of my thigh near my dick. “Not as much as having the pins down here.” A desperate moan echoed through the apartment. Was that me moaning like that? 

“Holy… fuck.” I rubbed my ass harder against his dick. Shit, that sounded like it hurt, and I fucking couldn’t wait. I was hard enough to pound nails. “Do… do that again.”

“Do what?”

“Pinch me.”

“Huh, seems like we might have the making of a pain slut here.” Lander’s fingers caressed the top of my stomach, making the muscles jump under his fingers. I grunted when he pinched the skin right above the waistband of my pants. 

“Lander… please?”

“Oh sweet, yes. Whatever you want, I’ll give you.”

Lander undid the button on my pants. I never knew pants being unzipped could sound so sexy. Suddenly, I couldn’t wait. I jerked away from the shelter of his arms and sat on the bed. Off came my boots.

“I want… I want… Fuck, Lander. I want to feel you busting my ass open.” I undid all the buckles and snaps on my pants and wiggled out of them.

Lander launched himself at me and we fell across the bed. Between his hands and mine, we managed to strip him too. We rolled around on that huge bed, the fur bedspread tickling my legs, clothes thrown everywhere. My hands were all over him, touching and teasing. His body was like mine, long and lean, with very little hair… only cooler, much cooler.

Lander flipped us and I ended up on top of him, my knees by his hips, his body pressed to mine. “You are so beautiful, Blade. I can’t wait to make you mine.”

“Jesus, I’ve never… never… fuck, you’re a Derkelyng. What the fuck am I doing?”

Lander buried his hands in my hair and pulled me down closer to him. “I’m more than that, Blade. I’m also your mate. Yes, we are different, but… I’ve scented you. There’s no way I can let you go now. I need you, Blade.”

Shit, I wasn’t sure I could let him go now, either. And didn’t that just fuck the whole deal up? “I-I… fuck.”

Lander grinned at me. “Fuck sounds like a grand idea. Then maybe the rest will seem less threatening.”

“Yeah, screw it.”

Lander smoothed my hair out of the way. “Favorite position?”

“For me or you?”

Lander  snorted. “How do you like to be fucked?”

I nipped the tip of his nose. “Hands and knees. But you should know I’m not always going to be catching.”

“Huh.” Lander flipped us again.

Good thing I didn’t get motion sickness. I found myself on my hands and knees, just like I said, with my ass in the air.

“I have never bottomed, but I could with you, Blade.”

“You, you never have?” It has hard to think when there were slim, cool fingers exploring my ass. “Ah, you got something to” Lube squirted in me and I nearly climbed off the bed.

“Ah, sorry.”

“Christ, Lander, that’s cold, dammit.” I glanced back at him, hoping he’d see the promise in my eyes. “I’ll remember that.”

Lander patted one ass check. “I am sorry, sweet. You’re so warm and we’re so not. I didn’t think to warm it up. I will next time.”

Next time. Oh God, next time. As in doing this again, living together, being a couple, him changing me. Me being like him. That’s bad enough, but being mate to a House Lord? Someone as powerful as he is?

Lander’s fingers entered me, lubed up, and searching. This was going to be quick, I could see that. He stretched me open, and I enjoyed the burn. He also took the time to find my hot spot and, once he did, God, he ruthlessly played with that bundle of nerves until I was nearly begging for release. Again, I never knew what I was missing. Sex had never been like this for me. How was I going to give this up?

All thoughts fled my mind as he entered me. Yes, he was cooler than I was used to, but he took his time, listening to my body signals and giving me time to adjust. Jesus, he was big. That’s what I got for not checking out what was going up my ass. I’d been too desperate. And now… well. Now it didn’t matter.

“Fuck me, dammit.” I growled.

Lander grasped my hips and did what I asked. Holy shit, he knew how to use what he had. Every third thrust pegged my hot spot. He was using me so hard, we were moving across the bed.  I was close to coming.

“Fuck, I’m close. You promised no biting, remember?”

Lander gripped me harder. “Right, now come!”

“Fuck.” I yelled as he filled me up with his come. It went on forever, his seed flooding me.

“God, Blade.”

Lander slumped against me and I hit the bed, unable to support us both. My pants were right by my head, thrown there purposely by me. I reached out, gently opening one of the cargo pockets. There, in a pouch, was my trusty knife.

Gripping the hand, I groaned loudly. “Man, you’re suffocating me. Got to breathe, you know.”

Lander snorted but rolled over to his back. Quick as a snake, I straddled him, the knife in my hand. He had to truly die. I knew that. He was one of the most powerful Derkelyng around and a child of Rider’s. If Lander was destroyed, this whole coven would be thrown into chaos. Maybe humans could get a toehold in this area. Maybe Rider would move on.

I raked the knife over Lander’s throat.

This was what I did. I was indeed a killer. Lander needed to cease to exist. And I certainly knew how to kill. The funny thing was I had ended up in the city by accident. But having Lander appear and claim I was his mate was a bonus I hadn’t expected. Neither was my reaction to him.

I looked into those glowing red eyes then down to the pitifully small scratch on Lander’s throat and knew I had purposely not cut him hard enough. Hell, he was barely bleeding. The damn wound was healing before my eyes. This knife was sharp enough to take his head and I… I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill him. A low growl drifted up and Lander knocked the knife out of my hand.

Shit, I’m dead.


Chapter Six

“I knew you were a killer. Actually, the name Blade is becoming known among our kind. I’m impressed.” Lander snarled as he flipped them once again. Blade was on his back, his eyes peeled wide open. There was fear thereand acceptance.

Lander grabbed those slim legs and jerked them to his shoulders. “To try to kill me, while having sex… You are damn brave, Blade.”

Tears rose in Blade’s eyes. “I-I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill you. God help me, I couldn’t take your head.”

Lander slammed back into Blade, grateful Blade was still loose and wet. He thrust hard, but he made sure he was nailing that special bundle of nerves. Lander raised Blade’s legs higher, nearly bending Blade in half and thrust harder.

“I… do not” Lander snarled as he reamed Blade’s ass “have… that… problem. Come, damn you!”

Lander bellowed as Blade tightened around his cock, pulling his orgasm from him. Then, he struck, his fangs sinking into Blade’s neck.

“Ahhh, fuck!” Blade screamed.

Lander injected his venom, then jerked back to stare at Blade. “You are going to be a worthy mate.”

Blade’s mouth fell open. “Wh-h-at? Mate? But... but... you said no biting. I-I… Why would you do that? I thought you’d kill me after what I…”

“I have.” Lander tapped Blade’s lips. “Killed you, that is. I’ve fucked you, came in you twice, bit you. There’s no getting away now. You are dying.”

Blade shivered. “But… I assumed the bite was how humans are converted.”

Lander thrust against Blade, their cocks moving together through the precome Blade was leaking again. Lander ran his finger tips over Blade’s lips. He grinned when he noticed Blade tried to reach up and couldn’t. The venom was working.

“Such lovely skin, sweet.” Landers voice then changed. “I’m surprised at you, Blade. You should never assume anything. I would have thought a killer like you would be well aware of that lesson.”

Blade froze. “Are you telling me the rumors about sex changing a human are true?”

“Yes. You have my seed in you now and it’s changing you. All that is left is for me to give you my blood. It’s all about blood and come.” Lander bit into his wrist.

Blade tried to turn his head and couldn’t. “But, but… I don’t know that I want to be…”

Lander held his dripping wrist over Blade’s mouth. “Open, Blade.”

Blade narrowed his eyes but did what he was told.

Lander sighed in pleasure from the frantic sucking at his wrist. “Ah sweet, before you took the knife to me, I would’ve given you time. Now, we do it how I want, and I want you as my mate as soon as possible. You’re going to be one of the most deadly Derkelyng ever, my very own knife. I’m so proud.”


SIX months later Lander arrived at Lafayette Square. He waited by the bronze statue of Henry Clay as he’d been asked by his mate. The night was nice, the moon shining brightly. There was a slight fluttering in the air, then Blade stood in front of Lander.

“One day we will soar over the city because you have asked.” Blade grinned. “Is that what you told me back then?”

Lander reached for his mate. “Indeed, I did say that.”

Suddenly, Blade wrapped his arms around Lander and lifted them off their feet. He kept going until they were soaring above the buildings… just as Lander had said.

“Um, surprise,” Blade said as they floated.

“Surprise? Oh my sweet, for one as young as you to have this kind of power is unbelievable. I am so proud of you.”

Blade blushed. “I wanted to show you on our six month anniversary. I just hope I can get us back home.”

Lander hugged Blade tighter. “Don’t worry if you can’t, I’ll take the flying over.  I’ll… ah… catch… If you know what I mean.”

Blade red eyes blazed. “Damn, wait until I get you home. I want you on your hands and knees… after I’ve cut your clothes off.”

Lander chuckled as they drew closer to home. “You and that damn knife.”

Blade winked. “Right, wasn’t it you who suggested blood play, my mate? So don’t tell me you’re afraid of my little knife.”

Lander growled as his feet hit the ground. Blade had gotten them back to the apartment building.  “Never, sweet. You couldn’t hurt me then, and you can’t now. You are a fierce Derkelyng, and you are mine.”

“Got that fucking right.” Blade pulled his knife and sliced open Lander’s shirt. “Now get to stepping before I strip you out here. Bedroom, now.”

Lander’s laugh echoed on the night air.
~Hope y'all enjoyed this short story. *laugh* I don't normally write on the fly like I did this, but damn if the story didn't get hot.