Thursday, October 30, 2014

Something Wicked Comes This Way

I shivered in the darkness, straining to hear my vampire… or anything else. Silence draped me in its icy embrace. My skin pricked, and I whirled around. What was that? Was there something out there in the vast emptiness of the maze besides my vamp?
“So you want to know if fear can add just the right touch to pleasure, huh?” I jerked back around at the sounds of footsteps close by. Smirking, I threw my head back and let the inhuman yell building tear loose from me. “Indeed it can!” 
Not far away, an answering howl sounded, and a tall figure stepped into the moonlight. His ripped shirt hung on his muscular frame, and his pants were hardly in better shape. Even his shoes were gone. Eerie yellow eyes stared at me.
Dark hair sprouted all over his chest, and claws grew from his fingertips. Ears now stationed atop his head twitched, listening for any sounds as a long, bushy tail slashed behind him. He smiled at me, sharp fangs glistening in the silvery light of the moon. The half-man, half-wolf was horribly beautiful and sinfully deadly, especially in this form.
And he was all mine.
“Ready to hunt?” I asked, holding my hand out to Jazz.
A canine grin was the only answer I received. Together we hurried through the maze, his sense of smell so much better than mine. Excitement raced down my spine as we hunted, the thrill of the chase taking hold. Danger filled the air, the sense of others not unnoticed. We were not the creatures that prowled the night.
“There,” I stopped, laying my hand on the deadliest werewolf in this hemisphere’s arm. “Do you smell it?”
“Prey,” he snarled happily.
Yes, indeed, our prey. Anticipation boiled inside me. He was close now. Jazz sniffed once more, then grabbed my hand, leading me through more twists and turns. When we suddenly burst into the center of the maze, I was surprised at the speed with which Jazz found our prey.
And there he stood, frozen by the hanging bed, shock plastered across his pale face. My wolf howled as he bounded across the path toward our pretty little vamp. Slowly I followed Jazz, already plotting all the satisfying dastardly things to do our victim. A terrifying scream pierced the air.
Ah, nothing got the blood pumping better than shrieks of terror.
Jazz tackled the vamp, slamming him onto the bed. I followed, jumping on the madly swinging mattress. Clothes didn’t stand a chance against Jazz’s claws. I hummed happily. All that lovely skin Jazz had exposed. So pale. Well, except for the claw marks down that perfectly sculptured chest. The metallic smell of blood coated the air.
Suddenly our prey jerked into a sitting position and grabbed Jazz by the throat. “Be good, doggie. No slicing until I say.”
“I’m always good, Val,” Jazz snarled. “And I got your doggie right here, vamp.” Jazz rubbed his crotch.
Both of you be good.” I quickly kissed Jazz, then leaned forward and licked the dripping blood on Val’s chest.
My two mates. Electricity buzzed through my veins. I sucked Val’s nipple into my mouth, pushing against him until he released Jazz and fell back. I straddled Val and quickly undid his pants. Jazz squirmed to the end of the bed and pulled the knee boots and pants off. Luckily, they’d mostly survived Jazz’s claws. The shirt was nothing more than a shredded mess that I threw to the ground.
I stared down at naked perfection. “Why in the hell would anyone cover this up?”
“Better question is why are you still dressed?” Val tugged at my coat. “Get naked, Luce.”
Jazz slipped behind me and helped remove the offending garment. Val unbuttoned my shirt and that soon that floated to the ground. Then he flipped me, and the both of them finished stripping me. But even with two sets of hands on me, I still managed to get Jazz’s pants off.
I stroked a strong, hairy thigh, sighing at the strength. “Exquisite.”
A vampire with bloodred eyes stared hungrily at me. Next to him a werewolf panted eagerly. Such lovely monsters. I held my arms up to them, surrendering. We’d planned to stalk Val, but lying here with both paranormals staring at me…. Well, I changed my mind. I wanted them both.
“Fuck me,” I whispered. “Both of you.”
“Hot damn,” Jazz howled again.
“Must you do that?” Val grumbled.
Jazz snapped at Val, then licked the side of his face.
I was still laughing when Val hauled me up. I barely had time to catch my breath before Val was on his back, and I was on my hands and knees over him.
“Fucking hell.” I yelled when Jazz bent behind me, that wicked tongue of his licking, pushing, prodding at my hole.
“Yes, my own, give us your sounds.” Val turned his head and nipped at my hand by his head. Oh, that was good. Damn things were shaper than daggers. Before the night was down, I knew he’d sink those fangs into me and drink my blood.
Panting, I stared down at him, letting my moans and whimpers drift on the winds. Jazz was now easing one finger into me. I grunted, shutting my eyes.
Jazz patted my ass, and then the bed swung suddenly. Surprised, I opened my eyes and tired to turn my head, but Val caught me.
“He’s just getting the lube from my cape.”
Relieved, I nodded.
“Think we’d do this without slick?”
“We’ve used blood before.”
Val shook his head. “Not for this. You could tear too easily and none of us want that.”
I shuddered. Well, that answered that. I’d said I wanted both of them, and it seemed like I was getting them, at the same time. Val kissed me while Jazz worked one clawless finger in, then two. Pleasure and a hint of pain sparked through my body. Jazz rubbed his hand over my back in comfort as he worked another finger inside.
I rocked forward, then pushed back. Val used my hair to tug me down for another kiss, leaving my ass on display. I moaned into his mouth when Jazz fingered me, brushing over my hot spot. The bed swayed gently, adding more motion to my desperate rocking.
Then Jazz pushed in a fourth finger. Pain battled with pleasure, but quickly retreated. My cock ached and I wanted—no needed, friction against it. Badly. I whined into Val’s mouth and tried to rub against him.
 A loud slap sounded in the night.
I yanked my mouth off Val’s. “Oh fuck, yes.”
A barrage of slaps landed on my ass, the heat building inside me.
Please,” I begged, the soft sound only able to be heard by those with supernatural hearing.
Cool lube pushed into my hole. I looked down at Val, his gleaming eyes burning into me. Jazz held my hips steady as Val entered me with a long thrust. Oh. Oh, so good. Val bared his fangs at me. The violence and death the oldest vampire in the world was capable of didn’t scare me. Not me. I smirked at him, and he buried his dick in me.
“Cocky,” he snarled at me.
I laughed breathlessly. “Always.”
Then heat covered my back. “Let’s make that cocky times two.”
I gritted my teeth as Jazz pushed his cock inside me, alongside Val’s. By all that was unholy, I was so full.
“Easy, mate,” Jazz whispered in my ear. “Let us in.”
I was fucking trying, but they were both so big. I could do this, I knew I could… but damn. They filled me to overflowing.
“Now you see why I was called the ‘Impaler’.”
Oh please tell me he didn’t just say that. I snorted, but finally managed to relax. “Don’t fucking make me laugh, bloodsucker.”
“At lease you loosened up,” Jazz gasped. “I thought you were going to strangle my dick.”
I turned my head enough to see him out of the corner of my eye. “You will shift back at some point, just wanted to remind you of that.”
Jazz thrust his hip, that toothy smile aimed at me. “Until then…”
All tenderness vanished as they worked together, one of them sliding in, the other sliding out… filling me, owning me. Jazz’s claws pierced my hips and my dripped. The pain sidled up to the pleasure until I couldn’t tell one from the other.
Cries floated in the cool night breeze. Some were sweet and lush. All could hear the need. But some were nothing more but terror-filled moans. But both propelled me on to the edge and left me straining.
Val yanked me down and buried his fangs in my neck. Jazz pushed my hair out of the way and bit down where my shoulder and neck met. Yelling with pain and pleasure, they came in me and the sensation flung me over the edge and into the abyss.
When I woke, I was nestled between my lovers… although, that really didn’t explain what they were to me. No words could. I’d brought light to a heartless vampire lost in the dark, and tamed the restless ways of a merciless werewolf. They’d found love with me, and in return, they sustained me through the endless years.

~And who am I, you might ask? Well, I have many names in many different languages. Luce is the shortened form of Lucifer. That’s right, I’m the wicked that comes this way.

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