Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In Enemy Hands 4.7

Next week's prompts are:
“Time and time again you…” 
“The problem with that is…” 
“I loved every minute of it.” 
“You can’t fix stupid.” 
“Sit down, shut up, and hold on.”  
“Are you going to be on the computer all day?”
“What do you plan to do with that?”
“My show comes on tonight so I can’t…”
“Please let the dog out.” 
or “The worst day of my life…”
 or “Some things should remain in the past…”
or “Would you like a little coffee with that sugar?”
or “He’s so sweet I just want to lick him all day!”
or “Did I just get to second base or third?”
or use: coin, board, lamp
or use: clown, tree, road 
or use:  ramp, fence, basket
or use: brick, bomb, bridge
or use: window, cup, fax
or have a character return a library book
or have a character stare up at the nighttime sky
or have a character snowboard 

Chapter 4.7
Mindless, he handed it to Adlar over his shoulder. That light scent teased his nose as Adlar got a lather going. He held his breath, waiting, his heart thumping in his chest. When Adlar’s hands worked their way into his hair, he reached out toward the walls of the waterfall for support.

Adlar scrubbed his scalp, just hard enough to feel good. Closing his eyes, he relaxed into the feeling. Gods, he had no idea such a thing could feel so decadent. He never dreamed Adlar would pamper him. He’d expected force; what he received was seduction.

“Okay, now turn. Time to rinse.”

He could withstand torture. But seduction? Seduction was much more insidious. Varo opened his eyes and stared at the stone in front of him, unable to deny that it was working—he was still achingly hard. Adlar tapped his hip, startling Varo.

“Come on, you have to get the shampoo out. Turn around for me.”

How perfectly reasonable that sounded, but he knew it wasn’t that simple. The grip on his hip tightened, reminding him that he really had no choice. Slowly he turned, afraid of what he’d find. But another part of him knew, and couldn’t wait. How in the galaxies had he missed this dark, twisted side to his nature?

Pale, pale skin greeted him, stunning in its purity. He knew the lack of sunlight, along with living in caves, was the reason, but he had no idea he’d find it so tempting. Adlar’s long, black hair was tied back in an effort to keep it dry.

“Very good.”

Facing Adlar, he tilted his head back so the water could do its job. He stood silently, eyes closed through the rinsing. Water rushed over his trembling body. As much as he wished the trembling came from fear, he knew better.

Adrenaline jack was one thing. That wasn’t what was happening here. Adlar finished rinsing his hair, and Varo opened his eyes, unable to hide any longer. He found himself staring at Adlar, focused on that perfect body in front of him. He desired Adlar.

He hadn’t really paid attention to how long his hair truly was. His gaze traced Adlar’s face. And those eerie yellow eyes were so different from his, with their slitted pupils. The pointed ears were odd too. Long and lean was a perfect description of the male standing in front of him.

Long, lean, and hard as stone.

For him. Adlar was hard for him. The idea both thrilled and scared him. Lost in thought, he flinched when Adlar ran a pale green sea sponge, heavy with suds, over his chest. His gaze snapped up to lock with Adlar’s.

“There’s nowhere to run.”

He was well aware of that. Regardless, that didn’t stop him from backing slowly away. His mind screamed that allowing Adlar to touch him was wrong, that he should fight, even though he knew what the result would be. He wasn’t one who actively sought pain, and the cursed collar around his neck promised just that.

For every step he took back, Adlar followed, pacing him as they danced around each other in a predatory game of give and take. Eventually, Varo found his back pressed against the stone wall of the shower with Adar inches from him.

Trapped, Varo waited to see what would happen. He shuddered when Adlar casually wrapped his fingers around his throat, every ounce of blood draining to his cock. Adlar stood in front of him, not touching, but close.

Adlar held him trapped there while he lazily worked the sponge slowly over his body. Chest heaving, he dropped his graze… then threw his head back when that soapy sponge trailed down over his stomach toward his groin. Oh stars, don’t… don’t…

“Careful. You knock yourself out, and I won’t be happy,” Adlar said.

don’t stop. A strangled groan escaped Varo as the sponge bypassed his dick and continued down one leg as far as Adlar could reach. Varo clutched the stone walls, desperate to keep himself grounded.

The next several units of time passed with Adlar touching every inch of skin he could reach. Varo struggled not to react to the passion rising in him, but it was as useless as trying to stop the tide. The grip on his throat wasn’t tight, but the threat was implied. Which was silly with the collar, but at the same time, he couldn’t deny it thrilled him.

Adlar finally tossed the sponge and pressed his body against Varo’s. “Mmm, so nice.”

Varo closed his eyes again in an effort to escape his very blatant reaction to his enemy. He didn’t understand why this was happening.

Adlar tightened his fingers on Varo’s throat. “And you make me hard too. No more hiding. Look at me, Varo.” Adlar shoved his groin forward and rubbed his cock against Varo’s. “You make me need.”

Shocked, Varo’s eyes flew open. The press of a hard dick against him sent his desire sprawling out of control.

“Tell me no.” Adlar wrapped his free hand around their cocks, stroking slowly. “Tell me no, and I’ll stop. But you have to tell me no.”

Varo opened his mouth to do just that, but a long, needy moan slipped out instead.

“That doesn’t sound like no to me.” But still, Adlar held back.

Varo knew Adlar waited to see if he would speak, if he would say no. If he would say something.  Instead, he strained in Adlar’s grip.

“Last chance to tell me no.”

Varo whimpered.

“So be it.”