Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In Enemy Hands 4.8

Next week's prompts are:
“Don’t stare!” 
“Arousing you, arouses me.” 
“Argue with me naked and I’ll let you win, baby.” 
“If you kiss my neck, I’m not responsible for what happens next.” 
“Turn that down!”  
“Actions speak louder than words.”
“Talk about banging your head against a brick wall.”
“You know what cures a headache, right?”
“I learned my lesson.” 
“Where’s your better half?”
“Ah well, boys will be boys.”
“I was thinking about…”
or use: pants, keyboard, spice
or use: cheek, floor, hammer 
or use:  paste, pen, planet
or use: movie, ice, crack
or use: leather, kilt, apple
or have a character shovel a driveway
or have a character help an elderly person
or have a character pick up a package from the store  
or “She had me between a rock and a very hard place…”
or “I don’t care how you spell the damn thing, it still tastes like shit”
or “Give me a little kiss, willya, hon?”
or have a character watch a video on You Tube
or have a character square dance
or “Piss on it, I’m outta here!”
or “Wash my back, and I’ll scrub yours”

Chapter 4.8
Adlar, still holding both their cocks, stroked his hand over them. Friction built, and Varo wished desperately they had lube, even though he leaked precome like mad. They both did. Adlar’s fingers on his throat, his hand on their dicks…. The need to come grew.

Adlar was so near to him, and his scent teased Varo ruthlessly. Adlar’s breath fanned over his cheek as water still pounded at them. Panting, gasping, they both stared into each other’s eyes, neither willing to back down. Adlar jerked them off faster.

Varo wondered if passion showed in his eyes as it did in Adlar’s. That pale skin was flushed pink from the heat and pleasure. Varo thrust his hips, unable to stay still any longer. He needed to come, wanted to come. The pressure built. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else could.

But by the gods, he refused to be alone in this. If he was going to lose control then so was Adlar.
Small whimpers fell from his lips, demanding more. Thrusting hard in the tunnel of Adlar’s fist, he mindlessly sought his pleasure.

Adlar leaned closer, plastering their bodies together, but somehow still stroked them. Varo moaned when Adlar nuzzled his throat. He was going to come; all he needed was just a little more pressure… then fangs scraped his throat. Fear slammed his mind even as his orgasm roared through him. 

Reality faded, and all there was to see was whiteness, and a buzz was all he could hear. His breath froze as his body jerked and twitched, as his balls emptied. In the distance, he heard a rumbling yell and heat covered his groin. Time stopped.

Had anything ever felt this good?

Everything came crashing back as Adlar held him. Goddess knew, that was the only reason he was still on his feet. He was boneless and satisfied in a way he’d never felt. And wasn’t that a soul-sucking conclusion to come to?

“Frack. Are… are you okay?” Adlar asked, still leaning against Varo, his breath rather rough.

Varo was relieved to hear Adlar sounded as affected as he felt. The small tremors were satisfying too.

“I’m fine,” he gasped.

They both stood there.

“Thank the frack.” Adlar huffed and a chuckle crept out. “I’d bend you over right here, but I’m afraid we’d both end up on our asses.”

A bucket of cold water couldn’t have sobered Varo quicker. He’d let his enemy jack him off. Stars, he practically threw himself at the other male. All he had to say was no, and he hadn’t. Instead of saying no, he nearly humped Adlar to death.

Horrified, he shoved at Adlar. “Get off me.”

Adlar stepped back, eyebrow raised. Oh, Varo was starting to hate that arrogant look.

“I guess it was too much to hope you’d be docile after coming.”

Varo fumed, the heat of his glare should have made the water steam.

“You didn’t say no, princeling.”

Of course Adlar threw that in his face. “I’m well aware of that!”

Adlar paused, staring at Varo. “Indeed. Well, come on then, I think it’s time to get out.”

Varo followed, wishing they’d gotten out before he made such a fool of himself. The problem was, he knew it was just a matter of time before this happened again. He couldn’t, couldn’t, allow himself to forget again that Adlar was his enemy. 

Adlar led him to cabinets along one of the walls. He opened one and handed Varo a towel. The material was just as soft as any he had at home. After they dried off, Adlar wrapped the towel around his waist, so Varo copied him.

Adlar walked out of the bathing chamber, and Varo followed him to another room. Immediately, he saw this was Adlar’s sleeping chamber. Again, instead of starkness, he found wealth and luxury.

A bed on a platform dominated the room. Over the bed a large, sheer white netting encased the bed, hung from the ceiling. The bedding was also white. The stone walls had been whitewashed. Even the furniture was white, and there were white rungs strewn around the floor.

Stunned, he looked around. “This is amazing. I thought you’d, ah….”

Adlar smirked. “What? You thought what?”

“Well, I was expecting darker colors, more masculine woods. Not this light and, ah… well, delicateness.”

“I live my life in darkness, Varo. But even I want a retreat. This is mine.” Adlar walked to the door in the room and opened it. “Come on.”

Varo followed him through the door and into a closet that might have even been bigger than his. He snorted out a laugh. Again, he was surprised. He’d assumed Adlar wouldn’t have many clothes. The male just didn’t seem the type. What a wrong assumption that turned out to be. Rack upon rack of clothes took up the space.

While most of the colors were dark, as he’d imagine they would be, Adlar also had dozens of things in bright colors too. Vibrant reds, emerald greens, sunny yellows… he was frankly surprised at the amount of silky fabrics to shiny, unbending ones.


“Well, yes.”

“I told you things weren’t often as they appeared.”

“Yes, you most certainly did.” He needed to remember that. Assumptions were dangerous, and as he kept finding with Adlar, often wrong.

Adlar handed him a pair of black pants. “Try those. I think we’re close in size, but they might be somewhat long on you.”

The pants looked amazingly like his uniform pants. For some reason, that too surprised him. His enemy wore the same kind of uniform pants as he did. Why having that in common bothered him he didn’t know. Maybe because it made Adlar seem more… normal. More like him. But he wasn’t; Adlar had fangs. There was nothing normal about that.

He tried the pants, and they did fit, if a little long. Once he tucked them in his boots, it wouldn’t show.

“Hmm, this may be tight, but it’s all I have.”