Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How Well Do You Know Me?

Since this is my birthday month, I thought it’d be fun to have something up on the blog from friends about me. So I sent out this small little questionnaire. *grin* I hope they had just as much fun answering it as I had reading it!

This one’s from Jim. I met him several years ago too. He's a huge Harvest fan. I think he may actually know the story better than me lol. I hope to meet up with him someday. 

*I'll give the correct answers at the end of the month lol*

How Well Do You Know Me?

1.  What is my favorite color?  Blue?

2.  What is my favorite drink/soda?Coffee?

3.  What is my pet’s name? can’t remember

4.  What kind of pet do I have? cat

5.  What nasty habit did I quit two years ago?Smoking (yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)

Now for the hard questions LOL

6.  I’m a huge NFL fan. What is my favorite team? Pittsburg Steelers

7.  My pen name is M.A. Church. But that wasn’t the first pen name I had. What was it? Nomoretears00

8.  Do I live in the North? Or the South? (That would be in the United States lol.) South, Mississippi to be exact

9.  I don’t watch a lot of TV, but there is a show I’m nuts about. I often talk about it on social media. It’s also about to come back on in January too. What is it? Big Bang Theory

10.What time of the year do I hate? Winter