Monday, October 31, 2016

Midnight Mist & Moondust - Chapter Five

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Happy Halloween, guys! I *had* planned to wrap this up today, but these two had more to say than I thought, lol. So, we're going to keep going until they're done. ;)

Chapter Five
Caleb spent the next week glancing over his shoulder. Nothing happened while he was on the job, thank God, but it was also daylight. He delivered his packages, talked to his customers, and went about his daily routine.
The small holes where he’d been bitten quickly faded. If he didn’t know better, he would’ve thought they were nothing more than mosquito bites. In fact, the bite mark was gone within forty-eight hours.
The first day or two after Brone took his blood, Caleb did feel tired. He had shadows under his eyes and not much of an appetite. It wasn’t hard to convince Raleigh he had a twenty-four-hour stomach bug. The downside of that was the apartment smelled like Lysol for several days. Raleigh disinfected everything Caleb came in contact with. God, the stench was awful.
During the day, he didn’t feel Brone’s presence at all.
Nights were a different matter. The first couple nights after Brone accosted him in the movie theater’s restroom, Caleb’s dreams were… informative. He had flashes, that was the best way to describe what he’d seen. But they were flashes of a lifetime not his own.
He’d seen a long-haired brawny warrior, wrapped in tartan, and what looked a bit like a modern flak jacket that was lined with metal plates. He assumed it was Brone. He was holding some crude sword in his hands.
Other nights Caleb saw the warrior dressed in what Caleb guessed was Victorian age-type clothing. That’s when he was able to see the dark auburn of Brone’s hair. He never could see his Brone’s face clearly, but that auburn hair stood out in his mind once he woke up.
He saw who he assumed was Brone again and again, and was able to identify the time based on the clothing. The bell bottom jeans had cracked Caleb up. The last clear vision he had was of Brone holding a god-awful clunky cell phone to his ear and dressed in clothes Caleb was more familiar with. After a little research, he figured out that was probably somewhere in the 90s.
Jesus, just how old was Brone?
Then the dreams became erotic. He’d had wet dreams as a teenager, but nothing quite like this. Even his gay vampire porn couldn’t hold a candle to what he could remember from those dreams.
The two of them were wrapped together, twisting and turning on black sheets. Candle light caressed their bodies through an open window at night. Always at night. Brone’s talented hands drove him to madness. In the dreams he stood off to the side watching his dream self and Brone fucking. It was intense.
Caleb parked his vehicle and hurried toward the apartment. His route had taken longer than normal and he hadn’t gotten back to the hub until almost dark. He clocked out and hurried home. Once inside, and double checking to make sure the door was locked, he wandered into the kitchen to find something for dinner.
Raleigh didn’t get off until midnight, so he was on his own for the next several hours—a prospect he certainly didn’t relish. Maybe it was selfish, but he felt safer with Raleigh there. He had no idea why and was in actuality probably the farthest thing from the truth.
He’d tormented himself with scenarios where Brone hurt Raleigh, and he couldn’t live with himself if that happen. Would Brone? Caleb didn’t know, that was the problem. He seriously considered selling everything he owned, quitting his job, and running… which was easier said than done.
Caleb helped himself to some of the roast and potatoes Raleigh made in the crockpot yesterday. While his dinner warmed, he fixed a soda. He stared out the window. Darkness had blanketed the land. While he waited for the microwave to finish, his mind circled back around to running, which he knew wouldn’t work.
As soon as he told Raleigh what he planned to do, Raleigh would want to know why. He wouldn’t believe the truth, so what would Caleb tell him? Plus, Brone had made it quite clear he was watching Caleb. There was a good chance he wouldn’t even get out of town before Brone would hunt him down. He was sure tempted to try, though.
Then there was the option of just walking away with nothing but the cash from his checking account. Just get up as soon as the sun rose and start driving. The problem with that was that night would eventually fall and would most likely bring with it a pissed off vampire.
Brone was intimidating enough when he was being seductive. Caleb didn’t want to deal with him mad. So what should he do? Just sit here until Brone decided to claim him? Caleb was ready to lose his mind.
The microwave dinged. He removed his plate and sat at the kitchen table, picking at the food. Lately his appetite had been off. It took less to tell him up and he was always thirsting. As he picked at his food his mind relentlessly pursued the topic of Brone. It had gotten to the point that Caleb refused to go out at night, not that it mattered. Even locked up tight in the apartment, he knew Brone was nearby.
And he yearned.
That frightened him almost more than anything else. He choked down the roast. What he felt in Brone’s arms…. He couldn’t compare it to any other relationship he’d ever had because nothing else he’d felt came close. There was also the inescapable feeling that his time was running out. Halloween loomed around the corner.
So… what to do? Wait? Or… what?                                    
Then he remembered the pendant.
Brone told him he couldn’t remove the pendant, that by accepting it he’d accepted Brone. It would’ve been nice to know that before he put the damn thing on. And speaking of the pendant… He pulled it out from underneath his shirt. Using his cell phone, he snapped a picture of it.
He needed to research the thing.
* * * *
Two hours later he had nothing to show for his time and his dinner was cold. He couldn’t find anything that even remotely resembled the pendant. Most of the forums concerning vampires were bullshit. In desperation he typed the spell into Google.
No one was more shocked than him when it had actually been translated. Hell, maybe he should have thought about that before going on to the dark web. The spell was exactly what he was told it was, but it certainly wasn’t one of a kind.
Everything had to hinge on that pendant. What had Brone told him? That by accepting it he’d accepted him. Okay then, that was something to go on. Another two hours later he found an obscure reference to something similar. From what he could tell, the pendant was some sort of beacon. Lovely. No wonder he couldn’t get the damn thing off.
He returned to the kitchen and warmed his dinner, not that he really wanted it. While he waited, he pulled the pendant out from underneath his shirt and wrapped his hand around it. Nothing happened. Trouble started when he tried to pull it over his head. His breathing would increase to the point he was panting.
Dizziness followed hot on the heels of that. The harder he tried to lift the pendant over his head, the heavier his arm became. No matter how hard he struggled, he simply couldn’t make himself take it off. The last time he tried almost resulted in him passing out. The microwave and he removed his dinner and sat back down at the table.
So obviously the pendant wasn’t coming off unless Brone removed it. Aggravated, he gave up eating. He stood and paced in the kitchen. There had to be a way to stop this. He just had to find it.
Caleb jerked to a stop. What the hell was that? It sounded… it almost sounded like someone whispering his name. But that was impossible. There was no one there but him.
The hair stood up on the back of his neck and Caleb grabbed the counter to steady himself as his body responded to the softly spoken words. Pleasure washed over him, and his cock hardened. Panting, he closed his eyes as he struggled with the feelings invading him.
His nipples hardened beneath his shirt as another wave of desire crashed through him. His body lit up. A craving started deep inside him and spread out. Sweat beaded at his hairline even though he shivered continuously.
Holy fuck, he was close to coming just from a whisper. A scratching sound caught his attention and he opened his eyes, staring at the window in the kitchen. Red eyes stared back at him.
Open the window.
Helpless to resist Caleb lurched across the kitchen to the window. Every instinct he had screamed for him to stop. To turn away. To not do what he damn well knew he was going to do. But even though his mind shouted at him to stop, his body wasn’t his to command any longer. He moved to the window and unlocked it. Still unable to resist, he slowly raised it. Before he could blink, the screen disappeared.
Invite me in.
Some part of his brain that was still functioning pointed out the rumors about vampires having to be invited in must be true. That same part of his brain desperately pointed out he really needed to keep his mouth fucking mouth shut.
“Come in.” Shit, so much for keeping his mouth shut.
Caleb couldn’t believe what just came out of his mouth. But now he had other worries. He backed away from the window as a mist crept through and poured onto the floor. As he watched, it spun and writhed as a body slowly formed.
Caleb blinked, unable to believe what he was seeing. There, in his kitchen, stood the sexiest man he’d ever laid eyes on. But he’d thought that the first time he saw him at Midnight Mist and Moondust, the very shop where he bought the spell that was supposed to turn him into a vampire.
Any doubt he had of who had been stalking him disappeared. That long, flowing auburn hair he’d seen recently in his dreams. But now he noticed all the different colors in it. His fingers itched to touch but he remained frozen to the spot where he stood.
Brone’s pale, pale skin glowed in the moonlight. Jesus, Caleb would kill for skin that perfect. Brone was long and lean, power obvious packed into that wiry body. Dark jeans hugged his thighs and showed every curve. A black shirt clung to Brone’s muscular shoulders. The only thing that kept him from completely fading into the darkness was that bright hair.
Caleb swallowed, his mouth suddenly drier than the desert. His gaze traced the creature from the top of his gorgeous hair to the black boots he wore on his feet. He was sinfully attractive.
And deadly.
“Hello, Caleb.”
Whatever hold Brone had on him suddenly snapped, the sound echoing loudly in his head. Fear flooded Caleb, replacing the desire thumping through his body. His feet unfroze from the floor, and he stumbled away.
“Shit!” Oh God, what had he done? What had he been thinking? He fucking invited that thing inside his home, so now it could come and go as it pleased.
Caleb stumbled into the kitchen table. How the hell he managed to get himself entangled with one of the chairs he couldn’t say, but he finally managed to extricate himself. He grabbed one of the chairs to keep himself upright and looked back at Brone.
His pounding heart skipped a beat as Brone stared back at him, a slight smirk on his face and his eyes as red as sin. Even from here Caleb could see the tips of Brone’s fangs. Another wave of fear washed over him, but this time it was tampered with something else—desire. His cock, which had softened earlier, twitched with interest.
What was wrong with him? He swung the chair out of his way and, running on adrenaline, bolted out of the kitchen. But even as he ran, a small part of him demanded that he return to where he left Brone. A soft chuckle trailed behind him.
“There is no place you can run. Surely you know this by now.” Brone prowled behind Caleb.
Caleb stumbled to a stop in the den and swung around to face Brone. “I… I…. What do you want?”
Brone raised a perfectly shaped red eyebrow. “You know what I want.”
Caleb shook his head desperately. “I don’t want this!”
Brone crossed his arms and stared at Caleb. “You have dreamed and fantasized about this the majority of your life, so do not tell me you do not want it. You have actively sought the darkness and now the darkness has answered. I am offering you the one thing you have always wanted.”
“You have investigated us, researched us, looked for us. I am not the only one who has noticed either, but I am the one who will claim you.” Brone shook his head. “You humans are endlessly fascinating with your quirks and contradictions. You want what I offer, but you let fear stand in your way.”
“I…. This can’t be real!” There was a blur of movement as Brone suddenly stood in front of him. Caleb jumped, his eyes unable to track Brone when he moved with such speed. Caleb flinched as Brone grabbed him by the shoulders.
As soon as Brone touched him, Caleb’s body lit up. Fear was still there, but desire warred with it… and was winning. Right. Vampire speed. Another check in the column of what they could do.
“Denial will do you no good. I am as real as you.”
Caleb’s head fell back, and he moaned. “H-how do you do this to me?”
“My lovely little human, I am doing nothing to you. Your body knows what it wants, and that is me. We are compatible, that is why you react the way you do. You want me, but your silly human morals and fears stand in your way.”
Caleb gulped as he fought his body. “I-I don’t even know w-what that means.”
“Yes, you do. Some part of you—a part you have repressed—knows exactly what I mean. You are mine, Caleb.”
Brone flashed him a quick grin and picked him up. Caleb closed his eyes, knowing what was coming. His stomach dropped as air rushed past him. Seconds later he was resting against something soft and opened his eyes. They were on his bed with him flat on his back. Brone sat next to him.
“How the hell do you—” Caleb moaned helplessly as he watched Brone’s nails lengthen into claws. Fear spiked again even as his cock pressed against his jeans.
With one swipe of those lethal claws, Caleb’s shirt was torn open with deadly precision.  The tattered edges fell apart, exposing his chest. Caleb gasped but didn’t move. His shirt was destroyed but Brone was careful not to even nick him. His chest rose and fell with each heaving breath, but he lay still on the bed. Trying to scramble away never crossed his mind.
Brone laid a hand on Caleb’s chest. “Such warmth. Such beauty.” He licked his lips. “Such life.”
Caleb shivered. Brone’s hand was cool against his skin. Abnormally cool. Brone stood and moved to the end the bed. Brone untied Caleb’s tennis shoes and slipped them off his feet. They fell, hitting the floor, and the noise echoed through his bedroom. The only other sound he heard was his rapid breathing. Brone lifted each foot and peeled off Caleb’s socks. Caleb wiggled on his toes. He had the ability to move but he laid passively on the bed.
“Unbutton your jeans.”
Caleb found himself following Brone’s instructions.
Once they were unbuttoned, he raised his hips slipping them down along with his underwear. The redness of Brone’s eyes deepened as he took over and pulled the clothing off completely. With a flick of his wrist, he tossed them across the room.
“You are simply exquisite,” Brone whispered.
He was simply insane, that’s what he was. Why else would he be lying there as if he had nothing to fear? Instead of fighting for all that he was worth, Caleb lay there waiting for Brone to fuck him. Fear still oozed through his veins, but it wasn’t fear of Brone.
It was his fear of the unknown.
Brone was right. Caleb had wanted this his entire life—wanted it, but never really thought it was possible. And now a vampire—no, his vampire—stood in front of him offering Caleb everything he ever wanted. It was scary.
It was thrilling.
He’d been attracted to Brone from the moment he had laid eyes on him. Some secret part of him had known the danger and his need, but the knowledge was more than he could handle, so he buried it. Maybe he had known all along it wouldn’t stay buried.
With hooded eyes he watched as Brone stretched. His body wasn’t bulky with muscles, but was toned and ripped. His chest was smooth but there was an auburn trail leading down to… Caleb swallowed.
Well, if there was any question of Brone being a true ginger, the nicely trimmed bush around his cock answered that. Brone was most certainly a redhead. And well-endowed. Caleb caught himself licking his lips. He was burning up and the cool sheet against his hot skin distracted him. He shivered. Restless, he rubbed his legs against the sheet. He yearned.
Brone crawled up on the bed with him, his cool body pressed against Caleb’s side. Resting on his elbow, Brone stared down at Caleb, his gorgeous hair enveloping them. Caleb opened his legs and Brone looped one of his legs over Caleb’s.
 Caleb’s lips parted, the invitation clear. Inches apart, their breath mingled. Brone rested his claws against Caleb’s throat, gently encircling it. Desire exploded inside Caleb. His toes curled as he strained against Brone. A moan of pure need escaped him. A satisfied smile curved Brone’s lips as he leaned closer.
The first kiss was nothing more than a brush of lips. Caleb whined, wanting more. His hardness brushed against Brone. And answering hardness told him he wasn’t the only one desperate for more.
“Please,” Caleb groaned. “I want…. I like it rough.”
Brone nipped Caleb’s lip then lapped at them. “You have no idea what it is you ask for.”
The sharp burst of pain quickly faded. It took a second, but Caleb finally figured out Brone had actually broke the skin and had tasted his blood. It excited him. “I’m not made of glass.”
Brone leaned back so he can meet Caleb’s eyes. “Do you have any idea how easily humans break?”
Okay, yes, that was a little terrifying. “Are you going to break me?”
“Only in the very best of ways.”
Those words left him leaking precome. Then Brone gave him what he wanted. His mouth slanted across Caleb’s, the kiss hot and aggressive. Every nerve in Caleb’s body tingled. Helpless, he couldn’t do anything but hang on. Brone buried one of his hands in Caleb’s hair, holding his head still while Brone plundered his mouth.
This time the kiss was harder, hotter, and much more aggressive. It was exactly what he wanted. He moaned and twisted on the bed, Brone’s tongue battling with his. Brone pressed closer, his weight pressing Caleb into the bedding.
Restless with the need, Caleb rubbed his foot up and down Brone’s leg. Time lost all meaning as Brone ruled him through the passionate kiss. Finally Brone lifted his head and released Caleb’s lips. Caleb signed with disappointment.
Brone grinned. “You glow with desire, setting me on fire. Burn for me, my lovely one.”
“I… oh, God!” Caleb arched in surprise as Brone’s fingers, minus the claws, teased his stomach, working their way up.
“I am going to have to break you of that habit, I see. The human god has no place here.”
But all Caleb could focus on was how Brone rolled both of his nipples. Brone teased both of them, playing his body like a violin. Every time Brone touched nipples, his cock jumped against his belly, spreading more precome.
Brone captured his mouth again as he worked his nipples and took completely over. Eventually the kiss ended. With lazy grace Brone moved to the end of the bed. Desire thrummed through his body as Caleb watched Brone.
Brone sat near Caleb’s feet. “Lube?”
Caleb rolled to his side, opened the nightstand, and grabbed the lube. He set up and tossed it to Brone.
Brone opened it and spread some on his fingers. He glanced back at Caleb. “Show me what I want to see.”
Take a deep breath, Caleb willed his body to relax. He lay back down, and with his feet flat on the bed, he let his knees fall open, exposing him utterly to Brone’s hot gaze.
Brone, sitting between Caleb spread knees, warmed the lube. Caleb bit his lip as Brone leisurely stroked his cock. Those talented fingers were driving him crazy, and he opened his legs wider hoping to entice Brone into doing more. Chuckling softly Brone slid a finger down to tease Caleb’s hot, hungry hole. He played there, working Caleb up until finally Brone eased a finger inside.
Caleb tensed from the entry, a flash of pain crossing his features, his ring unyielding.
“Relax and let me in. I will not hurt you.”
Caleb struggled to relax the guardian muscle. Brone pulled his finger out, added more lube, then worked his finger back inside. Caleb grunted, and Brone stilled until Caleb eased the stranglehold he had on Brone’s fingers.
“Oh, yes.” Now that he had finally relaxed, it felt so much better. Caleb moaned and thrust back, wanting more. Needing more.
“So tight,” Brone hissed.
Brone fingered at him, working him open. Caleb barely had time to catch his breath before Brone entered him with another finger, then twisted, hunting for his hot spot. Caleb arched, his hands clawing at the sheet under him. His head thrashed on the bed.
“Perfection,” Brone said.
Sharp sparks of desire slammed into Caleb, spreading throughout his body. Brone mercilessly rubbed Caleb’s hot spot while jacking him, sending him closer to the edge.
“Not like this. Please.” Caleb shook from the pleasure overwhelming him. “Don’t make me come like this. I want you in me.”
Brone used the lube on his hand to slick his cock. Caleb, still on his back, waited. He was loose and relaxed… and not afraid. But he needed to see Brone’s face as he entered him. Caleb pulled his knees up to his chest, offering his body. Brone paused, a look of longing on his face. He swallowed then placed the head of his cock at Caleb’s entrance.
Caleb moaned softly as Brone rubbed his shaft across Caleb’s hole, teasing him and spreading the lube. Frantic little moans burst forth from Caleb as Brone entered him. Oh God, Brone was long and thick. He was perfect. Caleb writhed under him, urging him on. Brone continued to push, using a little more pressure, until he sank all the way inside.
Brone pushed in, then pulled out, only to press in farther the next time. His cockhead stretched Caleb as it eased deeper inside. Then Brone shifted his hips and pressed against Caleb’s hot spot. Pleasure exploded, dimming Caleb’s mind.
“Brone, fuck me.” Caleb moaned.
Caleb moaned again when Brone raised his legs up onto his shoulders, changing the angle of penetration. Each thrust nailed his hot spot. The faster Brone thrust into Caleb and the closer Caleb got, the wilder he became, his hands scratching at Brone.
When Caleb edged closer to losing it, Brone slowed down, the thrusts becoming gentler and shorter. Once Caleb backed off from the edge, Brone started those long, hard thrusts again, throwing Caleb back to the precipice. The sounds Caleb made were animalistic.
“Please, please, finish me off, please.”
Brone suddenly bent over Caleb, his eyes glowing red. Caleb didn’t have time to panic before Brone sank his fangs into Caleb’s neck. Caleb screamed at the sudden burst of pain. Desire quickly overcame the sudden shock and, losing control, Caleb came.
Heart pounding, he wrapped his arms around Brone as he felt him feed. The pulls against his vein as Brone drank were pleasant, not painful. Brone thrust harder as he hammered Caleb several more times, then froze, buried balls deep.
Brone groaned as he came, his orgasm ripping through him as he drank. They stayed like that, locked together, until Brone softened and slipped out. Finally he removed his fangs.
He pressed his lips again Caleb’s one last time. “Soon, my lovely one. Soon.” 

         Exhaustion overcame Caleb and he slipped off to sleep.