Monday, January 2, 2017

Bass Pro Shop pics - A Country Boy at Heart

For those of you who read A Country Boy at Heart, here are some pics of Bass Pro Shop in the Memphis Pyramid. The family and I met with the in-laws in West Memphis New Year's Eve to eat lunch. After we were done, the hubby's brother came back with us. Since it was only ten minutes from Bass Pro Shop, we decide to stop.

There should be several things you notice from the book like: The General Store. That's where Lonnie got the fudge. And yes, I brought home a bag. Trust me, it's wonderful.

There are also pictures of the glass elevator where Sandy and Nick ended up trapped. The kids and I went up (the hubby didn't lol), and we went out on the observation deck. Unfortunately it was so cloudy you can't see the Memphbis skyline very well. And part of the floor is all glass... so you can look straight down. Yeah lol.

Hope y'all enjoy the pictures!

       Front of the store. :) We had a really close parking spot too!


 Remember the hotel inside? This is it. They look like cabins and are on the third floor. Unfortunately, the kids and I never made it to the second and third level. We only had an hour to shop before the place closed for New Year's Eve. 

Courtney's fiancé being silly LOL.

 Huge fish tank. When we first arrived, there was a scuba diver inside. That was pretty cool.

Remember I said there were man-made lakes all over the bottom floor for the Pyramid? Well, this is one of them.

Damn turkey scared me half to death LOL. It like perched up there looking down at you. o.o

And the glass elevator!!!! That's the one that Sandy and Nick got trapped in. Also, that really did happen Opening Day. Swear to God.

Very, very tall. Did I mention tall?

Going up in the elevator.

Don't look down!!!!

Okay, this is The Lookout. It's a bar/small restaurant and has a huge fish tank in the middle of the bar.

This is the Memphis skyline on the observation deck. Unfortunately, it was really foggy so you can't really see much of anything.

Okay, she'll probably kill me for posting that lol. We're on the observation deck, looking out over the skyline. Do you see you what they're standing on? That's actually clear glass. It was so foggy it looked opaque, but normally you can see straight down. LOL, can you guess how she felt about standing on that? :)

Yep, this is where that delicious fudge came from. Lonnie sure did like it. ;)

That's what I brought home. MINE!!!!!

Hope y'all enjoyed the pics.