Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rights back on my ARe books

So the good news is I have the rights back on Nighttime Wishes, Nighttime Promises, Beyond the Surface, Riding the Tide, and Paws and Claws.

Sarah York is doing the covers for the Nighttime series. I'm really excited to see new covers for these books, and they have a wonderful sci-fi feel to them.

As far as the mermen series, I'm not tackling that right yet, nor Paws and Claws, because I have a deadline of February 1 for the dragon book that I have to get Dreamspinner on time.

I'm seriously thinking about putting the Nighttime series in KU, mainly because this will be the third time the book has been released.

Now, not so good news. I talked to a lawyer, and after much debate, decided to take the deal ARe offered in order to get my right back. So any money I earned for the fourth quarter is a dead loss. Yes, I could have sued. Yes, I could have joined a class action suit. The thing is, from Dec 28 until Jan 10th, those five titles were still up and earning money—money, it was becoming clear, I was never going to see.

So yes, I took a substantial hit by doing this, and it isn't the first time a publisher has screwed me royally. I'm damn well tired of people running off with my money. My blood pressure has also been through the ceiling pretty much since this blew up to. The day it happened was the day I was going in for my three month checkup, which is normal since I'm a stroke patient. It was 198/90. And no, that is seriously not good, especially since I am on high blood pressure medicine anyhow. *sigh*

Simple fact is, I can't allow my health to be affected in such a way especially since I'm already predisposed to stroke since I've had one. So I took the deal, and I have my rights back. The Nighttime series will be up just as soon as possible, as will the rest of them. :)