Friday, June 2, 2017

At Sixes and Sevens, the next book in the Fur, Fangs, and Felines series, is under contract

Dreamspinner spins me a dream! Yay! Got the word last night that DsP accepted At Sixes and Sevens. The release date is Oct/Nov. I'm thinking it'll probably come out in November since Dragon's Hoard, the Dreamspun Beyond book, is scheduled to release in October. And ya'll, this is a loooong one too. Close to 90K before DsP edits.

So, a little about At Sixes and Sevens...

Karma is a bitch.
Aidric LeClair was one of the more outspoken betas of the West Falls Clowder when  Dolf reveled he planned to mate with a human named Kirk. Humans mating with werecats? Unthinkable. Little did Aidric know the changes that were about to sweep through the clowder. 
Shortly thereafter, beta Heller found his mate—another human—named Lawson. Each beta seemed to be falling one by one to mated bliss. Not long after, beta Remi mated with the Vetala, Marshell. Then Marshell’s sister, Janelle, mated another clowder member called Sam. When the heir-apparent Dolf assumed Alphaship of the clowder, the elders were in uproar over the changes Dolf wanted to make concerning humans, and other paranormals, joining them. 
Now, thanks to the wolf stalking Marshell, a werewolf Alpha has come to call on the West Falls Clowder to make reparations for the damage his errant pack member caused. 
Aidric’s life takes an unexpected and dramatic turn when he meets Alpha Carter Lovelock of the Dark Lake Pack. Werecats mating humans was bad enough, but now Aidric finds that his mate is none other than a werewolf. An Alpha werewolf at that. What is his goddess Bast thinking? Werewolves are arrogant, violent, and egotistical.
And now Aidric has a decision to make: accept the mate the goddess has blessed him with, or deny the gift she gave him. Aidric’s concerns are not simply based on how inflexible werewolves are either. Werecats are also smaller and weigh less than their doggy counterparts.
Aidric struggles. If he accepts Carter, he has no choice but to give up his clowder. Carter is an Alpha. There’s no hope of him joining Aidric’s clowder, plus there’s the fact that Carter has his own pack. The animosity between cats and dogs is real. Aidric worries if he will be accepted by Carter’s pack. The issues Aidric foresees are indeed real, but there are also some hidden pitfalls he was unaware of: like the fact Carter was involved with a female werewolf named Sabrina who is damned and determined to be the Alpha-mate. Then there is her brother, Delaney, who is also very outspoken in his regard toward Aidric.
Carter Lovelock is in a pickle. He always assumed his mate would be a female werewolf. How else is Carter supposed to carry on his line and retain Alphaship? Sabrina isn’t giving up easily, Delaney’s disagreeable behavior is a thorn in Carter’s side, and some of the other werewolves are purposely going out of their way to make Aidric feel unwelcome, including one of his deltas, Evan.
Carter tries to help Aidric adjust, but things are not going well. If the situation isn't already tense enough, there's the member of Carter's pack who stalked Marshell—a werewolf who just happens to be Carter’s nephew, Jack. Added to the stress is Jack’s mate, Baylor, who is none other than the hunter who tried to kill Marshell.
Even with all the disastrous events in their lives, Carter and Aidric find common ground. Love roots in the turmoil and slowly grows. They work to put their lives back together and bring peace to the pack.

Unfortunately, what little headway they make is destroyed during a full moon hunt. Will it cement their relationship or tear them apart?

Find out in book four of the Fur, Fangs, and Feline series!