Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday Teaser

Okay, I'm going to try to post a teaser from whatever WIP I'm working on each Tuesday. We'll see how this goes lol. This is from Bound by Destiny and is Raiden and Dayo's book. :) It's at 20K as of right now.


Ten earth years ago Raiden mated Dayo, and the two of them immediately went into the Space Academy located on Tah’Nar. It took them four earth years to complete the program, then they were assigned to the Starship Castfore, where they spent almost six years. They transferred to the Starship Unity three earth months ago.

“Then aren’t we fortunate there was an opening aboard, huh?” Dayo winked as he tugged Raiden towards the holodeck doors.

“More than I can say.” Raiden secured his hajar and followed Dayo out.

Together they walked down the corridor, nodding to several shipmates. All different types of races passed them, but that wasn’t unusual for Tah’Narian starships. Even when his dabba was captain, there were other races on his crew.

Dayo was silent as they walked, but Raiden wasn’t worried Dayo was still mad. At least not overly so. Dayo couldn’t hold a grudge if his life depended on it. But now was not the time to discuss the private plans they had for later, though.