Monday, January 16, 2012

Echoes in writing

Find yourself re-using words and phrases too often in your manuscript?

I found this article on my Facebook from Write It SideWays. Boy, did that article have my name written all over it, lol. I didn't know re-using words had a name, but it does. It's called echoes and the name makes a lot of sense. I have to say I'm bad about doing this. Like someone from the article said it may have to do with writing in chunks. But we all do that.

And I do read over what I've written from before, but not several pages back! There are times I do catch that a character has 'strode' a lot, lol, but other times I don't. After reading this I will be keeping an eye on things. *Grin* and seeing how much a character is 'striding' around, lol. Anyway, I thought I'd share this for anyone interested. :)