Monday, January 30, 2012

Nonhuman characters

How many times have I tried to write about two normal guys and ended up with writers block? I'm beating my head against the nearest wall in frustration because I'm stuck and the story is going nowhere fast. But then I throw a nonhuman character off in the mix... and watch that baby go! The story almost writes itself.

*shakes head*

To date I've managed to write one story that revolved around two normal guys. The story was Priceless. And through that story I had to beat Cupid over the head with a stick to keep him from taking over, lol. I ended up giving the little imp his own just to shut him up. Of course that didn't stop him from bugging me. Then Morpheus showed up and the fun continued, lol.

I've written about vampires, Greek Gods, the Angel of Death and space aliens. By the way, Dale and the gang said hey, lol. I have other things in the works with werewolves, mermen, alien with tentacles... a ghost floating around, lol. That's just to name a few. Oh yeah, and the young stories!

Why are some of us so... interested in nonhuman? Okay, the word obsesses came to mind, lol. I'll be the first to admit I'm obsessed! Is it the fangs? The moans and gasps of the intended victim as the vamp's teeth pierce the skin to drink? Is it the sexy werewolf that goes all alpha on his mate who begs for it harder?

Is it the abnormal strength some of these characters' have, and other abilities, us humans don't? That tail that can wiggle into the most interesting places, lol? Those big sexy wings? Then, of course, there's the romance and the hot m/m sex. LOL, goes without saying, right?

*fans self*

I don't know. But I do know that nonhuman is so much easier for me to write. I couldn't tell you which nonhuman character is a fav of mine; I like them all. Thank goodness there are plenty of folks out there like me that love this stuff, too!



  1. Maybe its because the less it has to do with the limitations of reality, the more your creative juices are allowed to run free. Think of it this way - by writing about nonhuman protagonists you've discovered that you're more creative than you may have thought initially XP. It allows you to write more colourfull stories and characters (and hotter sex scenes). Escapism in the form of a good story completely removed from modern life is very attractive.
    From my perspective I've always loved well written fantasy and sci-fi books.

  2. As Authlim said, writing about humans is more limiting. Although I don't write too many non-human characters, those who are non-human, like Melkor in Prince of Winds, are quite fascinating to play with. Not only do you get to create the character, but their limitations as well, their history, their mythology and natures. Plain ol' humans come with a lot of built-in restrictions in terms of morphology or abilities.

  3. Why do you write them or why do we like them? They're probably linked. Face it, we crave the special. To be or to possess. You take a hot guy with muscles that works at a bookstore. Interesting, outside the stereotype, so why is he so booky or muscle-y. So then you can go different routes. He likes to work out becaus he was a skinny geek and/or just wants to be healthy. OR He's really a magical guardian that protects the repository of knowledge on the demonkind for this warrior brethern. Which is more fun?

    Beyond that, so many people are hedonistic. Imagine the feeling of having a mate that can caress you with an extra body part, be it a tail or wings. Or is covered in silky soft fur that rubs so deliciously across your bare chest. The fine shiver you'd get from sharp claws that oh so carefully trace down your spine as they slice your shirt open because your mate is too involved with kissing you to take it off any other way.

    You can't get that with regular men. So, imo, go with the flow. Mix it up and have a regular modern world with not so regular men. That's my favorite thing to do.

  4. Waaaah, this just reminded me that Priceless is gone off your list of Lit stories as well as everything else you wrote. Please tell me you're planning an anthology on your gods series or a novel encompassing all of them.

  5. you don't know me, but I'm a longtime fan of your work and I have a question, when are you going to publish the harvest !