Monday, November 12, 2012

A quick note

Some good new! Razor's Edge press wants the sequels to Lust and Ice, my Bad Boys Club series. For those that read that one, the next book is called Into the Darkness. It's about the Jordan and Allen and the vampire Chaus. And no, this vamp does NOT sparkle lol. The last book in the series will be called Haunting the Night and that is Hugh's story and the werewolf Tobis.

Okay, now the bad news... the 2nd story has to be written, beta-read, edited, and sent in by the first week in December. The plan is to release the book in Jan. So, that means the free reads on my blog may be hit or miss for a few weeks.

When I have time, the story I'll try to keep up with is Szin's story. I know that's the one most everyone is interested in. :) I'm NOT walking away from it. Just work with me guys, and hopefully tihngs will get back to normal soon.

Muse says no yelling at the author! That leads to an inability to write, which means M might miss her deadline, and then the publisher isn't going to be happy. (and from what I've heard the editor, Margaret, will threaten to sing... and that's a BAD thing lol.)