Monday, October 21, 2013

19 day post stroke lol

So, it's been almost three weeks since my stroke. Today is two weeks since surgery. Things are moving along very well, I'm glad to say. I'm up and doing things, but I still can't pick up anything heavier than five pounds. You'd be surprised how many things you actually have to stop and think whether or not can be picked up lol.

I'm trying to eat healthier, which is kinda hard to do when I'm not the one buying groceries. The hubby is having to do that since I can't drive yet. And not being able to drive is a pure bitch, let me tell ya. And of course, he's not getting what I tell him to lol.

I'm not going to even touch on the eight different med's I have to take a day. Hopefully that will cut down to about two pills after my checkup on the 29th. I've gone to not having to take med's to taking more than I can shake a stick at. *sigh*

I'm still not smoking... yay! I haven't had much trouble with it, either. I have noticed now that I'm slowly getting back to work that when I take a break... for a second I find myself getting ready to head outside to smoke lol. It only lasts a minute and I just find something else to do until that need passes. But the habit is still there.

I have PT Tuesdays and Thursdays now. Mostly they're working on my balance and getting my neck to loosen up. The scar still pulls a little, but not as bad as before. It's still a bit swollen too.

So that's all on me lol. What's going on my writing... Well, Wrapped in Leather has gone through one round of edits and the cover spec page has been filled out and sent back. I think it's probably going to be released in Jan.

I haven't heard anything new on The Harvest: Taken. I have seen the cover, but the font was supposed to be changed so I haven't seen the updated cover. The story is in proofing, I do know that. As far as I know, book 1 is still due to come out Oct 29th. If that changes, I'll let you guys know. :)

I am trying to get back to writing my Wednesday Briefs too. I'm in this week, lol; the prompts got me going. Plus I want to get back to it since it is for publication eventually. I want to get Nighttime Promises out as soon as possible. :)

So, that's all for now. I'll touch base again when I have more news!



  1. So grateful you're doing better!!! I can relate to the too many meds...sometimes I feel like they are extra meals I take so damn many! lol I stopped smoking similarly and got by for 3 yrs doing the same thing...that habit doesn't go was more behavioral for me than anything. Sadly, I stupidly started smoking in July when life threw stuff at me. I'm really disgusted with myself for falling off the wagon as they say. Hopefully I can have you encourage me soon! My wallet demands it as much as my health lol. Take care of yourself. I'm glad you're writing again...not just for selfish reasons, but I am sure it will help you too. I still have to take my camera and taken a picture of the sign for a club by my friend's where I am living...the name is Pure! Hugs, c

  2. Glad you're continuing to make progress. Not being able to get yourself where you want, when you want really does suck. And if you are as independent (read stubborn) as I am, allowing people to help is almost as bad. Hopefully your husband will get the hang of getting the groceries you want soon.