Saturday, October 12, 2013

So, an update on what happened to me...

There's actually a lot of truth in that pic, by the way...
Okay, on Oct 2 at 3 am I got out of bed to used the bathroom... or that was the plan. What I found was my right side was numb. My leg wouldn't support me and my arm just flopped around uselessly. Scared half to death, I woke up the hubby and he called for an ambulance.
Folks, the early results said I'd had a stroke. And for the record, I'm only 43. Then the tears started because my whole right side was just... gone. Totally numb. And I'm right-handed. I could not control my hand at all.
The good news: at 10:45am feeling started coming back in my right side. I could walk, talk, move perfectly. My face hadn't drooped like most stroke victims. I looked like I always did. Then the tests started... CAT scan, MRI, angiogram, ultra sounds on my neck and heart... which mean no eating after midnight on those days. *Yuck*
The results: I did have a stroke, a VERY light stroke. Damage was on the left side of my brain, which was why I went numb on the right side for a short while.
Guess you'd say it was a warning of what COULD  have happened. Tests showed the left side of the carotid artery was 90% blocked. Yeah, that's freaking huge. That led to surgery this past Monday to get all the junk out of the artery.
The surgery went well, I'm happy to say. I got to go home Tuesday. Oh yeah, they have me doped up on good stuff too, along with a bunch of other pills I now have to take. I go back to see the surgeon at the end of the month. Not real happy with the scar that runs down the left side of my neck... but considering I could have died... I'll deal with it, lol. Even if I do look like Frankensteins Bride right now.

This, of course, means I won't be going to GRL. There's just no way. Hell, I can't get through the day without several pain meds, and they won't let me drive for 4 weeks. Then  PT will start. The stroke did effect my balance somewhat. And I hate that because there were folks I wanted to meet at GRL. *sigh* Stupid stroke, lol.
So... I'm not on the computer much. I'm still pretty fuzzy but I am checking stuff on my phone. I don't always answer, but I am getting the notes and emails.  It's frustrating trying to type this hopped up on drugs lol, and y'all know my typing can be rather... wild.... on a good day, lol. My thoughts are all over the place. This little note has taken over an hour, and that's waaaaay too long. The pain med is great, but man, it makes me nuts lol.
OH! This is the 9th day that I stopped smoking too. Having a stroke is pretty stong motivation for stopping.
I'll be back, guys. For having a stroke, I'm pretty much back to normal already. Just as soon as I can get off the damn pain med, lol, I can try to get back to work. Wrapped in Leather is going into editing soon, and The Harvest: Taken is coming right along. I did get the cover draft for Harvest Sunday before surgery. I really like it. I okay'd the cover so there shouldn't be any changes. I just need to email the CA and make sure I can show what she sent.
 Love ya guys, I'll take to ya soon. :)