Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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 Nighttime Wishes #13

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. The prompts for this week are:

"You know what I want."

or use the game Solitaire

or use a puzzle in some way

or "Tastes soooo good."

or use a source of light in some way

or have someone in your story use an evil laugh

or "Hey, Mister(Miss) can you spare..."

or have one of your characters go to a thrift shop.
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~Nighttime Promises is the 3rd book in the Nighttime series, which is published by Romance First. I'm using the prompts to help me get going on this book. Yes, this is a tentacle story lol.
Fair warning! I'm going to pull this about 3/4th of the way through, expand it, and send it off. Most of the story will be shown on here though. I'm giving this warning so no one will be caught off guard when I pull the story. 

Nighttime Promises #13

Bryan didn’t fight the tentacle that entered his mouth. He now knew what would happen. The tentacle seeped a fluid into his mouth and he swallowed; the fluid set him on fire. His body writhed from the intense pleasure.

Daroshi knew that to his human, it would taste sweet, like sugar water. Bryan sucked hard. His eyes rolled back in his head. Daroshi’s body heated and he growled low in his throat, pressing against Bryan. The need to mate strained his willpower to the limit.

“Mmm,” Bryan groaned around the tentacle in his mouth as his hips thrust. Come on, you know what I want.

Feeling his mate’s desperation, Daroshi’s mating tentacle released from its shaft and lowered until it rubbed against Bryan’s ass. The mating tentacle discharged its own lube, the wetness sliding between Bryan’s cheeks and rubbing over his hole.

Bryan shivered as tentacles tightened on his wrists.

Daroshi’s mating tentacle played with Bryan’s hole, lightly bumping against his entrance. Bryan grunted around the tentacle in his mouth, a low whine. Daroshi turned his head. Their eyes locked as Bryan pleaded as best he could with his mouth filled.

“You wanted to fuck, yes? Isn’t that what you said? ” Daroshi asked, knowing Bryan couldn’t answer. “I’m going to pound my mating tentacle into you and stretch open that hot ass of yours. Going to fill you full.”

Small moans seeped around the tentacle in Bryan’s mouth. He nodded his head frantically.

“Not yet, mate. You just keep sucking on that tentacle. You’ll get fucked when I’m ready.”

Bryan sucked harder. Daroshi took a minute to admire Bryan trapped, his legs wrapped in tentacles. Who am I kidding? I’m as ready as he is. Unable to wait, his mating tentacle pushed against Bryan’s entrance, the pressure building until the guardian muscle gave way. He entered Bryan in one long, smooth stroke. Bryan flinched and Daroshi rumbled deeply in his chest, his tentacle unmoving.

Those odd blue eyes stared at him, willing him to wait. Finally, Bryan nodded his head since he couldn't speak. Daroshi’s mating tentacle wiggled inside him once the pain was gone, squirming and twisting, moving in ways a dick couldn’t, rubbing Bryan’s prostate as the tentacle stroking his dick sped up.

That musky scent Daroshi gave off spiked, and his smell drifted around them. Daroshi’s pants were harsh and the growls were low, but gaining in volume. The tentacle in Bryan’s mouth started to thrust as Daroshi fucked Bryan at both ends. This went on for some time as Bryan lay helpless, his eyes telling Daroshi clearly he was loving it. 

“I’m going to… Come for me, mate!”

A strangled scream greeted Daroshi as Bryan’s body did as it was told… and came.


Daroshi lay still in their new bed, holding Bryan. He wouldn’t admit, even on the threat of disembowelment, but the thing Bryan called a mattress was… Well, gods, lying in it was almost as heady as making a difficult kill. The thing was so soft and cradled his body. He’d never had such luxury, had never wanted it.

He couldn’t be seen as weak but now, thanks to his mate, he could wallow in such opulence. It was a well-known fact their species spoiled their mates. Now that he’d tried out this mattress thing, he couldn’t wait to see what else Bryan would demand they needed for comfort.

So what if he enjoyed these things too?

Bryan shifted against him and Daroshi held his mate closer. He knew the second Bryan left sleep behind and came awake. “Have a good nap?”

Bryan blinked. “Um, yeah, I guess. Thing is, I don’t remember falling asleep.”

Daroshi ran his hand through Bryan’s dark hair. “Well, let’s just say you did more than scream when I made love to you. You passed out.”

“I passed out?” Bryan’s eyes widened, then he snorted. “Jesus, never done that before you. Of course, I was doing good if I could find someone who would fuck me, never mind fucking me unconscious.”

Daroshi growled. “I do not want to hear of others. There will be no others now. Besides, those men were brainless idiots. It took a warrior to see what you needed. You respond so beautifully, and that’s all for me.”

“Yeah… yeah, I do.”

“So, I could say the sex was good, yes?”

Bryan touched Daroshi’s lips. “You fucked me unconscious. Yeah, I’d say the sex was passable.”

Daroshi raised one scaly eyebrow, a mock frown on his face. “Passable? Passable? Maybe I should take you again and again, see if I can get better than ‘passable’.

Bryan shivered outrageously. “Oooh, I’m so scared. Maybe I had better ‘fess up…” Bryan turned serious. “It was the best sex of my life, Daroshi. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has ever been that good. You blew my mind, man.”

Daroshi kissed Bryan on the forehead. “You sound like you think that’ll be the last time I ‘blow your mind’. It won’t be, I promise you that.”

“You promise me, huh?”

“Absolutely. I’ll do anything, promise you anything, just to make you happy. You are my life, my greatest treasure, Bryan.”

“I’m going to hold you to that.” Bryan stretched, his toes pointing. “Wow, how long was I asleep? I’m a little stiff… and no, not that kind of stiff.”

“Two Earth hours.”

Bryan goggled. “Good Lord. Really? And you just lay here and held me?”

“Of course.”

“That’s… that’s just… You really are something.” Bryan stretched again. “I guess I was more tired than I thought.”

Daroshi mumbled, “Someone just tried to kill you not long ago, so yes, I imagine your body did need rest.”

Bryan sat up and twisted, popping his back. “True. And on that happy note, I think it’s time we talked about what happened when you spoke to your Council.”