Sunday, January 19, 2014

Did someone say... Birthday???

Yes, my birthday is coming soon. January 25th, as a matter of fact. I'm going to be 44 yrs young. I don't usually make a big deal of my birthday, but after October, I'm *very* glad to be here. Which got me to thinkingand I can hear the smart-ass comments coming from certain folks lolabout what I should do to celebrate. 


Whoot! So... what's going on? A giveaway! Yay! Since my sign has to do with water, I'm going to pick three people and offer them a choice of one of these books:
Wrapped in Leather 
The Harvest:Taken 
   Shadows in the Night

All three have something to do with water, lol. To be entered, just tell me if you enjoy the water. I love the water. *shock* LOL, big surprise there. This contest is going to run from now to the 25th. Please make sure to leave me an email!

*  *  *  * 

While we wait for the 25th, lol, here are some interesting facts about  Aquarians, January 25th folks in particular lol. Some of this I agree with, and some is so out in left field, lol, it's not funny. ;)

January 25 Birthday Astrology
Despite a pleasing persona, Aquarians born on January 25 are difficult to know. They are cloaked in mystery, always holding something in reserve. Dreamy and introspective, they have magnetism and charm. They have a profound sense of their destiny. Intelligent and gifted, they may feel they are passed over by people who are less talented.

Friends and Lovers
People born on January 25 often become involved in the lives of others. Able to withhold criticism and judgment, they attract many friends. Finding love is a spiritual quest. Commitment is not easy; they tend to idealize love. To make romance work, they need to come down to earth.

Children and Family
It is not uncommon for January 25 natives to feel connected to their childhoods into their adult lives. As parents, they feel it's their duty to foster individualism in youngsters and to fiercely support their kids' creative interests.

January 25 individuals have a tendency toward moodiness when their idealism collides with reality. To restore emotional equilibrium, they need to engage in vigorous regular exercise. They have a low tolerance for any pills. A high-protein, low-fat diet is best for these folks.

Career and Finances
January 25 natives are often unsure of their career path. They have many interests, particularly in artistic or creative fields, yet often lack confidence. They require encouragement to shoot for goals. They have unusual luck with money. They may receive money out of the blue but may occasionally struggle to make ends meet.

Dreams and Goals
January 25 individuals wish to retain their autonomy despite their personal and professional demands. Their air of mystery is a reaction to their need for privacy. They continually shuffle priorities so goals are likely to change. This is due to their need to take life as it comes.

Zodiac Signs and Symbols
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Ruling planet: Uranus, the visionary
Symbol: The Water Carrier
Birth date ruler: Neptune, the speculator
Tarot card: The Chariot (resilience)
Favorable numbers: 7, 8
Lucky days: Saturday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 7 and 8 of the month
Lucky colors: Bright blue, sea green, mellow mauve
January Birthstone: Garnet