Friday, January 31, 2014

Anyone up to helping pick character names?

~Okay, I'm going to close this. :) The two most popular names were Adlar and Varo. Hovic lost out by one vote! I'm putting his name at the top of the list... in case this turns into a series, lol. Thanks, guys! Y'all were a big help. :) I think I'm going to post this on here, but not as a flash. I *may* post it once a month... it'll be longer in length that way. Problem is, that cuts down on who I can send it off to. But, on the other hand, you guys comments really help. I found that out with Harvest!

*Bangs head on keyboard*

Okay, my Muse woke me up this morning. Oh God, that hasn't happened since... Well, Harvest was the last time I dreamed up a story. For those of you around from back then, you know what that means lol.


I mean, Harvest took a year to write and ended up around 200K. I'm about to scream because I really don't have time for something this time consuming right now. And yes, I've been at this all day... just taking notes!


So, I took notes. It looks like it's M/M scifi again. Two planets at war over a resource. Heck, I'll throw some of my notes up here for ya. This isn't *all* of my notes, but it's enough to give ya an idea of the story line. I think this is going to be an enemies to lover story, which means there will be some kidnapping going on and probably dub/con sex at first. That's if the whole thing doesn't dry up on me lol. And keep in mind, this is still very early in the planning stage. Changes might, and probably will, happen lol.

~Conflict: Black Phospolrock - through phospolthesis, the rock releases a chemical compound
 that is refined and contained. It’s then sold to other plants the Draknorians have treaties with as a fuel. The Yesri has since gone to war for what they want.

 ~Planet – Draknoir.  Called Draknoirians

~The Draknoirians planet is a Nightshade planet. Meaning, they have only two hours of daylight. Rest of the time is darkness. They control access to the Phospolrock. Rich culture and educated, but violent. Has both males and females. Live below ground.

~Highly developed senses of hearing- pointed ears, but placed at the same place as human ears. 

~Specially adapted slit pupils - Their eyes can adapt to both low-level and bright day levels of illumination. Color can range a dark maze to bright golden yellow. They can see at only one sixth the light level required for the other species. 

~Pale skin. Almost have a fey look to them. They are *not* feline lol.


~Planet – Yesri.  Called Yesrians 

~ppl live above ground.

~ has a day/night cycle. 22 hours of sun. 8 hours of night. A day is 30 hours long.

~All ppl have shades various shades of blonde hair. Eye come in three colors: green or blue… There are brown eyes, but those are rare and found only in the ruling family. Look human.

~Ruler wants Phospolrock. Need it for their ecomomy. But they are also scared of the Draknoir. Rumors say they bite and drain their victims of life. Hmmm... didn't say blood.

But here's what I'm wanting - pick two names for the main characters:  

Leave the names in a comment please. :) Kinda interested in seeing what names are best liked lol.