Thursday, January 23, 2014

Paranormal Month at CMR and a Harvest giveaway

You're kidnapped by a paranormal creature. What kind would you prefer and why?

Most people probably think of vampires and werewolves when they think of paranormal creatures. There’s an air of danger, of mystery, that surrounds them. The proverbial bad boys who stalk the night looking for prey. And the sexual vibe they give off? *shivers* Oh my God, that vibe just demands their victims fall at their feet, lol… and hope for the best. What is it about Mr. Tall, Dark, and Sexy that gets to us, lol?

And of course, with any bad boy, there are those that want to redeem them.

I get that, I totally do. *laugh* But the first question that came out of my mouth was… Do aliens fall in that category? Crystal, bless her, said yes. *grin* Now we’re talkin’. While I’ve written vamps and weres, my first love are aliens. Oh yes, aliens. And not just any aliens. Oh no, these aliens are very special...

For the rest of the interview, and make sure to enter the giveaway too, go to Crystal's Many Reviews.