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Welcome Raine O'Tierney - Under the Table and Into His Heart

The Perks of Percolating!
I’m a percolator! My friend, JC Wallace, calls it “thinking too much”. I can’t help! I just prefer the inside of my brainhole to the outside world. Because of this, I spend a lot of time with my characters. A lot of time. My first published work—Under the Table and Into His Heart—is about a group of host club workers who have, honestly, been rattling around in my brain for the last four years. I know more about these guys and their wants and needs and motivations, than I do about my own brother! (I exaggerate, I love you didi.)
When Dreamspinner Press asked us if we wanted to do a V-Day short for the Valentine Rainbow Collection, the whole Under the Table host club spoke up at once (which is damn noisy, by the way!) and said, c’mon, Raine, let’s do this thing! The result was a fun little bit of sexiness about a very shy bartender and a well-trained host. Didn’t quiet anything though! That’s what you get when you think too much…er…percolate.  I can’t stop imagining Jem and Bailey after the ‘fin’. Where do they go on dates? What are they doing at 10:23 in the morning? What is their first fight about and how do they make up?
What about you? Do characters keep you awake at night—the ones you read and the ones you write? Do you contemplate whether your MC would look better in a blue tie or a red tie or no tie at all? Do you know, without thinking, if he likes lemon meringue pie? If yes, you might be a percolator! To which I raise my coffee to salute you and ask: what are your characters doing right now?
Thank you, M.A. Church for hosting me on your blog!


Under the Table and Into His Heart by Raine O'Tierney

At the Under the Table host club, Valentine’s Day means one thing: cash. Neglected housewives, newly ex-girlfriends, and lovelorn thirtysomethings pay for the attention of handsome men. Shy bartender Jem has always wanted to be a host, and when the club’s owner, Miss Rye, accepts a contract from a MensLove Convention, Jem volunteers to flirt and make out with another host for the ladies’ entertainment. Bailey, an older man who’s had his eye on Jem, convinces Miss Rye to let him be Jem’s partner, and everyone gets more than they expected—especially Jem and Bailey.  


“I’d like to volunteer.”

“Even if the convention goers wanted a ménage, Bailey, I need you on the floor.”

“Let’s be honest, Miss Rye. Callum’s our number one—his rates are higher anyway, and with your markup—”

“Supply and demand,” she interjected.

“Right. You need Callum on the floor. You’ll make a lot more money off him for that hour than you will me. I’m damned good at what I do: Callum’s more popular.”

“This is strangely humble of you, Bailey.”

“Just looking out for the good of the establishment.”

“Mm-hmm.” Miss Rye’s grey-blue eyes roved over his face. She didn’t even attempt to hide her skepticism. If there was one thing Miss Rye hated, it was bullshit. “Why do you really want to?”

“I told you, for the good of the—”

She cut him off with one of her trademark “don’t screw me with me” expressions.

“You’re right. But my reasons are personal, and I’d rather not go into it.”

“This is a job I’ve assigned to Jem and Callum. If you have a legitimate reason, speak up. Otherwise I’m going to assume you’re wastin’ your time and mine. So?”

For a long moment, it seemed he wouldn’t answer.

“I just don’t want Jem kissing Callum.”

“For Callum or for Jem?”


“Which pair of lips are you concerned about, Bailey? Jem’s or Callum’s?”


Raine O’Tierney is an always-writing, boundlessly enthusiastic, exclamation point addict! (!!!) She is known for declaring every day “the best day EVER!” and every thing her “all-time FAVORITE!” Despite this (obnoxious?) exuberance, she still somehow manages to have a wonderfully encouraging husband, Siôn, (who also writes M/M rom!) and an amazing group of friends and colleagues who continue to support (read: put up with) her. Raine spends her days working as a library lady, fighting the good fight for intellectual freedom.

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