Thursday, December 11, 2014

Countdown to Trouble Day #10

Hey y’all! It’s day #10 of the Countdown to Trouble. For each day I’m going to post about it. It may just be a pic that helped me along while writing it, or it may be more. You’ll have to keep checking, lol, especially tomorrow. 0.o

Some notes from Trouble:

~Kirk’s ex-boyfriend’s name is Carson Womble.

~ Sam owns Arches, a steak house he just bought out and reopened. He’s also a werecat shifter and unmated. You’ll see more of him in Behind the Eight Ball. (book 2)

~trilling: peculiar chuffing noise in his throat, a feline call to his mate.

~Tal’s arousal’s smells like cinnamon.
Dolf’s smells like homemade apple pie.

~honeysuckle is what Kirk’s smells like.

~Tal and Dolf been together for 30 yrs.

~About 30 shifters in the clowder. Most live in a small town called West Falls. The Alpha owns about a hundred acres right outside the city line of West Falls that backs up of the Crowley’s Mountains state park.

Alpha’s name ( Dolf’s dad) – Armonty Hoyer

Dolf’s mom’s name – June Hoyer

Tal’s full name  - Talise Martin

Dolf’s fill name -  Dolfoon Hoyer