Friday, December 5, 2014

Countdown to Trouble Day #5 - It's a Giveaway!

Hey y’all! It’s day #5 of the Countdown to Trouble. I’ve been saying to keep a check on the countdown because their might be something special. Weeeeeell, guess what? Today’s the day. All the answers are in the previous posts. Today is Friday. I’ll pick a winner twenty-four hours from now: so Saturday, my time. (Central).
Prize for this round is a free ebook copy of Trouble when it comes out. (Guys, I’ve had art work done for this and ordered a notebook with the cover on it. There are cool prizes coming. And, hint, hint I may pick a random winner from comments too.)

Answer these four questions for a chance to win:
1. After what famous day is Dolf  bitching when he and Tal are shopping?
2. What type of business does Tal own?
3. A snow storm in the South is the perfect receipt for what?
4. Kirk’s arousal smells like what to Tal and Dolf?